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Recent posts by branimir marold

omg sorry people I totally forgot this thread and if you need any information or anything please contact me .. Im watching this thread now so I will sure response in short time

orto del sole wrote:Yup,
volantary work is what we depend on for many years of working in Italy and slovenia. we have had several people from all around for learning sinergic farming, composting, mass heating, local development ecc. Nice to see others in croazia near by. we are building a network of seed savers and will be happy to hear from any of you here for collaboration.
Group Admin

I see no permaculture if some one else is doing for me ... I have no problem sharing anything with anyone but my joy is to be free .. free .. independent ... human being .. you understand my point .. I see to much manipulation and egoism in my life time in places where naturally you would never expect such observation .. I think I have to much respect to others as for my self

I would rather help someone do what they wish

.. and seeds are my big plan for future for sure .. I'm trying to build solid permaculture base for life time and hopefully future generations (that's up to them ofc) so I'll be in touch
7 years ago
good .. great job, respect!
7 years ago

Dustin Krieger wrote:Hey everyone,
Rather than go it alone and end up buried alive, I seek advice on how to successfully build a long-term durable underground house in Tennessee. Please reach out with advice and thoughts and any DIY guides would be great!


study a lot ... investigate .. study .. year or two .. human life and health is ultimate price imo nothing is more important and if you are responsable man you will make the best of it for future generations, sometimes in a future who know who will enter your building ..

check out everything! from history to modern ARChitecture

I'm all in vaults and spheres but if there is a better solution depending on materials and technology go for it

so far in my study and preparation I combine domes and tunnels a lot and I would start with something like in this picture;

personally I will change base to complete circle construction and make floor on first third so the space under will be for storage (maybe water, shallow cellar etc)

note; I haven't done anything yet so RL experience would be more then welcome + there are interesting threads on this forum alone to spend few days researching

good luck
7 years ago

paul wheaton wrote:I would like to add to that that if kids complain of their suffering doing chores like dishes, remind them that all that suffering helps them write good poetry when they are older.

fortunately some of those kids grow up and doing dishes is the last concern it their practical lives

I have read some comments about sterilizing dishes.  I think that is a terrible idea.  George Carlin has some thoughts in this space:

sterilization is imo unwise, and does more damage in long terms .. good old Gorge said it well in his style, respect

When a person tells me that a dishwasher is better because it saves water and then won't allow further discussion ... I feel like that person is not only wrong, but that person can never understand what I feel.

generally talking about water "issues" imo is absurd cause water is water .. it is OK .. it's not like it's going anywhere right? .. why panic .. why fear of loosing water .. how those people experience urination I don't want to ask

people often in their lack of knowledge and wisdom put them selves in "godlike role" (I'm so important and strong and must watch out and fear of not destroying the "whole world") and in the same time can't see that they are playing "devil role" mostly from spreading that fear around themselves that helps them justify their illusions

human didn't invent/create nature and "he" sure will not destroy it .. only him self if he really try hard he sure can do everything .. let's hope (and work along ) that lack of knowledge prevents him in that way and directs him in way of learning and connecting with his environment that he is part of nature not nature itself whatever he believes or wish .. he is still stuck on this planet with everything on it .. and it is still life worthy and always challenging experience imo

Thanks grandad.  You're awesome.

7 years ago

Chadwick Holmes wrote:Ok, because I seem to be the only punk rocker in the permie space.....

no way man  ... no one is alone

7 years ago

Chadwick Holmes wrote:Soil wieght on a square is the deal, square is not the first choice for wieght load retention...

I would rather say that square (any flat surface) is NOT choice for weight at all!

In long terms gravity will bend .. then what will you do after soil settles ... start digging hill you build above and everything .. it's like building it all over again!

I'm not saying that project is not done thoroughly but I can't overlook the basic principles of the idea (I'm planing to share my story about underground house as soon as I started working on it - next year/2017)

I would suggest with all due respect some basic building principles that are explained (imo) very interesting in;

It is a short clip but there are whole lectures on the topic so I strongly suggest investigating and possible studding it before such (one way) project begin.

7 years ago
I had a serious head case so .. I'll try to take best out of this nonsense I wrote ..

branimir marold wrote:
.. you know when I was a kind majority of food was what today is ecological/organic and that sort ... I saw fast change to worse .. even with protest and negative attitude toward globalisation ppl had no chance

it should stand; before, everything was "ecological" and healthy in a way no poisons were introduce in farming, consumption and agriculture in general was chemistry free .. then "something" happen and everything gone to berserk .. so now humans define some to be organic .. some ecological .. some that some this .. al those classification and qualifications are plane sand in the eyes from my perspective ..

long story short => you can't solve garbage problem if you don't STOP producing garbage => doesn't have to be a genius to understand that right?
12 years ago
I don't consider land "mine" but I understand the meaning just wanted to say cause whole philosophy of my life is based on finding the meaning of life .. as I go that way I said first I should experience life as it is .. I believe I'm trying to do so by exploring natural way of how should I live just as a life form .. without al mambo-jumbo civilisation illusion of progress xD

plan is to do as minimum damage possible from natural point of view and make maximum from creative constructive fair and square life as a human being

p.s. was talking nonsense in previous post .. as time for edit is gone I will try to quote-edit myself
12 years ago

George Collins wrote:

I'd plant sweet potato and then let nature turn that clay crap to good soil.

Plant music roots you say? I must confess, that thought never entered my brain. I can certainly think of no objection to doing so later in the year. And for a second confession, I have never grown a music root but my pappy has and back when he did so, he never planted in such poor dirt. Is the sweet potato known for growing in such extreme conditions?

they thrive on river banks where I'm from .. and I believe soil on river banks can't be so "rich" due to erosion .. imo for what is worth
12 years ago