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This information is sourced from pfafDOTorg: (not all plants are listed, that pfaf had, i simplified to the popular ones.)

NOTE: this is obviously not a comprehensive guide, this is meant as informational empowerment, for you to follow through with whichever categories you so desire, to learn the processes.

cotton wool: cotton plant
Adhesive: ponderosa pine, bishop pine, lodge pole pine
Wax: candelilla
Paint: pinyon pine, walnut
Paper: agave, kiwi
Preservative(for food or treating wood/ropes): maples, foxglove
Fuel(wood alcohol): carrot, coastal flax, New Zealand flax, Irish potato
Fertilizer: comfrey, common gorse, Douglas fir
Roofing: pinyon pine
Plaster: mimosa, pinyon pine
Insulation: flax, ponderosa pine, redwood, cattail
Thatched roofs: agave, oats, common wheat, spelt, einkorn, cattail
Plants used for torches: apple, cattail, pine trees
Needles: agave
Weaving: bamboo, pines, cattail
Fibre: agave, indianhemp, pawpaw, oats, Siberian pea shrub, hemp(cannabis), stinging nettle
Latex(source of rubber): Indian hemp, ground nut, caper/gopher spurge(mole plant), milkweed, dandelion
Pitch(for waterproofing): spruce, pines
Oils(lubricants/lighting/soap/waterproofing[paints]): okra, peanut, oats, mustard, Pac choi, tea plant, hemp(cannabis), pecan, cantaloupe, honeydew, cucumber, gourds, winter squash, crookneck squash
Nails: hydrangea, alder buckthorn, deutzia
Sandpaper: horsetail
Polish: onion, lemon, shallot, sweet cicely, Irish Potato
Rust prevention/treatment: onion, potato onion, hemlock's, swamp white oak
Fungicide: garlic, chives, cauliflower, chamomile, hyssop, cilantro/coriander, thyme
Herbicide(plants/ plant extracts that can inhibit growth of other plants): sunflower, walnut, catnip, pine's, Mexican tarragon
Insecticide: kiwi, agave, dill, pawpaw, asparagus, cilantro, tomato, tobacco, parsnip
Parasiticide(kills external body parasites like lice): columbine, pawpaw, pecan, lettuce, cumin, yam, horsetail
Plants that aid weather forecasting: marigold, thistle
Anti-pollution: aloe Vera, milkweed, hyacinth, tulip, ivy
Litmus(ph testing): elderberry, hollyhock
Rooting hormone: cottonwood, poplars
Fire retardant: grey sage brush, hottentot fig, gan cao, fire Heath, boobyalla
Wick(like for candles): milkweed, cottongrass, mullein, cedar
Friction sticks(fire starting): California buckeye, brown indianhemp, sage brush
Salt sub.: Chinese water chestnut, barley, cow parsnip, coltsfoot, purslane
Curdling agent: fig, thistle, cardoon, globe artichoke, sundew, stinging nettle
Edible inner bark: nut pine, pinyon pine, Yukon, ponderosa pine
Edible sap: agave, maples, summer grape, grape
Nectar(produced in such abundance by some plants its incredibly easy to harvest): honey flower, silky oak, New Zealand hemp, New Zealand flax, coastal flax
Edible flowers: a lot of your standard annuals plus; mimosa, milkweed, good king Henry, sea kale, sacred lotus, black locust, lilac, passionflower, red clover, dandelion, cattail
Edible oils: a lot of your standard annuals plus; milkweed, oat, hemp(cannabis), Siberian pea shrub, pecan , thistle, cattail, black locust
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