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If you have a liveable building or mobile you could make that available for a couple or even a family. One could work for you the other in town. Specify a certain amt of produce & animals for their own use. Such as a piglet every year a kid chicken etc etc. That would certainly cover $600 a mon
6 years ago
What kind of farm tool is that??? LOL
7 years ago
The love of money is a case of mistaken identity. People mistake money for what it can buy. Or in some cases, what it can't buy.

8 years ago
Ahh, this one is definitely worthy of a pretty picture.

"The moment you put an animal in a cage or behind a fence, you are taking responsibility for the welfare of that animal. "
Ok I know Paul has said lots of great things worthy of a pretty picture, but my all-time favorite is: "I am coffees Bitch".
In our house it has now been adopted as a Family Saying.
Hi Benjamin,
We're in a different state but we did just recently have a well drilled. Beforehand we asked a lot of different people for their recommendation, then I called the different drillers. I asked a lot of questions especially about the price, how far did they think we'd need to drill, what if they didn't find water etc. The big company said it would be anywhere from $12k to $20k! Talk about sticker shock! The others were a little lower but not much. Someone told us to wait till winter when they didn't have much work, maybe the price would drop. So that's what we did, and I kept calling around till I found a small outfit that gave us a bid of $6k to $12k. It was near the end of winter by then. And this guy took time to explain it all to me, PLUS he answered my phone calls, in general much more helpful. They came out, drilled and hit water at $6k. Such a relief! I was worried that we'd end up with a dry hole. We get a gallon and a half a minute which is considered a decent well here. I thought it was kinda low, but he said we could get a cistern and just run the pump till it was full. A gallon and a half per minute will add up pretty fast.
A driller can get records of all the wells around you, how deep they had to go, what type of soil they encountered etc so they can make an educated guess on your well
Oh, and one other thing, before I bought the land I made sure to ask the R.E. agent, seller, and land office people if it was ok if we drilled our own well. " Yup, yup just fine." Well after we bought the land we found that we could drill the well but not use it unless it was Permitted. Which the Gov won't do unless it was signed off on by a licensed driller. A drillers not going to take the responsibility on a well he didn't drill. So that may be something to check out.
I hope it goes well for you. Functional plumbing is a wonderous thing!
8 years ago
I have heard from a reliable source that honey is very good for healing pressure sores. As for comfrey, years ago my sister had surgery on her neck, so before surgery she drank comfrey tea and afterwards used a comfrey plaster directly on the cut. It healed up so quickly and with so little scaring that the doctor was quite proud of himself! Also, when my niece had a bicycle accident and ripped all the skin off her heel, a comfrey plaster was applied and she healed up in no time with absolutely no scars. I have heard tho, that people that might have a tendency for cancer should not use comfrey because of the way it causes cells to reproduce themselves . The only other thing I have heard is that if it's fed to pigs it causes their meat to be unpleasantly mushy. But the last two items I haven't researched, only hearsay. I hope this is of help to you.
8 years ago
Brad, I was wondering how your little Mulefoot piglets are doing. Did you find out what was ailing their eyes?
8 years ago
Thats what we've been concerned about. Also the last day or so she's been laying about and not eating much What do you feed a sow acting like this? Does she need a vet? Thanks for your help Brad
8 years ago
We just bought our first pig. She's a little over 2 yrs old, a hamp/york and is due 9/23. She's had two litters with 12 to 15 piglets each time. She delivered and raised them with no problems. So we brought her home to a nice big pen with a elect wire around the bottom and a shelter with a bale of straw, food and water. We tucked her in bed, kissed her goodnight and went inside. That night we had a tremendous rain storm with thunder and lightening. In the morning she was gone! She stayed gone for four days except for a couple of sneaky visits to her food and water. We finally caught her at the trough and slammed the gate. Boy was she mad! She rushed the fence, tried to climb over, broke the hot wire and generally scared the bejeebers out of us. Finally after a couple of days she's calmed down. But she's thinner than when she went on her little walk-about. Do you think she's lost her babies? How can we tell? Is there any special feed for a skinny (maybe) pregnant sow? Thanks for listening to all this!
8 years ago