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All I can say is, ahem, it's a fine name.  And generally Polly's do develop later.  Ahem.
3 months ago
oh blimey - I'm in for artychokes, please.  Just raised it $15 because I am so excited for you all!!!
3 months ago

Johnny Cobins wrote:

polly jayne smyth wrote:So wonderful it makes me want to weep!!

Thank you so very much. That is the nicest thing anyone has said about my home yet.

You (and your wife) deserve it!  

I can see hard work, perseverance, talent; and then on top of that the creativity and thought you've put into planning it.  Plus I salute your extra-long bed and eventual add-ons that your children will have a voice with and hand in. Not only practical and teaches them skills and a work ethic, but also from an emotional standpoint I think your kinds will feel valued and the love so many lack.

From my heart: Bravo!  I wish I'd been able to do such a thing when I was married - it looks fulfilling.

ps. Is that an arrow?!
4 months ago
So wonderful it makes me want to weep!!
4 months ago
Also, not sure if this matters, but apparently the system thinks I am too quick.  

(That's what he said too...   )
oh Hey! Is this what you're looking for?
i may be clueless as to what I should be doing but it all seems to be happening quite nicely.

I do see spacing weirdness but nothing I can't live with. Pie's good.  No green lines. Or aliens. More's the pity.  


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