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Living in a small rural town after forty years in the woods......
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Ozarks zone 7 alluvial, clay/loam with few rocks 50" yearly rain
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Recent posts by Judith Browning

Thanks everyone!

Megan, those jars of salve are lovely

I just today gathered plantain leaves...only the narrow leaved one is prolific here so far.
Will dry them and try with olive oil this time.

Did you use mature seeds or green? Just the seeds or the whole seed head?
I'd like to try that also later on....thanks!
8 hours ago
My (dog?) poop seed persimmons are sprouting!
And so are the ones from a friends potluck...fresh from the persimmon spit into a cup.

First photo are the ones gathered in poop.
Second photo from fresh seed.

The fresh seed is popping up like crazy.

It's a race!

I need to decide where to plant them soon...two separate 'groves'.

I have no way of telling male from female until bloom so I'll plant lots and thin later.
2 days ago

Deane Adams wrote:
(I would put the sad yellow face here, if I knew how!)


Here you go Deane...
a colon then a left parentheses will do it.
Just be sure to uncheck the box that says disable smilies under options below the reply box before you submit

3 days ago
Called cranesbill or geranium.

We have that one and also the same selection of other plants in your photo.

Sweet little flowers on the cranesbill...easy to weed if it's in the way.
My rule of thumb is anything but bermuda grass is welcome
3 days ago

Paul...it must have been hard to open this door to the world...

I'm glad you did though.  There's a lot of compassion and good energy coming from this thread.

Following a plan that's best for you and your health and with an in house support group there at home base you're bound to succeed.

Permies has the most amazing staff these days at the forums...I think that alone is a blessing for you to be able to focus on healing.

Sending thoughts, prayers and all those good positive vibe things

John F Dean wrote:Hi Judith,

For many years I worked part time surveying mental health and related organizations. One in particular stands out because even though I was in suit and tie, cleanly shaved, etc, the CEO  quickly, and favorably, identified who I was.

But what was it exactly do you think? Something only readable face to face?

Back when we were doing large Craft Guild shows the article in the newspaper included a line that we were all enjoying flush toilets at the venue and all that implied...hahaha...and we all thought we were looking 'normal' in the big city...the fascination was actually with the glass elevators and escalators. ;)
4 days ago
Reminiscing about the 'old days' Steve and I were trying to remember how we met like minded folks back then.

Now, it seems that so many are expecting it to happen on line?

In the sixties and seventies that just wasn't an option yet we found each other..our 'people' I mean.

We were in a college town and that threw a bunch of us together near the same age with lots of concerts and protests...

And the back to the land movement just seemed to be in the air.
Networking face to face...

And what I realize now is stereotyping...recognizing folks by hair and dress as 'one of us'.

Even hitching cross country I recognized 'us'.

Is this sort of thing even possible now?
Meeting someone who knows someone who knows someone and you go live in a tent on their land?  Or wander a festival and go home with a family?

Some of the longest lived communes intentional living facilities sprang from those decades before the internet.  
How did that happen?

5 days ago
Those are great!  And fun!
We have an interum set up that will work for now and give us time to plan something nicer.

I have always wanted a 'Little Library' out front also and a give away stand for plants and produce...so this is kind of a first step in taking a visable stance.

The other day someone was asking where we lived and when I told them they said 'oh, the house with the flowers'! Made my day
1 week ago
Before we moved to town I burned them!
All my fussy records and graphs!

Too much record keeping was weighing me down and taking away some of the serendipitous pleasure in growing things.

This was as I approached seventy years old though.
The records/plans did serve a purpose for decades.

For the last several years I've been planting more when the moment feels right and from memory of past experiences...might even be as reliable as record keeping for me?
1 week ago