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Recent posts by Josiah Wallingford

r ranson wrote:It looks really great.

From my selfish point of view, I look at two things.

1. what is the kickstarter making?  You have an actual goal that makes sense.  You're making something tangible instead of a different Kickstarter I saw lately who's goal was to 'explore and get matching funding for a grant that helps us investigate this vague thingy we don't really know what we're doing" 

2. Are the rewards attractive?  definitely looking good.  Even your one dollar reward has loads of goodies in it.

There's a big jump between the one dollar and the next level up.  Is there something you can offer for about $6 (the price of a coffee and a pastry at my local coffee shop)?  Then again, it might not be worthwhile.  I don't know much about running a kickstarter. 

Love the video, especially the bit with the piglets.

One other thing, I can't get to load. 

Thank you for the great feedback. I will see what we can do with a $6 level but I think we may be pretty set in stone with what we have.

Dakota Brown wrote:Just finished 10 months of having my dinner with the Justin Rhodes family as I watched their daily videos during their Farm Tour.  Have you talked with him about what did and didn't work?  How do you think your trip and videos will be different?

Loved the momma pigs tossing the piglets out of the feed trough in your video.

Good luck.

Yes, we have contacted Justin. That is my favorite part of the video as well.
Thank you for your feedback so far. We have updated the page with some new photos and a new logo. Please let us know what you think.
This project has been a lot of work and we are almost ready to launch phase 1. We would love your feedback before we launch. See this thread to get a sneak peek and to help us polish it up before we go public.
1 day ago
We are working on a new kickstarter called the "Farm and Sustainability Tour" also known as the permaburn tour.
Do you have any suggestions on how we could polish this up before we launch it?

Bill Crim wrote:
On the webpage for the PDC, there are still some tiles have Scubbly links to the Rocket Mass Heater items under the "Permaculture Design Course Instructors" -> "Erica Wisner - 2018 PPDC Instructor" section. If there are more appropriate links to the "Digital Market", you might want to replace them.

Also the META tag has description of "May 28 - June 10 by Tim Barker and Paul Wheaton. A permaculture design course (PDC) in Montana with emphasis on homesteading design.".

Misspelling on Lily's bio... "steward of a ¼ acer community" of course should be acre.

Thank you very much for brining these to our attention. I have corrected the META tag and Lily's bio. I am still working out how I am going to find Erica's replacement affiliate codes.
"Why 'Peasant' PDC?" 
Well, one of the first things most people notice about a conventional Permaculture Design Course is the price tag.  $1200 to $5000 for a 2-week course, or 8 to 10 weekends.  There are good reasons for those costs - but it still puts these fundamental land-care and people-care trainings out of range for a lot of folks who don't have a high-status job or independent wealth.

Another word for peasant is "Yeoman." (We love the Yeomans' Plow which you'll learn about in the course, but would hardly feel right stealing that name.)  In a traditional land- and status-based economy, these folks are a cut above slaves and pages, but their lives are based on service and productive skills, not cash.  They are folks who apply some cleverness and a lot of elbow grease to building solid skill, the ability to survive and bring forth bounty from the land. 

Whether you own your land like a yeoman or some peasants, or rent like other peasants and tenant farmers, it's a place of humble beginnings but fundamental economic importance. 

To some people, "peasant" has connotations of poverty or primitive living conditions.  The living will certainly be primitive for this course.  And while folks who can afford to take 5 weeks out of their lives and pay a few hundred bucks for a self-enriching course are not exactly poor, we did design this course format with the idea that it would be more affordable for folks who may not yet own their own land or have a high-paying job.

If the word "peasant" sounds insulting, think of who you imagine using it that way. 
"Ignorant Peasants!"  Does that person have an expensive and useless pet? a lot of odd-looking jewelry? an annoying and pompous self-expression? and no clue about where the food on their plate actually comes from?

Do you want to be that person? 
Would you even want to spend much time with that person?

Or do you want to be someone with skills to fall back on?
Not just as a wage slave, but to be able to bring forth abundance from the stores of nature itself? 

Folks often come to their first permaculture event or PDC because they want a more wholesome, sustainable, connected-to-the-dirt lifestyle.  Some of these folks are highly educated, good wage-earners, but are sick of the rat-race.  They could easily drive a fancy car and sneer at beat-up farm trucks... but instead, they find themselves envying cool old tools and the people who know how to use them.  We are uneasy owing our allegiance to a system that offers money and "status" at the expense of impoverishing our life (and life on earth).

It's become kind of an inside joke among city folks who study permaculture that it is "Peasant Training."  Schools give us the basic skills to compete for wages, and wealth gives us the basic necessities of life without much effort.  But we dream of going back to a more fundamental definition of "basics" - growing our own food, building our own shelter, co-creating our own communities, and aligning our efforts with greater awareness to foster a thriving natural world.  When you live that way, connected with the greater whole while living in the immediate moment, money and status are almost afterthoughts.

We thought about calling it the "Project PDC," or the Extended Format PDC.  While those are true descriptions, they just didn't grab us the way "peasant" did.  We hope you get what we mean. 

If not, don't let the name bother you. The course certificate will simply say "Permaculture Design Certificate" and look all fancy and professional, a nice status symbol for you, your family, or your business team.

Only you and your classmates will know that it was earned with boots on the ground and elbow grease, as well as brains.
We are working on ideas/projects for the ATC. We have a bunch in mind and want to hear from you, what do you want to do at this years ATC?
1 week ago

Early bird special! Pre-purchase and save 13%! Course goes live Sept. 15! - Enroll Today

If you were enrolled in the "Are Bee's for Me?" module, check the Additional Resources lesson for an additional discount. If you supported the 2017 Wheaton PDC Kickstarter, you are probably already enrolled in “Are Bee’s for Me?”

We are kicking off the course with three free live webinars with Michael Jordan.

Pick a date that works for you or go to all three. There will be an open Q/A session at the end of each presentation and each presentations will have unique information.

Sunday, August 20th - 2pm Pacific Time
Tuesday, August 22nd - 6pm Pacific Time

First Webinar

Winter is Coming

You've spent the warm spring and summer months lovingly following your bees all over your property admiring their hard work (don't deny it we all do it). Flowers are abundant in the garden, in the yard, and on the trees, and nearly each one hums with the buzz of diligent worker bees going about their day. Despite your best efforts, the seasons continue their steady march towards the colder months, and it is up to you to ensure your bees are ready for the coming winter. Without your help, the bees will suffer terribly as the temperature drops, flowers die, and water freezes. Your hives depend on your protection, and as a responsible beekeeper you know you understand that you have to do SOMETHING.

So what do you do?

This module shows you everything you need to know to prepare your hives for winter in simple, step-by-step instructions. Your instructor, Michael Jordan, is not called the bee whisperer for nothing. Under his instruction you will gain the confidence and the know how you need to maintain a healthy hive throughout the winter giving you peace of mind knowing your bees are safely enjoying the holiday season as well!

What do you get?

When you purchase this course you will receive an instructional booklet with step by step instructions on how to prepare your bees with winter and care for them throughout the cold months. Additionally you gain lifetime access to High Def video lessons with the man himself, Michael Jordan:

Introduction to Winterizing

Basics of why it's important to winterize your hives, and some strategies to reduce the work your bees have to do to stay warm like the "easy-bake oven method". How to build and install your own insulation panels with low-cost materials that can last several seasons.

Watch 1.1 - Hive Review (a dive into the hive) for free now!

Inspection and Cover Installation

Performing a thorough inspection is vital before sealing the hive for the winter. See step-by-step instruction and what to look out for when preparing your hive for winter.

How to Build a Quilting Box

What is a quilting box, why should you use one, and how do you build it? All of these questions are answered!

Making Fondants and Feeds

Put your chef hat on and prepare winter feasts for your bees and keep them eating all winter long!

You will never lose access to these videos and you can download all of them in HD for offline viewing on any of your devices.

Once you've finished this course you will never have to fear winter again. Your bees are worth the effort, and winter comes every single year so there is no better time than right now to start getting ready. Sign up today and your bees will stay warm, well fed, and healthy all winter long thanks to your diligence and care.
5 months ago

Thyri Gullinvargr wrote:I'm going to make sure I'm being clear. I'm planning to get the PDC content, my only question is about the ATC add-on. It doesn't sound like it's probably worth it for me as I already have this year's ATC content and there's no guarantee that there will be any future content added. The PDC on the other hand, has content that I don't have in addition to the ability to earn the certificate and I suspect it's likely to have future content added (but I'm OK if doesn't).

Clear as mud?

Okay, much more clear. No, there is no guarantee there will be additional content for the ATC. The PDC will have much more additional content through the years. If you already have this years ATC content I would say there is no reason to get the ATC add-on. For those who do not have this years ATC already, I would suggest getting it because the only way to get the ATC through PermaEthos is if you purchase the PDC. We do not sell the ATC separately.
5 months ago