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Single FTM Seeks Homesteading Life Partner  RSS feed

johnathan darby
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Here is my okcupid profile, it says a lot about me! I'm very open minded and would love to meet someone else who is working towards the same sort of goal I am or already has their own property and needs a hardworking partner!

My self-summary:
Hi My name is Johnny, I'm a 31 year old transman* living in Richmond VA

Looking for a like minded, big hearted hippy type (male, female, anyone inbetween) who wants to start a homestead together in the country (I like the Richmond area but am open to other parts of the country). Spend our days working on our land together, occasionally travelling to town to sell things we have made. Grow and raise our own food, try to live as eco friendly and self sustaining as possible. I'm not dead set in my ways on anything other than a minimum of five acres, and very much want to combine heads with someone else and plan our dream homestead together and figure out how to make both of our goals come true!

I am demisexual, I like the way this article explains demisexual in case you are curious

*I was born female, and don't plan on having any surgeries so still have my natural lovely female curves I am pretty hairy though and love to be natural.

What I’m doing with my life
Working towards my goal to be living out in the country by April 2019. I want my own home on 5-10 acres where I can farm, raise my own food, and try to be as self-sufficient as possible.

Currently I work from home, so mostly that. I do phonesex, a little cam, and make videos for pervs. It's fun and I like it. I'm a very sexual and uninhibited person, but I'm also extremely selective about who gets to play with me in real life. A lot of that has to do with being demisexual. I like to spend my downtime making art or crafts, being out in nature, exploring new places, trying out new things.

Trying to figure out how to get the things I want in life. Trying to make sure the things I thing I want in life are actually the things I want in life.

I’m really good at
Finding the positive in any situation.
Not wasting time being mad, hurt, or upset about things I can't change and have no control over.
Discovering amazing things in thrift stores.
Figuring things out even if they don't come naturally to me at first, I'm a very determined person.
Smiling, my smile is practically permanent and quite contagious.
My domestic skills are top notch. Sew your button back on? Remove that stubborn stain? Take apart and fix the vacuum?
Fixing things instead of buying new things.
Finding ways to appreciate my partner and make them feel loved for who they are as a person

Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
East of Eden is my favorite fiction book
For Love of Insects is my favorite nonfiction book
I really like Thousand Splendid Suns and a million other books. I love to read, fiction or nonfiction, doesn't matter to me.

I'm a big fan of horror movies, well produced or horribly produced, they are a lot of fun. I love psychological thrillers and dystopian tales of the future. That doesn't mean I don't also enjoy animated movies, Moana was amazing.

My favorite shows are Lost, Desperate Housewives, Community and My Name is Earl. I am definitely a tv junkie, I love to find a good new series and just binge.

I seriously think all music is good and valid. Every single genre. I like to listen to a large variety of music but admittedly I listen to a lot of 90's pop/alternative/rock.

If you're starting to notice a theme here, when it comes to food I'm very open-minded as well. I LOVE to try new things! I have had grasshopper sushi and it was delicious. I have eaten chicken feet, they were alright. Normal day to day I'm pretty american, give me a good burger and fries and I'm oh so happy. Seriously, I love a good burger. No for real, if you have any burger restaurant recommendations send them my way.

Six things I could never do without
Endless ball of yarn and crochet hook.
Good vibes.

I spend a lot of time thinking about
All the things I want to do on my little farm. The apiary. The things I'll make to sell in town to help bring money in. How nice it will be to get up in the morning and start the day off outside working on my own little projects. (I'm such a morning person) How to make my dreams become a reality. If there is any chocolate in my apartment and where it is because I want to eat it. Where would be a fun new place to ride my bike.
On a typical Friday night I amedit essay
Working! Building up funds and fixing my credit so I can afford to buy a little spot of land.

I do hope to hear from you soon
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George Hughes
Posts: 6
Location: Idaho 2,700' elevation 30-40" annual rain+snow
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Hi Jonathan,

Here is a link to my post about what I am doing here. I know it's across the country but sounds really similar to what you want. I sure have a lot of experiences to share about trying to get established on the land. Good thing you like hard work. I don't have domestic animals here but there is plenty of wildlife. I would like to talk to you, email or phone, especially as winter comes on it gets lonely here. I hope you find some good land and people, and if you want to come out here, just let me know.

Best, George
michael micko
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Hi Johnny

Micko here. i  have a small homestead, located in the upper mid-west. Tho planning to relocate, within the next few years.  I am currently seeking a hard working, land partner, that is interested in obtaining raw land.
Open to anywhere, north of the mason dixon. tho leaning toward, New Hampshire. (Free state project).  I am a generation older than you, which translates to having skills and resources, geared toward the goals of self-sufficiency and semi- independence.  I am a big hearted hippy inbetween type , just looking for a good neighbor.   What say you ? Please purple mooseage or private email me @

Angelica Harris
Posts: 49
Location: Statesboro, GA
food preservation forest garden hugelkultur
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Hi Johnny, nice to "meet" you, er... well, in a way. Honestly, I find your profile quite good as an introduction and conversation starter. I'm Angelica. I was wondering if you might like to form a friendship with me. I'm a permie working toward that seemingly far away- but not so much- privilege of land ownership as well. But really I'd like forming more friendships with those that share common interests with me. I love all my friends for sure, but it'd be nice to "plant talk" with someone and not be seen as "eccentric". So feel free to PM me if you'd like.
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