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Recent posts by Brenda Groth

Picked a lot of them, may get more before squirrels finish
6 years ago
My 2017 harvest.
6 years ago

Brenda Groth wrote:I searched but didnt' find a hazelnut thread so I thought I would start one.

3 or 4 years ago I planted 6 hazelnuts and a neighbor planted 2. Mine were 4 from one nursery and 2 from another, just sticks.

Well they grew like wildfire and even with the drought we had this year, 4 of the 6 have nuts on them. I was so thrilled to see the pretty soft green clusters of moist nuts, just babies but already the size of marbles, and a real promise of proteins growing on my property.

I have read about hazelnuts and I have read that you can eat them in the unripe green stage and that they should be eaten with a bit of salt, or you can wait for them to fall free from the husks and dry them and eat them the usual way.

As I have never had a fresh hazelnut this is all new to me, but I'm loving the idea that i have a chance to try fresh hazelnuts off my own trees. There won't be a lot but there are more than I figured I'd get in only a few years, so I'm happy. I figure I'm going to have to find a way to protect them from the browsers, i'm thinking that as they begin to ripen I might wrap something around the clusters to deter racoons and squirrels. Our squirrels are well fed in the front yard and the red oaks are loaded with acorns this year, so I'm  hoping they'll not really pay attention to the hazelnuts which are out of that area, but I'm going to keep an eye on them anyway.

I want them for me.

I am hoping to get a crop from all of my nut trees before I die (2 black walnuts, 1 carpathian walnut, 1 butternut, 2 heartnut, 6 hazelnuts, 2 sweet chestnut, 1 hardy almond and 2 hickory) but most of them are all still babies less than 5 years this years baby hazelnuts is a hope and a promise to me.

Am posting this thread for a hazelnut discussion and even open to recipes and storage ideas, etc.. Wish I had a bunch of those mesh onion bags to tie around them, but don't..but i'll have my thinking cap on and am open to ideas.

6 years ago
some of our neighbors have chickens which I babysat when they were gone in the past..but..I've never had my own. I would love to have chickens but my husband doesn't want me to have them. He had to take care of hundreds of chickens when a little boy
8 years ago
I just spent the last week and a half moving the waterfall off of the island to the clay bank on the SE side of my pond..i put photos on my is a link to them.
9 years ago
Have not yet purchased any more silicone cookware than 2 spatulas, but have had concerns about them..guess that might be why I haven't gotten any YET..and may not..Was thinking of those for over glass bowls in the microwave, the covers..but haven't gotten those either.

I do use silicone caulk occasionally in building projects however
10 years ago
I'm thinking of building a 2nd greenhouse, this one off of my garage with a door inside the garage out to having to shovel out the greenhouse in the winter.

the greenhouse I have now I find it difficult to get to when we have several feet of snow, too hard to shovel to..but with a door into the garage that would solve that problem

I have a SE wall of the garageg and I have 2 6' sliding doors double pane and 2 6' w by 5' high double pane sliding I could build a 6x12 addition to the side of the garage for a greenhouse, there is a 3' overhang eave so it would only have half of it glazed..i'd buy double wall polycarbonate for the roof beyond overhang..and i have a spare all glass storm/screen door to put access into garage..this is a plan..i could fit a 4x8 at least raised bed inside the greenhouse with a 2' path on 3 side for good access..and set some pots on the paths.
10 years ago
totally LOVE mushrooms but son doesn't and he eats supper with us daily..but I'm waiting on a good morel crop this year as we have had a cold wet winter
10 years ago
Thanks for the welcome back..I've been around but my computer was crap..Now my son bought me a cell signal booster so I can get 4 bars on my phone in my house rather than 0 to 1..and my phone is my modem for my computer.

I love being able to use my computer more again..but alas still way busy ..i want to get some updates on my blog soon as well

Yes it is a disease problem,and I THOUGHT it was months with R's but I wasn't sure..we have some HUGE rabbits here ! (cottontails)
10 years ago
wonder if you could make potato gnocchi from it?
10 years ago