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just recently moved to a small rural town after forty years in the woods......
Arkansas Ozarks zone 7 alluvial,black,deep loam/clay with few rocks, wonderful creek bottom!
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Ben, Thanks! I believe what we have growing here is called 'common' bermuda grass and what we buy as hay is generally 'coastal' bermuda.  Animals we've had seem to love the hay and only nibble at the growing grass.  I'll have to check on further identification.

EDIT to add a link    https://www.feedipedia.org/node/471

We pass a yard full of kittens on our morning walk and one morning I saw that the owner had tilled up an area for what looked like a garden bed.  When I asked him he said it was for the cats to poop in, his garden was elsewhere.  They appear to be using it
5 days ago
Could someone who is able add this to 'pasture' and maybe 'plants' also? 
I still can't get the 'report' button to work when I'm on my tablet so couldn't ask that way.

Thank you!
Thanks Sarah and Wayne!

For years I have spent a lot of time studying  the threads here at permies on 'how to eradicate' bermuda and have just decided my time is better spent trying to embrace it until I have the area well planted in other things to shade it out.

Our son is hoping we get desperate enough for a cow.  There is someone here in town who has a dexter cow tethered out in the ditches a lot  but I don't want an animal on a tether...this one looks really healthy though.

I really want a pair of wool sheep again 

The area does have a mix of plants...chicory, clovers, dock, dandelion, lambs quarters, evening primrose, etc. It's just that this time of year Bermuda grass rules.

Christopher Hutchins wrote:

Joylynn Hardesty wrote:

Bryant RedHawk wrote:Those are assassin bugs, both an adult and probably her newly hatched brood. They will eat any squash beetles that they find, good critter in my book.

I went out this morning, with my soapy water, after reading this thread. Tada!!! My first ever seen Assassins!

Ninja Assassins! Yay! Now, I wanna keep 'em around, so... my neem oil should not be used near them. Right?

I'm starting to think that I was right in my guess that these are assassin look alikes. They don't look like they're spreading out for the hunt or trying to find something too hunt. They seem very happy to just congregate on any juicy bit of plant - zucchini, summer squash, cucumber, or peas.

Have you been able to get a look at their back legs to rule out a 'leaf footed' bug?  Do they all have a curve to their body like some in your photo?

This is why I tend to leave all bugs in my gardens and yard alone anymore and let them work out the balance without my intervention. 

Sarah Koster wrote:Sorry I don't know about bermuda grass, but won't the goats eat the trees and shrubby things you're planting?

Yes that's true Sarah, goats would love my trees and shrubs, even the jacob SHEEP we had were more goat like in their browsing habits and I have considered angora goats briefly.

I am asking about sheep breeds though rather than goats and I've been careful to plant trees where I can protect them even from the sheep.

The fenced in areas are mostly annuals/garden beds at the moment, open areas, and that is why the bermuda grass is encroaching.

We had two jacob sheep to do garden clean up and then go in the freezer.  They did a great job cleaning up all sorts of things but did not touch the bermuda grass.

We had a foster donkey here for a bit and he did some clean up...he seemed to love being hand fed fresh bermuda grass but didn't eat what was growing right in front of him.

I want to get a pair of sheep for fiber and in deciding what breed I would like to weigh in their interest in eating bermuda grass.

I'm planting trees and shrubby things as fast as I can...much of the grass is shaded out and more will be in the future but in the meantime I'd like to let something enjoy it.  It is really nice healthy bermuda grass.

I know rabbits like it so I've even considered angora rabbits although I'd much rather have angora goats.

This is on the edge of a small town...less than an acre and only two 50' X 50' areas fenced so far.

Any ideas would be much appreciated....I'm not going to fight this grass anymore  

They don't look like squash bugs to me...more like a leaf footed bug maybe?

The larger one on the left has a curved body that makes me think of an assassin bug...that would be a keeper IF it is one.

BT won't work for squash bugs and is indiscriminate in the caterpillars it kills so I never use it.

Squash bug young are really distinctive...pale grey and soft bodied with black legs. 
My browser on this tablet is internet explorer and maybe that explains it all?  I forgot that I hadn't switched this to firefox like my pc.  I had always planned to do that along with an upgrade to windows 10.  

Devaka Cooray wrote:

Judith Browning wrote:Since I couldn't do a screen shot here's a photo with my camera...the post I tried to 'report' was your 'bump' in this thread R so it looks covered completely by the white space. 

Did it give you a chance to enter your comment?

No, not at all...I click the 'report' button and immediately get the banner across the post.  Then I click 'OK' and it goes away and if I click the 'report' button again I get the banner again, etc.  I never get a box to enter a comment, always the white banner across the post that I have (tried to) reported.