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chicken fiber arts fungi
just recently moved to a small rural town after forty years in the woods......
Arkansas Ozarks zone 7 alluvial,black,deep loam/clay with few rocks, wonderful creek bottom!
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got your email and when I clicked on the link I could see the photo spread in the first post above this time....before, when I looked at this thread there was the link to buy for a dollar.  Thanks!

I didn't see any new private forums...maybe because I was already in 'r's writing room'?

...and I don't see a way to buy the 'toss a fleece' photos (as Nina mentioned) in the post now that the photos are there.

Do you want them to have the wooden heads like their last ones, or the felted heads that I've started doing?

I'm happy leaving that up to you Nicole

I spent so many years weaving production items for sale that I know what a relief it is to just play and be creative for the sake of creativity and not feel like a customer is sitting on your shoulder while you are working.  Please just enjoy what you do and let it be fun as that is what comes across in your work...I'm sure they will love the results.

...and I love that second fairy 'shelf' you've posted above...I'll have to look through the scrap wood pile and see if there's anything I can come up with.  Something to hang on the wall is what I'm thinking.
22 hours ago
I really love these fairies!

Just sent off an order to you for the great grandkids through the mail...your choice of color and style, etc. just something different from the last ones.

I'm still trying to come up with a display or something for their collections...I keep thinking a tree shape of some sort, maybe to hang flat on the wall?  I'm not as energetic about making gifts anymore so I'll have to keep it simple.

Your work is so lovely and fun!
Just buy organic....many times bulk organic oatmeal is less than off the shelf boxed stuff anyway....same with most other grains and beans.
And even if it's not cheaper it's well worth it to know you are eating something without the 'additives'.
It's time to boycott those contaminated products completely.
2 days ago

Michael Moreken wrote:Saw at least 2 garlic shoots about an inch high, that classically will get nailed by the 21°F we are due tonight.

Garlic can survive those temperatures.  Other things might not, but garlic shoots and their rooted cloves are quite cold resistant.

Unless 'silver white' is much more cold sensitive than other varieties I think it will be fine.
I"ll wait until the other post is fixed then so I don't usurp that information. 
I was just pasting the relevant quote from S's link....didn't really have anything new to add.

haha...I finally got a message from gir bot

Because I quoted someone's post who had only posted a link so was thought to be spam. 

It was not.  It was a link to Richter's, one of the best seed companies around.... https://www.richters.com/Web_store/web_store.cgi?product=X8051-200&show=&prodclass=Herb_and_Vegetable_Seeds&cart_id=111.100

The link added important information to the thread.

I love that earthy flavor also!  I rarely have a good crop but I keep trying.
My favorite way to cook is in a clay cooker in the oven, plain trimmed up unpeeled whole beets with a bit of water...slip the skins and then maybe some balsamic vinegar, but usually just plain warm or cold.  The greens are wonderful.

Growing up (50's and 60's) mom cooked beets with some kind of cornstarch thickener that was sweetened and maybe a little vinegar?  I didn't realize how wonderful they tasted until I grew my own.  Same with sweet potatoes...I think a lot of kitchens ruined sweet potatoes forever for some when they were only made into an overly sweet dish topped with marshmallows....the plainer the better for me.

Dan Boone, I wonder if I should apologize for my back to the land generation to you?  Our sons have some similar stories ...many of their close friends are children of that era though so they have become a 'tribe' in themselves...lots in common.
There was not the easy availability of shared information back then and we many times had to just dig in and wing it for better or worse......
1 week ago