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just recently moved to a small rural town after forty years in the woods......
Arkansas Ozarks zone 7 alluvial,black,deep loam/clay with few rocks, wonderful creek bottom!
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Philipp Mueller wrote:

r ranson wrote:There's a PIE feature that takes you to the last post you read in the thread.  You can activate it in your profile.  Would this help a little?

When you activate the email notification, it does the same thing. The link takes you to the last post in the thread. You still have to wait untill all the pictures are loaded, though. On my computer this is a minor problem, because once all the pichtures are in the cache, the next time it will be faster. But on my phone it is a real PITA.

There are certain picture/video heavy threads that I don't open any more also.  One of my favorites...the music thread    and I loved the garden pic one...

For some, that aren't so big though, I find that once it starts opening if I click on 'end' it seems to speed up all of that loading and jumps to the 'end'....not sure what happens but suddenly it's all there and I can scroll back up to find stuff or even go back up using 'home' and the photos are there.

This is on a pc in firefox...have never used a phone for the internet.
Here is a link to a great site for more information about all things madder (and many other natural dyes)...  Growing & harvesting Madder (Rubia tinctoria)

Close-up of cut madder roots -

Madder dye plants make one of the most light-fast of natural dyes that has been in use for thousands of years.

The fleshy swollen madder roots produce madder red dye which is sensitive to temperature and to the mineral content of the water. Alizarin is the main chemical compound in this important natural dye and produces the red colour.

1 day ago
One of my favorites...

1 day ago
I buy seed from https://www.richters.com/show.cgi?page=QandA/Growing/20080103-4.html

Madder is hardy for outdoor growing in USDA zones 4 to 10 (our catalogue says zones 5-10, but this is a bit out-dated)which means that it can take average annual minimum winter temperatures of minus 20 to minus 10 degrees Fahrenheit or minus 29 to minus 23 degrees Celsius. It should be able to tolerate summer heat up to zone 10. I presume your home does not get much, if any frost in winter, but probably gets lots of summer heat. Plant the madder in a shady spot, mulch well and keep moist to keep down the root zone temperature.

and I also buy from https://strictlymedicinalseeds.com/product/madder-rubia-tinctorum-packet-of-20-seeds-organic/

  Plant prefers very fast draining soil and full sun.  It is very drought tolerant and will thrive for weeks in a sunny, well-drained bed without any water at all.  Sow seed in fall or spring.  Sow 1/2 inch deep and tamp securely, then keep evenly moist and in the sun until germination, which may take up to 3 weeks.  The seeds may be sown in pots (3 per pot, thin to the best seedling) or direct seeded at 3 inches apart, then transplant or thin to 1 foot apart.  The plant will appreciate a trellis, mainly because this will give you, the gardener, space to cultivate around the plants, which stimulates them.

Both have had perfect germination.
2 days ago
I've been trying for years.

I find that it germinates easily and then grows wonderfully but overwintering here is iffy.

I have yet to get plants to survive to three or more years so that I can harvest roots.

Three out of four madder plants made it this winter, ones that I started last late winter...they were in all different spots in the yard and I think that made more difference than the straw mulch I covered them with.  There were more than that last summer but I lost track of where I planted them and gave a few away.

I have some just sprouted in pots from some old seed and I have fresh seed out to start some more today.

As I've said, I'm determined to grow this dye plant 

I'm adding a three of my older photos lifted from my more general dye plant thread https://permies.com/t/15888/fiber-arts/growing-harvesting-natural-dye-plants

flat of 2014 spring starts...weld, woad, madder and hopefully yellow senna....and a 'mystery' plant in the lower right of the flat.

madder taking off after winter dormancy

two year old madder flowering

Has anyone had success growing it long enough to harvest for dye?

2 days ago
No peaches this year...too many freezes after the bloom. 
I'll update this thread when I have some...

In the meantime if anyone wants to guide me through taking scions I would be happy to learn so I could share them rather than depending on fruit set.  I know it's late for this year but maybe I could take some cuttings when I prune next winter?
3 days ago
Chickweed?  Mine is a brighter green though...
4 days ago
Maybe related to the spam the other day?  I haven't looked at that page in awhile.


...and separately, it seems like the 'similar threads' list at the bottom of a new topic isn't relating well either lately?

Alex Jewell wrote: By the way, many years ago a Tuscaragus Elder (some folks called him a Medicine Man) told me the people would eat a little of the first poison ivy leaves in the Spring as an antidote to PI for that year.

Have always wondered if exposure therapy works for PI. Figured anyone nowadays is too leary to try, even with this doctor recommendation.

Will update...

This takes me back in time
My husband tried this, tiny bits daily...and then once ate too much.
Bad rash all over and maybe in the end it made him even more sensitive to poison ivy as he broke out systemically after eating cashew butter (a relative to PI) and seemed to break out all over his chest and arms if he was exposed to it indirectly while working in the woods.

On the other hand though, our boys were raised on goats milk...free range goats who ate plenty of poison ivy.  The boys never got a rash in spite of being exposed to it all around our 'yard' until we switched them to fresh cows milk when they were 10 and 13.
6 days ago
Devaka did something this morning to fix a similar glitch in the 'earthworks' forum as discussed in this thread https://permies.com/t/84494/Posts-coming-chinese-kanji#698863

I noticed my first page of recent posts had only a few left after the spam was deleted but then it gradually got longer...never thought to look at page two https://permies.com/t/84494/Posts-coming-chinese-kanji#698855