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Craig is a permaculture designer and consultant with a focus on temperate climate, perennial food forests and homestead management. He has been testing and implementing his own designs while sharing knowledge and experience with others for the past seven years. In 2014 he completed his PDC and began a larger expansion of his homestead and business. The future is bright, as long as you're willing to face it.
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Recent posts by Craig Dobbson

That's quite impressive.  What are your plans for the field?  Are you going to graze animals on it?  Turn it into a food forest?  Maybe a little bit of both? 

Both chop and drop or rolling it are good ideas. Goats are also a pretty good animal for chewing down a high field, and the manure is spread out evenly in convenient pellets.  There's so many options, based on what your goals are for the field.

I guess it depends on the size of the shoe box.  I think something made of wood is better.  From my experience, a next box that's 10 inches wide, 10 inches high and 18 inches long is big enough for most breeds.  The high sides are needed to keep the kits from jumping out.  Once they get out, they have a hard time getting back in the nest.  This also gives adequate room for the doe to get in and out of the nest one one side without jumoing directly on the kits. 

For the most part she'll stay out of the nest.  She's only going to go in there to feed the kits roughly three times a day.  So there needs to be enough room in the nest box to hold enough straw and fur to keep the kits warm while the doe isn't in the nest.

1 day ago
You could try putting a little peanut butter or apple butter on the waterer's nipple.  That might entice her to try licking it.  Then she'll quickly figure out that that's a place to get water.  Since she's got a litter on the way, you'll need to keep her well hydrated, so if the bowl is working... great.

Have you got a nest box ready for her?
1 day ago
This happened to me a few years ago.

I bought them a pretty standard bag of pelleted feed, some timothy hay and then a steady supply of the things they were eating while they were wild.   AS you'll see,  that began my venture into raising rabbits. 
1 day ago
I made the video in my Siberian Peashrub thread using lightworks.  I was able to cut the videos together and add some titles and notes.  I could also have added an audio track with a voice-over or music track.   It took about an hour to make this one.  It's more tedious at first but it gets a lot easier as you get used to the controls.
I used an old Cannon powershot camera so the video is rough to begin with.  I moved the files to my PC, imported them to lightworks and then got busy chopping them up and putting them in order.  I suspect if I had a better camera, the end result would look much better.  All still, no bad for a free deal.
5 days ago
I've used lightworks for editing.  It's free and works rather well.  Lightworks video editor

There are tons of videos and tutorials available on YouTube for using lightworks.  It takes a little while to get the hang of it but once you do... you're off and running. 

Good luck
5 days ago
One of my favorite plastic related things is the open source systems created by Precious Plastic.  If you've got some extra plastic laying about, or you know where you can get some, then you may be interested in building some of these tools to help turn old junk plastic into new and practical items to be used again.  Heck, you might even be able to open your own small business with the right idea and motivation.

Here's a link to get you started:
1 week ago
Now's the time folks.  It's FREE  all weekend.   Get it now for free or but it later.

1 week ago
Has anyone signed up for this workshop?  I think it closes this weekend.
2 weeks ago
You can copy the URL with the timestamp and post it here as a url.  That will go to the YT page and then start the video at the right spot.  Not ideal.

Sometimes I embed a video and then a link with the timestamp URL with a note that says: "this is the important part"