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Judith Browning

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since Jun 21, 2012
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bike chicken fungi trees urban woodworking
just recently moved to a small rural town after forty years in the woods......
Arkansas Ozarks zone 7 alluvial,black,deep loam/clay with few rocks, wonderful creek bottom!
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Jennifer Walton wrote:I am only finding the $30 link, not the $15 link. I am getting dizzy from going in circle!  I have bought into PIE btw.

Hi Jennifer and welcome to permies.

Try the link to buy at half price in this thread ; It's in the 'pie' forum so only those with pie can see it.

The thread we are in now is an old one where the price was $30...that's what I paid back in September when I posted above.
3 weeks ago

Ruth Cook wrote:Awesome thread! I’m trying to find Indigofera tinctoria seeds/plants (not persicaria or isatis) I’m not having any luck 😩 Does anyone know of any resources?

Hi Ruth...welcome to permies! has indigofera tinctoria seeds.    Their seeds are always good quality, I've grown a lot of them although not the indigo.

3 weeks ago
You know you're a permie when you are eating an abundance of romaine lettuce every day while the commercial stuff is being thrown out because of e coli contamination.
1 month ago

Anthony DiDonato wrote:I would Love some to plant here. I have been able to find a local source here. I can be reached via email at

They've been on the ground all winter one asked for any back in october when I posted so I didn't pick them up...I'm mowing over them and it looks like many of them have bug holes  through the pod into the seed.

I'll try  to pick up some fresh ones in the fall and post again here when I do.
1 month ago
Much to my surprise I found a few green peaches on the back side of this peach tree.  This is the same one I posted a photo of in full bloom back a post or two and then we had several nights in the's also the one that was never intended to stay in that spot but roots grew through the pot I set there temporarily and I ended up removing what I could of the pot and making a mound for the tree...

The fruit that set is on the back where (I'm assuming) the tree gained some protection from the buildings?  Not sure how long they will hang even in a good year there is a high percentage of drops.
1 month ago

Michael Cox wrote:I'd like to stress the importance of getting regular professional eye tests. If you don't know what is wrong then any kind of action is going to be - at best - a stab in the dark.

This thread is bringing up some excellent ideas and advice for eye health.

As Michael says though, don't neglect  regular professional eye tests.

...and if you know your family has a history of glaucoma don't hesitate to get regular pressure tests and the peripheral vision exam that can tell you if you are losing optic nerve function...

I let my exams go for a number of years...when I caught up I found I had a lot of optic nerve damage due to glaucoma along with way past due cataracts.

Cataract removal and lens implants gave me perfect straight ahead vision without glasses for the first time since third grade....amazing how sharp and colorful everything was and still is after those surgeries...the loss was so gradual over years I was becoming used to it.

On the down side glaucoma took away enough of my peripheral vision that I can't drive anymore (and we finally have a hybrid car that is a joy to drive).

I think all of the advice given in this thread is great, I would just add in an occasional visit to an ophthalmologist 

1 month ago
Playing the random topic number game started by Nicole....entered 7777 and this thread popped up...quite timely for my area and not too far off month wise.

Apparently I liked it the first time around also
1 month ago

Anne Miller wrote:I had been wearing the same pair of earrings for about 10 years.  I took them out because I was afraid they were old and would break.

I have lots of earrings that I cannot wear do to the fact that they make my ears itch and swell.    I am afraid to buy more earrings even though they say they are 14k gold.  I have even bought some of these "gold" earring that I could not wear.

Has anyone found a solution?

Can you wear silver?  I wear small cheap silver hoops constantly until they wear out after many years and then I buy another pair of cheap ones...less than ten dollars cheap. They have the fastening method where the skinny wire fits into the 'tube' of the hoop.  I've lost a couple recently when I take off a t-shirt over my head and the hoop goes flying, so right now I have one from two dif. pairs in and they are slightly different sizes. 

I've never worn gold...I notice that silver stays shiny in my ear but put away tarnishes.  I think some are allergic to silver as you seem to be to gold?
1 month ago

I'm leaning toward Fairy Grove Creations or Craftings, but I don't know if Creations is too bland, or if Craftings sounds too magical. Workshop just sounds a bit too toy-specific.

I like the sound of 'Fairy Grove Creations' a lot and 'Alder Grove Creations' also.

Both leave room for all sorts of creative expression. 

I would avoid the word 'crafting' in the 'brand' at least, but only because in my mind it leads to 'crafter' and that word has always lowered expectations for me.  My preference is 'craftswoman' 'craftsman' or 'craftspeople' and 'handcrafted'.

I'm so happy you are pursuing this... no limits to your creativity

Wonderful work!
1 month ago
These are our old homestead garden dry stack terraces/retaining walls that Steve built back in the seventies over a period of several years.  They will last forever although his back did not.

Beautiful and long lasting as these terraces are all I can think about when I look at them now is the back surgery he is having in june...lumbar fusion complete with metal parts and bone grafts....due to this and all of the other hard work he did over the past forty years.

1 month ago