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Recent posts by Lacia Lynne Bailey

Arlene Marcia wrote:Galen,
Thanks. I'm having trouble visualizing what you describe. Can you post a photo?
My biggest challenge is filling the batteries to the correct level. Inside each cell is a lip, and my understanding is that the height of the water should be at this lip, but even with a flashlight, it's difficult to see the true height of the water.

I usually use a dipstick of some kind when I need a liquid level that I can't see.
2 years ago
I'm looking for updates and actual success stories for managing RCG and best uses and converting some of the area to veggies
2 years ago

Antonio Pistone wrote:Hi Maryse,

Did you solve your problem? I know two years have passed, but I've been on the Forum since few months ago. If you still need to plant trees, along with the other solutions for drainage, I'll suggest you to plant Nothofagus Betuloides. It's a cold hardy (-20 C°) evergreen thus it should evaporate some water even with cold temperatures and it comes from areas with high annual rainfall. ...

I'm also interested if there was any success with this?   Maryse or anyone else with similar trials?
5 years ago

paul wheaton wrote:

paul wheaton wrote:

Pamela Kline wrote:Actually able to seriously consider the upcoming PDC! This makes me both terribly excited, as well as scared due to myself being a permie newbie and perhaps part of the comic relief portion of the course due to my ignorance.  I have listened to some of the podcasts, and consider this opportunity a major next step.  There is a chance I might miss the last day.  Do you think this PDC is appropriate for a newbie?  Do I miss out on the certificate or a major part of the experience if I am unable to attend the last day?

If you miss the last day, then that is the day that you would present your design and receive your certificate.   Perhaps the certificate isn't all that important to you.  

I do think this course is appropriate for a newbie.  Especially a newbie that has listened to some of my podcasts.  

I have had a few people question me privately about what i wrote here.   Their feedback was some variation of "harsh much?"


Finally, on the last night is talent night.   Dreaded by about half the students.  I suspect that those students would ALL be saying "golly, gee willickers, can I just get the certificate and be on my way without doing the talent night thing?"  

The ceremony is that you get up, do your shitty talent night bit and you get the certificate.   Not only was Bill Mollison insistant that all students had to do this, therefore it is a tip of the hat to Bill, but there is a damn good reason why everbody has to go through this suffering.  If you hold the piece of paper, you have endured standing in front of a crowd.   I do like the idea that anybody that has any concern over "I have no talent" that our instructors will find something to prop you up on that stage.  

So, to Pamela:   I hope that you find what I am saying to be of great value.  I hope that you agree with what I am saying and that you will juggle your stuff so that you can join us this year.

To the people that are contacting me to say "aw c'mon, don't be a dick":

I rarely reply on this forum anymore, rarely even read here, its just become too overwhelming, and lacks a simple "Reply" button.  Editing the "Quote" button reply is annoying and tedious to me.   But this is too important of an issue, that I happen to be here and won't just click off.

I started at least 4 or 5 PDCs before I was able to finish one.  I had a business to run, and a complicated life, and some health problems, and then the constraints of dairy goats.  But starting multiple courses, gave me a valuable perspective.  They were all VERY different.  A PDC is not a PDC is not a PDC... and it should be, more so at least.   In my experience, the commuter courses miss a lot, and what I hear from MANY, not all, but too many, who have done online courses is a serious lack of "getting your hands respectably dirty" and doing something REAL.  They are proud of their PDC but scary clueless about actually DOING much.   I think in this day and age, videos etc could be done where people had to DO and SHOW that they DID, more than just a design in an online course.  

RE: the high-end PDC... this is something Paul and I have talked about for years, going on decades now, omg...  I'm supportive of his concept, and I would add that those kind of people would want a group of their key people to take it with them, to really get the experience to be able to take it back and use their resources to make things happen on a scale rarely seen in Permaculture so far.

RE:  the recording of the PDC that I saw in the dailyish email that got me to click here...  As you've seen with your Kickstarters, there's much larger pool than those who participate here.  
5 years ago

Jocelyn Campbell wrote:

paul wheaton wrote:

paul wheaton wrote:I should say that I am hopeful that while a resident might have one or two acres, that they will bring a variety of animals and make use of dozens or hundreds of acres.   I wish to do something that is like a salatin-style-fiefdom where the same 100 acres serves 40 different symbiotic business models.  

