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Recent posts by Grant Schultz

I have some thick-wall 316L SS hemispherical tanks that I'd like to sell, and thought they'd make perfect barrels for rocket mass heaters.  I think you could cut them in half and build TWO stoves, but it's not my area of expertise.

What do y'all think, good candidate?  These seem like they're 3x as my open-end hog scalding drum.
2 years ago

M.R.J. Smith wrote:This looks like a course for flatlanders as I'm not seeing much slopage in the pics. When you say "exhaustive" in the daily-ish, does that include us more vertically-oriented mountain folk?  Is there a syllabus for the course or something?

Edit- syllabus is under "read more" at bottom of kickstarter page- there is some mention of topography, but I'm curious about serious topography.

We'll be working with slopes all the way up to 30% or so, plenty hilly but not quite sheer granite faces of a mountain.  I think you'll get all the info you're looking for.
6 years ago
Use discount code PERMIES during checkout for 20% OFF EVERYTHING at New Farm Supply

Honeyberries and Hardy Kiwis!

Chestnut Trees!

Antonovka Apple Trees!

Grafting Tools!

Oh my!
6 years ago
Yeah Matt!

I wish I had known unschooling was an option when I was young lad. How can you raise awareness amongst students that are enrolled in public schools that they have other options, even amidst unsupportive parents or current school administration that wishes to retain the student?

e.g. How can we reach great young minds that they can GET OUT, educate themselves stigma-free, and continue on their life's journey in academic or professional life!
7 years ago

Kellan Cook wrote:IHowever, he did mention that they have been told by the government not to support funding for silvopasture systems..... stating that if we were to run too many animals on that type of system many problems could arise.

1) Make sure he actually understands what "silvopasture" means. Hand him a brochure on it.

2) Ask him if you can record him making the above statement, "You know, for the record". His answer may change.
7 years ago

Daniel Kern wrote:

I am also wondering about a more personal question. What is it that motivates you? Why do you do what you do?

I am fueled entirely by coffee and bacon. All of my motion and decisions are influenced by this.
7 years ago

Stephen Dobek wrote:I just listened to an earlier episode of PV today, it was a presentation from your workshop last year. Was this the government service you were referring to where I can get some goodies for free? -

Also, is my new favorite thing. Yes I do need a 1943 M3 half track.


Yes, ARS-GRIN is it. They usually limit you to 25 selections/year, so get your requests in now!

7 years ago
So timely that folks are directly talking about multi-juridictional oversight when it comes to riparian restoration projects. A friend just sent me this today, Iowa DNR is actually beginning a pilot program to bypass this issue. They're hiring a full-time person to work out the protocol.

Full posting here: Stream Mitigation Program Planner

Position Summary

Opening Date: September 2, 2015 Closing Date: September 30, 2015

Salary: $23.21 - $28 hourly, minimum: $48,276.80 annually

Job Type: 18-month contract, Full Time, 40 hrs/week

Benefits: Portico Staffing offers basic healthcare coverage, a 401K, and holiday pay after 1200 hours

Location: Wallace Building, 502 E. 9th St., Des Moines, IA 50319

Division: Environmental Services Division – Water Quality Bureau – Watershed Improvement Section

Job Description: The person hired to fill this 18-month contract position will work with our interdepartmental planning team to develop a stream mitigation program that may include establishment of a memorandum of understanding with the Iowa Department of Transportation and/or an in-lieu fee program in accordance with the joint US Army Corps of Engineers and US Environmental Protection Agency’s 2008 Compensatory Mitigation Rule. This effort required researching similar programs in other states, assessing the resources needed to successfully conduct such a program, evaluating market potential for the program, project capital and cash flow needs to ensure program sustainability, and assist with drafting of legal documents and financial instruments. Candidates should have a passion for rivers, knowledge of river restoration, and leadership experience.

7 years ago

Stephen Dobek wrote:Grant,

Have you had any issues with your pigs obeying the fence? I've raised pastured hogs a couple of different places and they've always been generally disinterested in getting outside the poly wire because they got their daily ration of grain plus unlimited access to nuts and acorns from the trees that were in their paddocks as well as the forage we planted for them. Does relying on them to feed themselves also make them more prone to wandering?

Our pigs are very well trained to the fence. Every now and then there is an opportunity to slip out, and there is usually one creative personality in every group of pigs. The funny thing is...they slip out for some interesting clover but hang right near the perimeter to stay with their friends. Lift the fence up and they run back in. Social bonds are strong. Might be due to a family unit thing.
7 years ago

Rick Knoll wrote:Thanks Grant, I'l have to think about the pallet idea. Seems easier and cheaper than what I've done. Thanks for the links to Bone Sauce. I'm going to try it again. Funny how people post about bone sauce for deer. my dog keeps them away, and I need bone sauce for my own sheep!!

In Germany:

pallets are cheaper (free!) and easier.

7 years ago