how to make your account a seller/affiliate account

What is this and why should I care?

This is for people that are trying to make a bit of coin.   Maybe they live on a homestead or are trying to build residual income streams so they can move onto a homestead.   We are trying to facilitate that.

At this time there are three things we have set up:

1)  Sell your stuff.   Maybe you are selling an ebook, a video, some pdf building plans, podcasts, music, software, apps, excellent photography, tickets to a pdc or event ...  

2)  Sell somebody else's stuff.  Make links to the stuff offered here that offers an affiliate program (usually 40%).   If you put the affiliate link on a mailing list, social media, forums, add it to your email signature, in your blog, on your youtube stuff, whatever ... and if somebody clicks on it and buys it, you get the affiliate cut.   There is a damn good chance that you are able to think of great places to let people know about stuff that the original seller didn't know about.

3)  Sell our thread boost stuff.   At the bottom of every thread is a big button that says "thread boost".  Create a thread for a product or business or workshop or job offer or ... anything where somebody wants the thread to get more attention .... tell the folks that would be interested in boosting it, and if they do, permies will give you 40% of whatever we get for the boost!

How to set up for selling/affiliate stuff:

Follow this link:

Done!  You can now sell stuff and do affiliate stuff!

If you look in the bottom left corner of that page, you will see a green box with a number in it. That is your seller number. If someone else is setting up a seller's thread for you - an assistant or business partner - then they will need to use this code.

Now, head on over to the Digital Market, pick some products to sell, grab your affiliate link, and get your residual income stream flowing.

Once you are done filling out the form, you should be able to see a special forum that will have oodles of details about getting the most out of your new superpowers!

Using Your F-Code for Direct Product Sales Anywhere You Like (like your own sales pages or in your email campaigns)

Step 1: Create a sales page with your product details on the digital market. More details on how to do that can be found here. Or, chose any existing digital market item.

Step 2: Scroll down to "buy this item", the url for the purchase with US shipping. (You can do this to ANY product on the digitial market).

Step 3: Copy that URL and add your F-Code to the end of it (i.e. &f=01). An example would be: