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Recent posts by Graham Bunting

Paul, my statement was not meant as an accusation, but you have just admitted yourself that you will happily censor someone's post if it doesn't agree with your views. And you are completely within your rights to do so. My point is that if you have a political forum, then it should be a balanced platform where even people that you don't agree with can state their view in a respectful manner. Yes, certainly remove any disrespect and malice, but accept that there will be posts that don't conform to your way of thinking.

Imagine the governor of Montana joined Permies. Now he probably doesn't know much about the other areas of permaculture, but he's probably has a fair idea about politics and the effects on the other areas. Now according to your rule, he can't post in the politics forum because he hasn't yet earned enough apples, and it will probably take him a fair while to get them seeing as he doesn't know anything about green roofs or keeping goats.
Then at the same time a farmer from Virginia joins and he too has to earn his apples. Are you going to treat them both the same or are you going to try and get the governor his apples so he can make a useful contribution in the forum? The farmer might take exception to that. BTW, his name was Joel, and he too probably has a few good ideas.

There is an old adage concerning British pubs. If you don't want to get into a fight, don't talk about soccer, religion or politics. Maybe that should be the way with internet forums as well. Or maybe, everyone can
have the chance to contribute something as long as it is in a respectful manner.
I did not accuse you of anything, therefore I have nothing to apologize for. What I meant was if you have autocratic power over what can or cannot be posted in a political forum, then you can only expect people to eventually view that forum as unbalanced and biased.
There are a lot of decent people on Permies that don't post very often, but when they do, it is with respect and thoughtfulness. They might have something very meaningful to say about a subject, whether it be about compost or politics. But because they haven't got the prescribed amount of merit from you or the moderators, they are unable to add to the community.

If you have read any malice into my posts, then that was not my intent. I also think I have acted with respect and decency. If you disagree, then I respect your decision as owner of the forum.
I totally agree with you that this is your press and you have the right to say what is and what is not published. But to do it on the very forum that should have a balanced view from all sides is a little dangerous. Vetoing someones view because it doesn't agree with your own, or only letting in the people that have earned your apple because they say the things you want to hear, sounds more like a propaganda forum rather than a political or social discussion platform
With all due respect, I know this is a private forum but restricting views and comments to people that have earned an apple smacks of elitism at best and as this is a political forum, probably a breach of people's first ammendment rights. I'm not usually a political minded person, but I like to think I have strong ethical views. If this post gets me banned, then so be it. I just felt compelled to express my view.
The haybox has been a tried and tested method with Boy Scouts for a long long time. We would use it by cooking the evening meal while we ate breakfast. When the recipe reach the boil, we would pop the dixie into the haybox and leave for the day's activities. When we got back to camp in the evening, the stew, casserole or whatever would be waiting for us. Ours was made from a small packing crate and if we didn't have hay to insulate with, we would use newspaper or even cardboard. It ain't rocket science. Boil the stew. Stick in the box. Leave. Eat.
6 years ago
I went to my local meeting the other evening and a family was there talking about their alpaca ranch. They mentioned that a lot of pet alpaca owners bring their animals to the various ranches where once a year they have traveling shearers. The ranchers sell their fleeces commercially, but the pet owners very often have no outlet for the fleece and will give it away.
I was fortunate to inspect some garments made from this wool and it is awesome stuff. Very soft, doesn't itch and doesn't smell like wet dog when it gets wet. The felted wool is like micro fleece. It's definitely on my list for warm weather gear next time I'm shopping for it.

Jay Green wrote:I can tell you something that takes it away when it is happening. This has worked for me and others 100% of the time. Instead of grabbing your leg and trying to rub out the cramp or flex your foot to work it out...just bite down firmly on your bottom lip. Within seconds you will feel it start to ease off. It works! No, it doesn't distract you from the pain, it actually releases that cramp. Accupressure point? I don't know, but someone told me about it years ago and it works each and every time I try it.

I can also tell you a simple step to stop cold sores that has worked every time also. I love these weird and improbable things that work for common ailments or symptoms.

As someone who has suffered from this all my life, I can say I have tried everything going. It's a rare night when I can sleep all night without having to jump out of bed and start the cramp dance. Well I had it again last night and I remembered Jay's post about biting your bottom lip, so I thought what the heck I might as well try it. No sooner had I bit down, the cramp just disappeared. I couldn't believe it! I woke up this morning and told the wife. As I was telling her, I got a cramp in my foot and I bit down. It disappeared. Jay Green you are a hero! I've tried all the concoctions, I ate bananas by the bucketful, I've drunk water till it was coming out of my ears. Nothing worked. Now I know that if I get the cramp, all I have to do is bite, and I don't have to do the dance anymore.
7 years ago
The kids were giving me a hard time one day about some of the ways I pronounce words. We are talking English redneck vs Missouri rednecks. I wrote a simple paragraph on the board in my local accent. I might as well have been writing Welsh as far as they were concerned. It was fun watching them try to decipher it.
lol there is nothing more mysterious than the English language. I work in am elementary school and have fun with it every day.