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Hello Brooke,

I would like to talk with you about your property, if still available...  

My email: teembo@gmail.com.

Thank you,
Hey MD and Donald...

Thanks for the reply. Most folks have responded directly, not publicly and I welcome both approaches. Yeah, living on the Ring of Fire is an adventure, such beauty and such powerful forces working underneath. I love the climate of the coast, very mild winters and summers, lots of sunshine, ample rainfall, but best to know your geology. Oregon has some outstanding geologists, and I religiously consult the Haz Vu maps for geologic hazards when looking for land. http://www.oregongeology.org/hazvu/ With climate change, Oregon may become the new California!

The IC Aprovecho, south of Eugene, is a great Oregon Permaculture resource... http://www.aprovecho.net/ Oregon has lots of Permaculture folks and a large Biodynamic group as well...

4 years ago
Howdy guys... Don't forget about OK Cupid. It's a great free site, lots of connections there... And NO, I don't work for them or own stock in them! He, he, he... I've made some nice connections on Greensingles too. Just gotta put yourself out there, eh? Ah, dating in the 21st Century... All the best in finding someone special for you!
5 years ago
I'm so glad to come across this thread, excellent question, and although I am not vegan, I have been grappling with the desire to not use animal origin vessels in producing the BD preps...

I'll throw my two cents in and in support of what's been said already:

1) Intention is indeed very powerful and may be at the core of BD practice.
2) Locality is important I believe, best when materials are grown on the land where they are to be used, or obtained from sources with good energetics, as close as possible to the land.
3) Steiner wrote general guidelines for agriculture practice, and then said go out and test the principles. There have been lots of adaptations since BD was introduced and continue on... The Oregon BD group routinely places some animal sheathed preps within clay vessels, with no apparent loss of quality from reports. So it seems to me that if the clay was blocking some needed wavelength of energy, it wouldn't be used. Why not test the same preps in just the clay vessels, no animal sheaths, with the conscious intention for the prep to work on the intended function?
4) The quest is finding a similar energetic to the animal origin vessel. Why not experiment with placing the corresponding mineral surrounding a clay pot buried in the ground? For instance if the prep is working on Calcium, place the pot within a larger pot that's filled with Calcium Powder? I'm not sure if this would match the energetics, just thinking outside the box here... In homeopathy, like cures like, eh?
5) The plants tell and show us what's true. If they respond to non-animal vessels, then that's what counts.
6) I found a reference online to Cristina Menicocci Biodynamic Vegan Wines in Italy. They say that they use boxes of larch and birch bark for the animal origin vessels, according to Fladen? I can't find any info on this method though. Anyone have any experience with that?


Figuring this out will indeed take a lot of trial and error...
5 years ago
Thanks for starting this thread Daniel... It's great to see other gay Permies out there, to have a voice! I've been meaning to post an intro here for a long time... I'm 53, currently living along the central Oregon coast, near Newport. I'm not looking to settle directly along the coast, so I've begun looking for gay and Permie-friendly areas to explore for land to homestead. I've been looking primarily in the Pacific NW, and if you have a suggestion, even outside of the NW, please lemme know. I'm looking for less blistering hot summers, left Austin, TX 3+ years ago due to the extreme summers and drought... Of course I could be coaxed out of my comfort zone to hibernate with a husbear... He, he, eh...

Nice to see all the nice folks and messages here. Keep the thread going!


5 years ago
Howdy fellow Permies!

I've been meaning to introduce myself here for a long time, so here it goes... I'm 53, a single gay male, kid at heart, living along the central Oregon coast currently, looking for connections with other Permies in the Pacific NW and beyond. I have a dream of living simply, close to nature, growing my own food, design and implement a food forest system, living more sustainably, incorporating Permaculture, Biodynamic, Natural Farming (Fukuoka) and sustainable principles, away from the chaos of big cities and proliferation of cell towers and wifi. I worked in IT for 16+ years and developed a sensitivity to microwave radiation. Sure it was a kick in the butt, but life gave me a great opportunity to be doing what I've been wanting to do for a long time, so 3 years ago I began this new chapter of my life...

I've been trying to plant roots and find land to homestead, but I've not been able to feel settled along the coast. Land is spendy, but mostly the unstable geology of the area is unsettling to me, seems to be in the back of my mind as I go about my daze here. I greatly appreciate the geologists who have uncovered the history and mystery of the Cascadia fault system along the west coast, but guys, ignorance is bliss!!!

I've looked at various Intentional Communities in the US and in the NW, trying to be open to all options out there. I'm looking for connections and friendships with other kindred spirits out there wherever you may be... If you have any suggestions for communities or Permie-friendly areas to look at, please lemme know. I have family that keeps me from looking outside the mainland US at this time though...

I'm also looking for a husbear who is interested in sustainable living, growing healthy organic food, avoiding the rat-race and is open to living more rurally in a farm or smaller town setting, if you are out there too! I've got a profile on OK Cupid, so if you are a top guy looking for a loving relationship with another Permie; my handle is: coastalOR. Honesty, sense of humor, monogamy, romance, compassion, integrity, direct and open communication, ability to be playful, emotional intimacy, peace and harmony, healthy eating and living are important things in a relationship for me. Whew! What's important to YOU?

You can reach me through email: teembo@gmail.com. No one knows how much time you'll be given on this third rock from the sun. So I say... Carpe Diem!
5 years ago
Hi Ian,

I'm in Eastern WA at the moment, would enjoy talking with you... I'm looking to do permaculture and a Food Forest. Not sure how to contact you through the site, so you can email me at teembo@gmail.com, or send a reply here how to contact you...

8 years ago