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since Jun 21, 2012
Living in a small rural town after forty years in the woods......
Ozarks zone 7 alluvial,black,deep clay/loam with few rocks, wonderful creek bottom!
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Amy Francis wrote:Oops Jay - sorry!  I stand guilty of posting a meme on that thread! 🤔
(Also I gave an explanation to an image today 😮   ...so kill me now!)
I had kinda forgotten about the 'no words' stipulation of the OP.... wasn't sure about it.  
I will be a good girl and endeavour to honour this now....just images is more fun really.

Yes I find the thread very interesting, exciting, original, creative and er...a tad addictive! 🤪

hahaha, no big deal.    I do notice that when we post a pic as an attachment it won't go through without something in the text box.  I found that one 'period' is enough to get past that requirement though...I see that some use an 'x' .

I do like having a challenge figuring out just why someone posted what they did so I like the no text bit.

It has been a fun flow of visuals....looking forward to more

8 hours ago
Joshua, that's why I started another thread, I had the urge to say something and did not want to interrupt the visuals in the game thread itself  

I wonder if that thread is one of permies fastest growing ones?

9 hours ago
not wanting to interrupt the very excellent ' Game - Picture Association ' thread with text I just wanted to say it's really quite fun and is becoming addictive
11 hours ago

John F Dean wrote:  You might consider developing your own guide.

I think this is a great idea!  There is certainly a lack of Ozark specific field guides.
1 day ago
Gail, if you happen to be on facebook there are many ID sites.  They are what keep me using it
Missouri Wild Mushroom Hunters

Arkansas Wild Foraging

This one is my favorite  Arkansas Mushrooms and Fungi

Lichens Connecting Arkansans

...and then there are books by StevenFoster/James Duke.  We have Eastern/Central Medicinal Plants and it is excellent and useful in the Ozarks. Steven Foster is on facebook also (lives in the Ozarks) and you can 'follow' him.  

Author, photographer, consultant and lecturer, with over 44 years experience in botanicals & herbs.

 Beautiful beautiful plant, etc photography with ID.

Billy Joe Tatum's Wild Foods Field Guide and Cookbook also.  She was quite local to us and a wonderful forager.  
The Ozark Folk Center has workshops certain times of year for herbs, check out their website in Mountain View.

I like Herbal Jedi too...he has a lot of videos on specific herbs and many are found in the Ozarks. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiB2VwnJoPDDq26pB7y4H8g  and I'm pretty sure he's on fb also.

1 day ago
This is the conversation he's had so far with the company...very friendly, and seemingly helpful but maybe not on the same page as someone mentioned above?

steve says...I have a service question about our 4 year old Aquah 16L (propane):
Its ignition has gotten very irregular-- it either doesn't kick on at all,
or does and then shuts off in1-3 minutes, occasionally 5 or 6. And it
usually requires two sinks to be running to kick on at all. Can this be the
"inlet water filter screen"? We have a whole house filter, changed
regularly, before the water heater, but the inlet screen has never been
checked. Is it something I can do, or does it require a plumber?

.....Hi Steve,

You do not need a plumber. It appears that the diaphragm in the water valve
is either dirty with mineral deposits on its surface or the diaphragm has
gotten rigid over time. As a result, it does not yield to the water pressure
as well as before and that is why you need to turn two faucets on for this
unit to kick on.

You can do two things:

1) Wash the diaphragm clean by pumping pressurized water though the water
outlet (hot side) into the water heater or you may clean the diaphragm up by
taking the water valve apart; or

2) Replace the diaphragm.

You can still get along with the current diaphragm for the time being but
you will need to clean or replace the diaphragm eventually:

Turn a faucet on. If the unit does not kick on, with water running, turn the
Water knob on the front panel clockwise gradually, and the unit may kick on
at a certain point. If the unit kicks on, turn the knob a little bit further
to make sure you have more than enough water pressure to activate the heater
next time. You may need to reduce the gas flow a little if water gets too

Thanks! If you have any more questions, please let me know.

steve....I ordered and received a diaphragm for our 16L propane.  You said I don't need a plumber, so I take it I can change this out myself.  I just wondered if I'm going to get it apart and then find out I need some gasket or special gunk to put it back together.  Any advice on the job?

.....Just take the water valve off of the water heater and take it apart. You do not need anything else. Just replace the diaphragm. Also, when you put the water valve back after you replace the diaphragm, make sure to put the rubber seals in place. Thanks!

I concede defeat.  I am unable to "just take the water valve off the water heater."  Even if "water valve" means just the right half of the "water valve assembly", the five screws still go in from the inaccessible left.  And even if I remove the solenoid to get at one hidden screw, I can't reach another without tearing into the electronic heart the solenoid is wired to, and even then I think the whole gas manifold is still in the way.  I couldn't even loosen the incoming water connection.  I'm calling the plumber.  Please send diagrammatic instructions for him.  (He has some experience with on demand water heaters.)

.....Hi Steve, I tried to call you but nobody answered the phone. Left a message in your voicemail. I don't have instructions on replacing the diaphragm. Please ask the plumber to call me when he has questions. By the way, it appears you did not do it right. You first need to take the water valve off of the water heater. Then take the water valve apart to replace the diaphragm. You cannot take the valve apart when the water valve is on the heater. If you wanna try again, call me. Thanks!  

Since then, Steve has got at the filter and it was clean.  and we're looking at flushing the diaphragm as mentioned in my previous post.  And I wonder who's voice mail got the message as we don't have an answering machine nor voice mail

We really love this water heater and have had no problems until  recently.

1 day ago
checking here first to see if anyone has tried this:

1) Wash the diaphragm clean by pumping pressurized water though the water
outlet (hot side) into the water heater  

What is not explained is if 'pressurized' water is just a faucet through a hose pressure? and if the water needs to be draining through another hose on the cold side while being run through the diaphragm?

We are having one of those series of breakdowns on 'stuff' so have not got back to this one as we can still get hot water.
Of course, the breakdowns are coinciding with company coming in a couple weeks

1 day ago