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since Sep 04, 2011
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Like others, I take a pile of herbs with a bit of melatonin (1.5mg), but sometimes that's not enough.  For a while these herbal blends were the answer but after months of using them I've developed some tolerance.

When I'm still awake adding a dose of this usually helps.  It's not like a drug that knocks you out, but I relax in a sleep position, think it's not working, then wake up the next morning realizing that it did work.  You can take repeated doses half an hour apart.  I crunch them up a bit and take them sublingually:

This one doesn't work for me but might help those with a racing mind:

For restless legs, these usually work for me.  Sometimes I need 2-3 doses, sublingually.

Homeopathic remedies should always be taken with a clean mouth: no toothpaste, food or drink 20-30 min before except water.
7 months ago

Can you share the manufacturers of the compression garments that you use?

Thanks so much!
7 months ago
I just discovered a new book on this topic:

Mini-Forest Revolution: Using the Miyawaki Method to Rapidly Rewild the World by Hannah Lewis,those%20planted%20by%20conventional%20methods.
8 months ago

Jenny Ives wrote:Observing nature I am experimenting with creating a 'trellis' out of giant spanish grass ( cane/bamboo) for grapes.

Absolutely!  I love cutting green bamboo, de-leafing it, arching in place while green, then letting it dry.  If you have room to grow a patch of bamboo you'll never be out of fencing/building/arching materials.  They build houses out of this stuff in the far east!

I did it using Paypal. Successful but only 7 days free.
10 months ago
GREAT idea!  So much that I logged in for the first time!  I'll keep this in mind . . .