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Recent posts by Elisabeth Van Camp

Yes I am interested.
I have listened to 50% of podcasts.
I can take leave from work. Best time for me is late summer or early fall before flu season, I am a registered nurse.
I can travel to Montana--would love it--and get out of Las Vegas at the same time.
I would like a longer teaching time- 5 days.
I can sleep in a tent--or will sleep in the back of my truck. I snore terribly so it wouldn't be fair to make anyone try to share with me.
I have enough money to pay for anything I really want.
I am interested in ponds and berms. And anything for arid high desert. I have a small holding in Albuquerque
7 years ago
no problems Firefox. I am not a computer geek so that is all I can offer. Hope I helped with the world of Wheaton.

Wyomiles Hogan wrote:WOW, living and working in the garden of eden !

Wow is right. I speak some German and the translation also intrigued me. there were several places that Sepp was really off the wall and the translator calmed down the language. LOL. He talked about napping on spots on his land that had a special power. He said that some of his most important decisions were made in his dreams. Wow--he said the land spoke to him. He said that sometimes he was drawn to take a nap by a spring, sometimes a certain rock. He really talked to his pigs like they were people. There was one pig that he was a little afraid of--he called him the boss.
[size=18]Would it be possible for us to start a Permies.com Club? Everything wold stay the same on the site, but we could join the club for $30.00 a year. This would give us special privileges like ---huckleberry pie recipes, the honor os saying we belong to the club, a piece of paper sent electronically of course that proclaims we are part of the club. I always wanted to be a part of the club. And all proceeds go to Paul. I hated that he spends money to keep this site going. that is wrong. Elisabeth[size=18]
Dear Paul. Dog gone it I missed the pie. All is well that ends well according to the bard. Please take a moment and view Mr.Rogers at the bottom of this page, it warmed my heart. elisabeth
8 years ago

bunkie weir wrote:

Elisabeth Van Camp wrote:Dog gone it. I wanted pie.

me too!

Wow that was the most fantastic video ever!! thank you thank you!!

8 years ago
Dog gone it. I wanted pie. I am a woman and I did not listen to the last pod. We were warned it had the scientific names for body parts and as a Nurse I get enough of that. If I haven't perfected my technique by now then I will never learn. To only be fair there should be a podcast on men peeing in the frozen wind or something. Un subscribing is silly. Yes I understand that it really has nothing to do with Permaculture, but that is the fun of this site. You just never know what will happen. So here is my meaningless drivel. Mr Rogers says its OK and we know with his green sweater he is the bomb.
I wake up in the husp area at the first break of dawn. We have three seekers in the Wipi this month. Ann who has stage IV bone cancer, Mike who is severely asthmatic and Terry who suffers severe depression. They have all tried "modern Medicine" and its has failed them. I do my morning meditation, welcoming the sun and being grateful for what I have. I am so glad we have stainless steel pots, pans, utensils, axes, tools of all kinds. I check on Ann, she is still sleeping, praise God. She usually needs comfrey tea every fours hours with the paregoric I make in the stainless steel still. I simply distill the poppy seed in the solar heater and use a few drops of that in her tea. I massaged her back with the deer tallow ( it has crushed juniper berries, mint and lavender in it) last night and she slept the whole night this time. I do want her to be mostly pain free, she needs her rest to heal. She claims that her pain is better controlled here than it ever was in the hospital. l go down to the spring ( another thing I am grateful for) and get two buckets of water, the men usually do this but they are out hunting and will not return until they have success. I take one of our wine bottles that has juice from the bear berries--we keep them down here in the cold water so they don't ferment so quickly. when they start to ferment I put St John's Wort in a bottle and that is what Terry sips on during the day. she probably doesn't need it, as I think getting away from harmful chemicals and getting enough sunshine will build her serotonin naturally. I certainly hope the men get an elk this time. Bows and arrows are all they have since Ray's crossbow broke just before they took off. . oh glorious to have real meat for a change instead of the jerky stew we have had this last month. I can feel winter coming and we will need more hides with fur for Ann. I use the stone mache to grind the corn we will have for breakfast, nothing like a fresh corn tortilla to go with our eggs. Of course hot breakfast will wait until the solar cooker is hot enough. For now we will have tortillas from yesterday with pine nuts, ground cherries and softened jerky( I love rosemary in mine, Mike gets lung-wort and cilantro in his.). I look over at the medicinal herb garden and see that the garlic is ready, will pull that today, dry for a couple of days and then braid for the winter. Everything is about preparing for winter here. ......to be continued.
8 years ago

Allibeth Cohen wrote:9. Please contact me when this is going to happen! (c;

i am at a 7--more info would be needed. I am a Certified Hospice Registered Nurse and have been drawn to the HUSP portion of the vision. I can see this as a paradise for those who are ill, recuperating, and healing. I would like to have the option to take a break, (Maybe) in the permaculture area--is this possible or must one permanently stay in one area? I have all skills needed, I think. Also, I am a fast learner.
8 years ago