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Living in a small rural town after forty years in the woods......
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Ozarks zone 7 alluvial,black,deep clay/loam with few rocks, wonderful creek bottom!
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The 'cake box' is the small paper box in the photo, not a tin. It was traditionally sent home with a small piece of cake from the wedding...although it's possible grandma just brought the box home with no cake

I'm not sure how this was stored previously but I've had it in a small drawer in an old desk...no light but also no moisture control.

I'll check out the archival supply link next time on wifi...thank you paul

UV protective glass is something I'm not familiar with...would be useful for many things that I'm framing.

From what I learned about mounting pressed leaves and flowers from our hikes, linen and cotton cloth were acid free. I wonder, though, if water used to wash them could change the acidity?
2 weeks ago
Thanks everyone   
Great suggestions!

I really like the shadow box idea with a linen cloth covered board for mounting. 

I happen to have a lot of thrift store frames and some are matching so that I might be able to hinge them and make a deeper frame/box somehow.

No museums near by but one of the local libraries might have suggestions.

There is what looks like one small hole that could have been bug damage so definitely want to avoid any more.

2 weeks ago
Thanks Megan!
That's just the sort of thing I'm wondering about.  Do you suppose there should be an air gap between the mittens and the glass?

I have a lot of well washed old linen from my collection when I was doing a lot of natural dyes...maybe even a piece from grandma that might work?
She did a bit of handwork but mostly was the grandma who raised bees, hatched out eggs for the community in her parlor, hitched up and drove a horse and buggy to teach school after her college degree...and when she moved to town brought her sheep along to trim her grass....my mom, of course, was embarrased by her but her life has always fasinated me.
2 weeks ago
These mittens belonged to my maternal grandmother...they've been stored rolled up in this little cake box from her best friends wedding for decades now.  The handwriting is hers.

I would like to find a better way to preserve them to pass on to family one day...possibly framed under glass?

It feels like a deer skin, maybe sheep or goat? Very soft still.  The seams are machine stitched and the ribbon stitched by hand...and there's that bit of sweet embroidery on the back of each.

I might press the ribbon and stuff them lightly with something?

Any ideas?

I know I could just pass on the cakebox as it's done the job so far...but it just seems so fragile and delicate.
2 weeks ago
When I'm browsing thread titles for something to read here I often spot one and think "that's gotta be Pearl's"  

Your description of that dream melon is absolutely delicious sounding!
3 weeks ago

what we hope for together

is better than fighting

over what we believe separately.

~Steven Charleston

(1949 to pres., Choctaw Nation elder, poet, Episcopal bishop)
3 weeks ago

"Life is a series of choices

and sometimes your only choice

is what your attitude will be."


(685-763, Buddhist monk and poet)

4 weeks ago

Annette Jones wrote:I am uncertain as to what it is that needs editing in my comment.

Can I please get some help as to what it is that is objected to so I can edit my post in Breathing.

If it's the last reply in that thread it looks as though it just needs your reply adjusted so that it is outside of the part quoted from others?
I wouldn't describe the leaf flavor as like mustard...it's much milder and when chopped and added to a salad or hot dish really not distinguishable.

We've only eaten the leaves and chewable stems and have heard conflicting info about the roots edibility so have not tried them.  

I think it's well worth growing even if we had to buy seeds every year
3 months ago