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Recent posts by leigh gates

Leigh Gates here. I’m buying a 2nd ticket but I missed/didnt see/forgot does the bunk come with the tickets? I dont see a place to pay separately. I am 70 & arthritic, very difficult to climb to upper bunk if they are assigned. Thankyou
Please look up the toxin persin (spelling?) in Avocados. Avocados are on the no-no list for guinea pigs and birds. There is not a tradition of eating the pits in the geographic area of origin, for good reason. People get away with the flesh because of our larger body size. I love avocados, but I would not eat any version of the pits
2 weeks ago
Yesss! I stopped using soap and shampoo because of allergies. To my surprise, after an adjustment time, 2-3 weeks with only water and only the “stinky bits” washed with plain water, pit oder was gone. There is a gentle light scent, which I assume is just “me”. I can hand rinse shirt pit areas with plain water and wear them repeatedly. I do have to hand squeeze the water thru the shirt pit a couple times but do not have to rinse the whole garment. This includes activities like hauling heavy bags & digging by hand on 90f days. Way cuts down water use and laundry time. I do occasionally run a “quick rinse” load in cold water in the wash machine, like when I’ve been dusty work, but not often. The scalp oil took longer to balance but now I’m much happier with my skin and hair. Bonus, no more dry skin, no more expensive lotions.
3 weeks ago
“Pulled & pushed”.  “Got wheels?”  “Wheels on foot”
And at least these stunningly hot summers allow me to grow sweet potatos!
3 months ago
I agree that the long slow decline has begun but Rome took 400 years to fall, more or less. “ Supply chain”, political insanity, technology failures ( remember:batteries burning & planes flying into the ground recently?), increasing gaps “have” versus “have nots” etc etc. I’m betting on building community, whether it’s permies (Yes!) or joint resistance to HOV or subverting landscapers to grow flowers hiding food (and influence owner of apartment complex). I’m too old to do it all, all by myself, but I can influence the people around me by example. It helps to not be at all shy, persistent and willing to be nice to people whom are annoying.  Start small & keep going, the world will be better for my great grandkids and others. And maybe have more northern avocados!
3 months ago
I haven’t washed my hair, very long & slightly wavy, in years. I use a broad tooth comb after I gently “finger comb” the tangles out. The broad teeth of the comb are easy to run a thumb nail down to whisk off the visible dust. I do find I need to occasionally  run my short fingernails through my scalp. When I went “poo less” I noticed it took at least 6 months for the natural scalp oils to work down the full length. It also tamed the frizz and added shine. I do this outside, barefoot. The hummingbirds snatch up the strands, hung on bush branches -for nest making maybe? It grounds me and calms me.
3 months ago
I find that when I do my stand at the sink minimal plain castile soap/minimal H2o “pit swosh”, if I hand squeeze plain H2o through the clothing arm pit area & hang it on a hanger in the (unused) shower it comes clean. Same for underwear. Works best on clothes I just took off, not letting the sweat dry & set in. Even working hard I can wear my Tshirts several days. This way when I do actually do laundry I can use no detergent -which my skin reacts to.

3 months ago
Since it’s been 7 yr I’m wondering about “the rest of the story”. There very few venomous snakes in USA, there are good inexpensive Identify Snake books, observe observe observe.  Effective cat deterrents-prickly stuff like twigs of holly & pine cones - does not even slow down snakes. I bet a 2-3 yr old would love to spot & name snakes! Snakes also deter judgmental strolling-thru-someone-elses’ —garden types (wink wink).
3 months ago