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West Yorkshire, UK
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What would the fruits be used in?  Salads, sweets?  
3 weeks ago
So you sprayed the wood of the coop, is that right?  How's it smelling now?
3 weeks ago
We had our mature (probably around 25 years old) sycamore cut down almost two years ago, and it's trying to do the same as yours.  I hated that tree:  we have a small garden in a small rural village, and it cast so much shade, but the worst thing was the seedlings.  Hundreds of seedlings all over the garden every year, with me trying to hoe them where possible, but mostly having to pull them up one by one.  I even had to pull some up this year.  

Now it's trying to grow back like a mega hydra:  forty heads growing where one was cut off.  Still, I guess keeping it coppiced will keep us well stocked in kindling.
3 weeks ago
There's a couple of blogs I like which are dedicated to refashioning. isn't active but she has a big back catalog, and still updates occasionally.  They've both given me ideas about sewing and altering clothing.  

I've done a little of my own refashioning.  I buy silk clothing from charity shops without trying it on, as I know I can make it into something else if it doesn't fit.  I bought a too small strapless silk dress--even if it were my size I wouldn't have worn something so skimpy.  I took the skirt section and made it into a maternity top.  Then a year later I altered it further to be a non-maternity (i.e. smaller) top.  

I actually have a too big strapless silk dress in my wardrobe now, but still ruminating on possibilities for that one.
3 weeks ago
When I decided to try cutting my own hair, I turned to youtube, and have tried various methods to get a straight cut, but haven't been successful.  Layers were the big hairstyle when I was a teenager, and I have an involuntary horror of that time period;  I saw a woman older than me dressed in the current 80s throwback fashion, and I could only think:  you lived through it the first time, you should know better!

But yeah.  Haircuts.  Since I couldn't do a straight cut myself, I decided I would rather be a pathetic 90s throwback than go to the hairdresser (top tip for ladies who hate hairdressers:  go to the barber instead--quicker, cheaper, and no forced chat about your personal life).  I now cut my own hair about once a year, using the ponytail method.  

I have medium length hair, and to be honest I much prefer short hair, pixie style.  Except short hair doesn't stay short and I don't have the inclination (or patience) to maintain it myself.
3 weeks ago
I get these on my small willow, though I haven't particularly noticed them yet this year (haven't looked either).  Last year there were a lot of ladybirds and larva on the willow, and the wasps were very interested towards the end of the season too, but I'm not sure if they were collecting aphids or just honeydew.  I cut my willow every year for basketry, and I haven't noticed any real detrimental effect.  Not even cosmetic damage.
3 weeks ago
Hi Charli, I would suggest a Morello cherry tree, which apparently don't mind some shade.  I've got one which I'm trying to fan train against a fence (it was moved there a few years ago and is still recovering--last summer didn't help).  Mine's a mini dwarf and I prune it once a year, usually July after I harvest, though I do have to net it against birds.  However, having it small and against the fence makes netting pretty easy, and the fruit is wonderful cooked.  Cherry crumble, anyone?
Hi I just wanted to add that some brassicas are biennials, but mainly don't try to collect seed from more than one type at once;  broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and so on will cross easily and the resulting offspring are most likely to be less desirable than the parent plants: a cabbage that makes tiny spindly "broccolis" instead of heading up, for example.
I made jam with fruit from a local bullace tree, like a damson.  It was too much work for me, picking all those tiny fruits and then straining out the seeds.  Even normal sized plums are fiddly!

Your jam looks gorgeous though.  Is it a bit tart like redcurrant jam then?  Or is it good on toast too :)
1 month ago
I hope to try sprouting fodder this winter.  In the meantime, I ferment my chickens' scratch grains (corn and wheat), which they love.  I find it pretty easy to put grain in a container, cover it with water for about three days, and then dump it in the chicken yard--and they go crazy for it.
1 month ago