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My suggestions for slowing cars are :-

1   (to local councils) leave roads in slightly poorer condition, and thereby also save money spent on repairs
2   (to drivers and passengers) think of a few topics of conversation to pass the extra time spent during journeys
3   (to drivers and passengers) put on your favourite CD, and/or rehearse your tenor solo for the coming production of 'The Pirates of Penzance', or otherwise
4   (to drivers and passengers) leave the house earlier

Clive Winbow
11 months ago

Alison Thomas wrote:In another thread about phosphorous, this came up and I'd like to know more.

If urine and ash are acid and alkaline, would they balance each other out if mixed?

I'm curious about useage because we generate a lot of woodash from our woodburning range that's on about 10 months of the year. In the beginning someone told me that you could just add it to the compost heap so I did with disastrous consequences - lots of killed plants - so now I don't add it.  In fact, I've become scared of it  ops:

We don't have anywhere under cover to keep it so it goes in a pile on a piece of plastic and is covered by another piece of plastic but somehow the rain gets in. Does that render it useless?

Ash - How much to put around trees and when?

Can I add some ash to our composting loo pile? If so, what sort of ratio.  Actually, now that I've written that it's made me think..., can you use ash as a sawdust replacement in a non-separated composting loo (that would be an ideal use if possible).

Dear Alison

I would like to know more about this topic, ie combating high pH ash with horse manure (which has a lot of urine). what were your conclusions, please?
Clive Winbow
4 years ago
I want to make water bowls from old paper/cellulose to put in the garden for birds, but termites will probably eat them. what natural product (plant oil?) can i mix with the paper mash to deter them without killing?
7 years ago