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Recent posts by Angelica Harris

Oooh, this should be juicy!

I saw this and immediately went to posting haha. I promise to read afterward.

So, hmm, what I want. Loaded question right? It'll be easier for me to break it down. Maybe it'll be for everyone else too, who knows?

What I "know" I want:
1) A God-fearing man, seriously, a man who's dedicated to his relationship with God and comfortable with leading.
*To prepare for this, I've become more comfortable with following. God first, us second. Simple. This also is the great lead up to something else also very important to me. Faithfulness. I don't have wandering eyes, thoughts, etc. So I expect him not to either. I expect a man, who's in this thing together with me. I expect him to love and want me as much as I will for him. Relationships are not games to me.

2) Someone strong. You know a strapping young man, because that's attractive to me. As well as the perks that come with it.
*I'm learning to love exercise. I'm no pro or anything, but I like jumping rope so there's that at least. But I want to be fit for health and such. And I want a workout partner that can't ditch me lol. Or at least we can be lazy together.

3) Someone family oriented that likes being around their family and is comfortable in big, beautiful events.
*I'm a quiet sort because I'm naturally introspective, but I love people. I would prefer a partner that loves people too as that would encourage me to get out of my own head more often haha.

4) Obviously, someone who digs plants and food as much as I do. I also love animals, but don't really want to eat them anymore. So I'm thinking a guy who is okay with me being vegetarian or vegan. Maybe he'll even like to do it with me? Not a requirement, but definitely appreciated. When I say love animals, I mean strictly for the husbandry and the benefit they are to the environment. They're fun creatures and when you take care of them, they feed your plants super well!
* I'm actively transitioning to a completely plant-based diet.

5) Someone who doesn't see color/ understands that race is a myth.
*Pretty self-explanatory. I'm a thoroughly melanated, human female. Yay, for built-in sunscreen. I don't have any requirements on the melanin-content or lack thereof of my future husband. I associate with others based on the content of their characters and shared interests. That's all. I'd prefer if my spouse did not add unnecessary drama to our shared existences with socio-cultural mythos. aka I don't tolerate or participate in racism and I won't be with anyone that does.

What I "think" I want:
1) Someone adventurous.
*Fun in theory, but I'm a laid-back sort and probably will not want to spontaneously climb the Matterhorn, hop a plane to Wisconsin, bungey jump, etc.

2) Someone who wants kids.
*Also fun in theory. I have names picked out. And I love the little bundles, but I don't need them to be fulfilled in this life. I'm 25. In my head if I haven't had any by 35-37 then I'm calling it good and not worrying about it evermore. And I want someone to be okay with that, because I really, reaaaalllly don't want to deal with teenage/young adult life problems at the age of 60+. A mother's work is never done.

And that's all I really got so far.
5 years ago
Atlanta is a great stop for sure! Lots of great stuff going on up there! I sure wish he were coming to Savannah. The community is ripe for permaculture around these parts as well. And the populace would be gracious for the info as well. The great thing about both cities are the encouragement of new ideas. :) I hope the tour goes wonderfully.
5 years ago
I was also thinking "eye of the beholder"!

My first thought was: "Well, since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I think it's lovely, and you think it's ugly. And we're both right!"

And if that didn't end the discussion, well then you can't go wrong with a good natured shrug. Remember the golden rule: If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.
5 years ago
I'm a little stumped. The situation is a market garden. The question simply how much and how little? Numbers were never my forte so I thought I would ask.

In Savannah, GA there is a booming farmer's market community with many diverse offerings. If I were to grow surplus with the hopes of marketing whatever I couldn't eat. (And this is assuming I can even eat what I assume I can in the first place.) How would one determine the most marketable goods based upon a market that offers most things outside of extremely exotic or rare veggies. (Which there wouldn't be data for, considering I wouldn't even know who to ask. Can you imagine walking up to someone to inquire about their interest in breadfruit? The average person doesn't really know what breadfruit even is!)

Back to the topic at hand, how does one determine how much or how little they can ask for an item?

For instance, one farmer sells his carrots for 2.00, and another sells for 2.50. Will I suppress the market by selling for 1.75?
I'd rather not make it hard for anyone else by pricing too low, but I'd also like to be marketable, otherwise why go through the effort of packing up and going off to sell in the first place?

Thanks in advanced everyone.
5 years ago
It finally farmer's market season! Whoopee! I know that seems strange to write, because really "At what point isn't there something to buy at a market somewhere?" I just really love this Spring/Summer time of year is all. And I've finally started to really get a comfortable routine down here in good ole Chatham County. Anyway, new places means an opportunity to make new friends (And keep the old), and with exactly that in mind I wanted to get out an open invite:

Any guys and gals that happen to be around these parts at any point and would like to go out on the town, feel free to drop me a line. I'm looking to really get into the life of my new home city.
6 years ago

brandon gross wrote:Well were did you wind up? Savannah is pretty great as long as your walking. Lots of Foodie types, go almost every summer and always enjoy it.

Oh for sure the food is great. I'm excited to try all of it or at least taste it. I actually just moved in this year. I'm settling up in Georgetown for a little bit. Til I can afford a nice little patch of ground somewhere with a bit more space.
6 years ago
Glad to see the lovely offerings, I'll be sure to order from you this season, so I'm eager for January when I know the list will be complete. In the meantime, my question is are there any recommendations you have from your seed stocks that would be fun to use in starting off landrace efforts in Zone 8b?
6 years ago
I'm planning a food forest everyone! Emphasis on planning since trees are rather long lived and take their sweet time getting to maturity. I want to do this thing right and decided to ask all you knowledgeable experienced folks for your perspectives.

My biggest question is: When planting trees in a previously unforested area or adding trees into a forest environment, is there some type of beneficial ratio of edible fruit types and timber type to go with?

I'm trying to keep in mind the importance of biomes and trying to avoid monocultures like say small orchards close together? Is that the right term? I'm referring to the levels at which things grow. Large trees, medium sized trees, shrubs and bushes... I'm sure you all already know hah. Anyway, what are your thoughts? At first I thought I'd just plant whatever the heck I wanted together and see what happens, but maybe that's not such a good idea when there's probably someone who did that before and got results from it? I'd like to take advantage of existing knowledge so as not to make any dumb mistakes, ya know? So thanks in advanced.
6 years ago
Hi Johnny, nice to "meet" you, er... well, in a way. Honestly, I find your profile quite good as an introduction and conversation starter. I'm Angelica. I was wondering if you might like to form a friendship with me. I'm a permie working toward that seemingly far away- but not so much- privilege of land ownership as well. But really I'd like forming more friendships with those that share common interests with me. I love all my friends for sure, but it'd be nice to "plant talk" with someone and not be seen as "eccentric". So feel free to PM me if you'd like.
6 years ago