The map really drives this home, I think. When Tim and Kristie had cattle and pigs at the lab, their animals' favorite place to graze was the dances with pigs meadow, which one land restoration expert thought could be a very ancient meadow (meaning it's likely a resilient, stable, healthy grassland eco-system). Besides access to hundreds of acres for grazing, a resident could own one or two critters, yet combine them in a herd with other animals owned by other residents, both for the animal's sake and the people's sake.

Very awesome.  I grew up with some open rangeland and its a good model if people are responsible.  Each species has a larger area to find their niche, more of it gets appropriately used.

I'm late to this deal. Pretty interested, $8-16K for 2 acres is doable and enticing, but need a real map with the different deep roots sections.  I don't know why I get so overwhelmed on this website, but every post seems to reference so many others and I get lost trying to compile the info I need.  I get the privacy maps issue, I'm surprised to see names, I was just looking for a block map of the various deep roots sections, blocks of what's staked already, clear maker of main features, etc.

6 years ago

paul wheaton wrote:

Tyler Ludens wrote:

paul wheaton wrote: For anybody that purchases deep roots in the next seven days, you get two acres instead of one.

That's an incredible deal - double the land for the same price!

And I would have enough coin to get these things done quickly.  

I see that I'm coming late to this party/conversation.  When exactly is the 7 days up?  Date and time?

paul wheaton wrote:...All current deep roots owners get an additional acre added to their plot.  

... for the next seven days:   two acres for the current one acre price.

Forgive me, I've read all I can for hours and do not see the answers, but I don't always find what I need on this site.  My inadequacy of attention, smaller computing power and screen probably.

Couple questions:
1.  Will this mean for current owners that their acres will likely be not contiguous?  Are people choosing acres that are separated?
2.  With the hexagonal layout, how are access roads being handled?   Even in the sections with less vehicles allowed, there's still some electric and/or people will be using horse carts or ?
3.  On the "no vehicles" variations, I'm assuming that means on a regular basis after some initial move in of materials or ?
4.  The last prices I see are from a couple years ago, I assume those are the "current" ones?
5.  Is there any separate news/email/forum for deep roots owners?  Or all communication and planning is public here somewhere?
6.  Is there a map?  Sorry, I've not been able to find one after a long time of looking here.
6 years ago

Jocelyn Campbell wrote: ... Q. How far is base camp from the lab - especially section 1?
A. Base camp and the lab are close together: a little over a mile as the crow flies, and a little over two miles by road. Which is a comfortable biking distance apart, though a bit long to walk on a regular basis. Section 1 in both the laboratory and the new Armin property next to it are the first part that you reach at the lab.

Q. Do you have parcels for sale? Where are the section 1 parcels?
A. Deep roots is not a parcel sale. It's different than that. We are not selling land. We're calling it a deep roots spot, not a parcel, and the spots are selected out of many acres by the person signing up for deep roots. Currently, there is a lot of acreage to choose from in picking your spot, though this is likely to change as time goes by. The section 1 spots at the lab are in the first part of the land that a person reaches at the lab and Armin's adjacent property. As you go further into the property, the restrictions tighten up.

Forgive me if I've missed it, is there a simple map of the parcels and site, what is already spoken for etc.?
6 years ago

paul wheaton wrote: ...we have been burned by affiliate programs so many times that it is now fairly rare that we will even try one.  

I'm not on here very often, I come from a daily email link and then get quickly overwhelmed here.   But at one time you were pro-affiliate programs.  Have I missed a write up from you on how that changed, the burn warnings, etc?   Sorry that happened to you.

I got overwhelmed when I tried to sign up for pie previously, I'll try again.

And I badly want to come visit, just hard to get away from dairy goats.  Yes, I had milking interns before, but some chicken/egg thinks to solve here before I can have another.
brilliant thread, thank you for starting it!

I'll try to chime in with pics/more after dry daylight, my shortest commodity.

Robbie Asay, my space is crazy small constrained too and I store some vertical. Could you post pic of yours?
6 years ago