just 2 days left!
Michael Judd says that if permies.com brings in $5000 to his kickstarter, then permies.com can decorate an entire page in his new book!
I'm not sure what we would put there just yet, but the opportunities for comedy are endless!


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Just like the Western world was dragged into the consumerism vortex a century or so ago, many of the isolated and indigenous people have now joined us on the path to un-fulfilment and potential destruction. Farming was once just as important to human life as breathing clean air, now the growing perception towards this integral part of life is 'primitive', and rural people are migrating to the cities en mass in search of shiny symbols of success. We then lose our connection with the land, with natural medicine, with the animals which also share this world, and finally ourselves. What is left is a dis empowered and desperate version of what could of been, relying on hand outs and the 'expertise' of others to tell us how to live our lives, what we did wrong, and how we can cure these mistakes, while all along this knowledge was alive in all of us. It's not all doom and gloom however, not everybody fails in this epic quest, there will be those who make it, the 2% who keep the game going and the dream alive for the ones left in the dust.
There seems to be a common consensus among us that we're not treating the Earth as we should, or could, and that we may be on a path to destruction - the severity and time frame of this destruction however is still up for debate. Some people are frantically buying up baked beans in bulk and digging holes in the ground. Some are on a strict diet of lettuce and oxygen to try slow the suffering of life. There's some who realize but just don't give a fuck, they're turning a blind eye and living out their days in obnoxious luxury. There's those who blatantly disagree with this and label all this commotion unpatriotic. There's those who put their faith in the technical brilliance of man & woman and believe we will invent ourselves out of this pickle. Then there's those who are designing and sharing a way of life that is in harmony with nature and provides all the necessities, and some of the superfluous luxuries that we desire. This system isn't solely focused on technical brilliance or scientific reduction ism, nor is it encouraging people to burn their money and find a bus in Alaska to die in. It is instead promoting appropriate technology, common sense, acknowledgement and respect of diversity, and careful observation and interaction - firstly of oneself, and then our surroundings. This system cares for people, cares for animals, and shares the surplus. This is common sense, natural living.. This is Permaculture.
But maybe it's all just a cycle.. The earth organism is born and grows into an abundant life force, full of diversity and simple complexity. Then over the years humans begin to develop a sense of superiority, and a coup is plotted to end the Gain regime, abolish diversity, and split from the life force that birthed us. A war is waged and after many millennium humans think they have the upper hand, the war is all but won. Then just as things are looking up for the humans, the inevitable happens. For the continuation of life to be possible, the earth organism must rid herself of the parasitic humans, and unfortunately almost all other life will be swept up in this necessary destruction.
And so the process begins again. Maybe the next cycle of humans will choose symbiosis over self-sabotage. Maybe next time it will be the puppies that temporarily rule the word. Maybe this was the one and only chance, and we royally fucked it up. I'm not blindly optimistic, what we're attempting is of epic proportions. Maybe we can still contribute positively to the future of this world, maybe it's too late. Maybe we never had a chance. All we know is that at the end of our individual paths, we will die. So let's collaborate, share, and rejoice in life. Light the path for those to follow, and for our own collective fulfilment. Instead of judging others and telling people what they shouldn’t be doing, do something positive, positive for yourself, positive for the people around you, positive for all life on this planet, and if you have more than what you need to live a healthy and happy life, share with someone that is struggling a little bit. An exuberant German Buddhist monk living in Thailand (you know the type) once said ‘Don’t complain about the darkness, light a candle’
And tomorrow is the circus! We can go to the circus! I love the circus! We can take this tiny ad:
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