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since Jun 21, 2012
Living in a small rural town after forty years in the woods......
Ozarks zone 7 alluvial,black,deep clay/loam with few rocks, wonderful creek bottom!
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I tried using this months ago...I like the idea a lot.
After setting it on a couple threads though, I could see the line that says 'ignored' in the list of recent topics whenever a new reply was posted and my curiosity would cause me to open the thread and peek at the new reply so in some ways it backfired for me.  Now I just try to go with my gut and if the title of a thread or memory of posts there cause uncomfortable feelings I most often attempt to walk on by.
Does anyone have preferences for which vaccine they get?
I always thought, if given a choice, I would choose the one Dr Faucci gets as he has a better sense of the big. long range picture concerning this virus.
1 day ago

I thought nanotech was still science fiction. Do they have functional nanobots?

Yes, that's what I thought!
A lot of science fiction becomes reality after some years so maybe it's happening ....I actually love the thought of tiny nanobots going through my body and 'fixing' things...how cool.

...and I am very happy that a vaccine is on it's way.
I've never had a flu shot, have always declined but this is different and much more important that there is a mass of folks getting immunized.

I will surprise my doctor as for years now, along with the flu shot, I've declined mammograms, colonoscopies and their 'wellness' programs where they tell me how I should be eating and exercising...they never ask how I do eat and exercise which is always so much better than their suggestions.

1 day ago
We have this one https://www.johnnyseeds.com/tools-supplies/bed-preparation-tools/broadforks/johnnys-520-broadfork-9677.html  whose round tines bent a lot in our rocky clay soil. I think they were removable/replaceable but would have to look to be sure? We did a lot of banging them back in line.

We later bought this one https://meadowcreature.com/collections/broadforks that has tines similar to those in your link.  It worked much better in our then rocky soil....but we moved to some land that was a black clay that was impossible except at a vary narrow moisture level window and then had to stand on it and wiggle it a long long time with every bite. The tines are not removable but I can't see them breaking or bending although I suppose someone with more strength than I could do it

Our son borrowed the second one and worked a lot of not so rocky new garden area with it.

1 day ago
My favorite this year is fuji...our apple trees are too young to bear yet so we buy what ever is organic in the stores.  Most of the time it is galas and sometimes expensive honey crisp.

This year and last we have been ordering from Azure in Oregon.  
They have the most delicious huge fujis and really every apple I've tried from them has been just wonderful.
We've ordered 60# of 'juice apples' for each of the last two months.
It is an odd assortment of organic culls but we have been able to find the fujis in the mix

I'm dehydrating a lot of them and the refrigerator is overflowing with fresh.
We each eat several a day and take the dried ones on hikes....and the supply will soon dry up.

I used to love sour apples, the sourer the better...not as much anymore.  
Now my favorites are the ones with complex flavors and some sweetness.
2 days ago
thanks everyone!

I'll pass ideas on to him and his wife....they have tried a few of them already and I think have resigned themselves to a long tedious job that will be worth it in the end.  

When our boys were young we had lots of 'tedious' things going.  
One project was a lot of old oak boards from tearing down a building...full of nails.
Pulling the nails was the easy part compared to straightening them for reuse...cans and cans of them.
They both helped and at the time had fun....that is my memory of course, I'll have to ask if that fits with theirs

2 days ago

There is so much that is worse than 'fishy' about what is being done to our societies .... and the average citizen does not have time to do the research, and SHOULDN"T HAVE TO, if TPTB are trustworthy.  It is certainly more comfortable to just 'go along', but things are getting waaaaay to crazy to continue floating, IMO.

Nancy, I wish there was some way to reassure you....

Things might appear more 'fishy' now because we see any and all sorts of thoughts and opinions on social media and on the news.  There is always something out there that seems to support whatever direction we lean.

My feeling is that much of the 'fishiness' has always been there...we are just more aware and have nonstop information available now whether it's true or false, good or bad, it's out there.  

I think it's important to take breaks from the news cycle...maybe regulate it to a few minutes a day from a trusted source or even a day or a week long news fast

as Trace says, there is just no way this could be a world wide coordinated elaborate exaggeration of illness and death....what purpose would that serve? ...to what end?

I appreciate those who take the pandemic seriously and try to control the spread.  I don't live in fear, just carefully...wearing a mask seems like such a easy thing to do and because I'm retired, fortunately I can easily avoid crowds, etc.

I hope by the time covid19 is over, fades on it's own, is wished away by all those 'thoughts and prayers', controlled by vaccines, or whatever.... we will have learned something positive about our own nature when it comes to world views and taking care of each other.

3 days ago
I recognize that the media can exaggerate and cause alarm depending on how they handle a story although I'm not ready to believe that so many professionals in the medical field have conspired against the world and are misleading us when it comes to this virus.  I actually do believe the 'numbers' of covid deaths and that there is a pandemic emergency the world over.  It is not the flu.

Personally I'm very thankful that my family and friends take the severity of this illness seriously and have helped my husband and I protect ourselves from exposure.  Saying that most of those who died have 'pre existing conditions' does not mean it is ok for them to die years earlier than they would have if they could avoid illness.  I have lung challenges...but I hike miles a week, eat well and at seventy will likely live a couple more decades so would really like to avoid an early death by a known senior citizen killer...even though I have a 'pre existing' condition or two does not mean I'm ready to go quietly

I think much of what is happening now is that a medical problem is being politicized in order to put the blame somewhere for political gain and in my mind that is what is getting in the way of solving the pandemic itself.  It is the same thing that gets in the way of solving world hunger and other humanitarian crises.

and in some ways I'm feeling the way I did during Vietnam.....my parents watched the news every night at supper and there were the numbers...every night, more and more, my peers, but on the news they were numbers and statistics  ...discussions were about acceptable casualties, for political positioning...not for the benefit of anyone other than politicians and so many young men dead who were considered expendable....sometimes I think I hear that same argument coming from certain politicians and their followers today except now it's the old and infirm rather than young boys and Vietnamese.

Nancy, It would be interesting to learn just why the article was pulled?  There have been articles that have been just made up to fit someones perspective, or for political gain...all kinds of reasons.  Without knowing I could not take it seriously.

4 days ago
I'm following all of this information closely from all of you...I knew there would be an abundance!

In the meantime, out of the blue, we get an offer from a relative for a desktop that is half the age of this one...a Mac.
From the little I've read I can use a linux OS on it also? Will wait until I have it on my desk and post the specifics here.

I've been playing at the site John W. linked to and have 'tried' a few.  
Interesting that they all seem to list floppy discs still and no mention of flash drives/usb? Is that something that we add ourselves when the system is set up? ...and as John mentioned, the cursor and all seems kind of glitchy and slow. Maybe the purpose of the test is only to show how things are laid out and what is available at desktop?

I have a spare flash drive so I might get brave enough today to attempt to download one of the systems onto it but have not chosen one yet.

I feel like I'm using all the wrong terms...this is like another language for me
4 days ago