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Mike Jay wrote:Cool, double wide!  I like it.  And if you live somewhere extra snowy, it looks like you could run two additional ridge poles along the halfway point of each panel (approximately where your end wall horizontal beam meets a vertical).  And then run a few rafter like support boards from that beam up to the central beam.  Nice build!

Thanks so much. yes I have some plans to add a tad more support we get max 4 inches of snow at a time here every 2 years or so. I was pretty pleased with how it held up, but I did not like seeing that ever so small sag, I will make sure that does not happen again
1 month ago

Dillon Nichols wrote:Looks great! How tall is it at peak?
It came out to 10ft at top of ridge pole structure footprint is 33x18 1/2 .. we pay $17.50 per hog panel, not too bad considering how fast it all goes up. Labor saving and very easy to take down for reuse if necessary.

1 month ago
Just wanted to show off my newish greenhouse, there are links in the description showing it enclosed and in the snow!  It has unfortunate placement issues ..wherein that it is just now beginning to get any sun. Tree work will fix the issue, hopefully that will be done in the months to come.  
1 month ago
I tried to stencil paint onto a screen, epic fail. I think wax would look really messy, so try it out on a framed piece of screen before you decide.  
2 months ago
Also thinking outloud.. I'd think of the rv as a shed room and build the greenhouse off the south side of the unit.  That way you have power and a place to organize all your garden items/tools. Link is
from google images
Here is what I mean.. sort of.  Could be less elaborate but covering the unit could prove to be worthwhile. Such a large roof could collect plenty of water too.
1 year ago
I think it will work fine if you can get water to the tree while in its first years.  If you could install some sort of funnel to help the water get to the roots, maybe even something like an installation art piece that is like a shade umbrella that also collects water in it's center.  I see it in this shape but with a wider flare to collect more water and offer more shade.
So sorry; I can't figure out how to post pictures, those are just links to images off of google for illustrative purposes.  
2 years ago
My dog ate many things from the yard and nature. Violet leaves, chickweed, dandelion, hawthorn berries, rose hips, when she was a puppy she had a hankerin for pinecones.  I'm sure she ate other things i did not see.
I read an article some years back about a dog that a woman claimed healed itself of a heart problem with hawthorn berries it sought out at her local dog park.  She got worried when she saw the dog kept eating them so she looked it up to see what they were.  She ended up finding out they are not poisonous & the properties and how it is used in herbal medicine and decided it was okay for the dog to eat them. As the story went on she said she went back to the vet sometime later to see how the dog was doing and the vet said the dogs condition had improved.  
2 years ago
It is a hybrid poplar from what I can tell, very large leaves .. When we bought the house it had been ground down below soil level and left covered with the chips.  Over the last 9 years we allowed it to grow back and had to reduce the height a few times. When it came time to shorten it this year I did a lot of inspection since it was causing problems.  I had them cut all the way down to the ground mid summer so I am stuck with that decision and history.  I have pulled out super long roots for years out of my beds out there, by severing them and digging the entire length. So now I have self watering tanks  using stock tanks for the growies out there so the roots won't keep traveling there. (video link below is to self watering bed inspiration)  ANYWAY..  So I have droughted it and will scalp it.  I will miss the wood for mushroom growing, and wish I could inoculate the stump but it is in full sun .. so.  Anyway I guess I just wanted to hear that I was right in my suspicion that this IS a difficult tree to have (or remove) in the wrong spot.  This was my solution to keep the water use out front to a bare minimum and it did work for us, I plan to build quite a few more with this principle. Thanks for you reply C. Letellier!
2 years ago
I suppose I suspected that, I think I will hire a stump grinder and remove it physically.  Then as you suggest stay on top of the suckering roots. I need to put a foundation there and repair the damage done.  I have to hope and figure once the foundation is poured the light will be blocked.  Thank You Roberto.
2 years ago
I love this idea, a way to assure it's effectiveness might be to interest large companies that still use the mail regularly like Amazon or catalogs?  If you could get their kind of support this could really take off.  Making sure you include as part of procedure; soil protection/restoration, a project like this could do so much good.  In the west we have massive wildfires, perhaps each year a new focus could be presented, Restoring Deserts, Restoring Wildfire Zones, Restoring Coastal Wetlands... etc.  
Watching this thread with great interest!
2 years ago