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Pediatrician with a Master's Degree in Nutritional Sciences. Moved to Portland, Oregon in the summer of 2013. Took Geoff Lawton's first online PDC in 2014.
Moved from south central WI to Portland, OR
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Recent posts by Julia Winter

Friendly cows:
5 hours ago
I just made some very nice morel pizza in my rocket oven last week!

5 hours ago
So, last week I found a HUGE morel mushroom.  This is sadly the first time I've ever actually found a morel, and it was in my back yard, growing out from under a piece of cardboard "mulch."

This calls for a pizza! I brought the giant mushroom and other fixin's out to the farm. The pizza oven is still working, although the decorative aspects are still not finished.  Time to start the fire.

Then it's time to make a morel and salami (and sweet potato) pizza.  Oh yeah, it had pesto and pumpkin sauce to boot.

Into the oven with you.  We got the oven to 500 degrees, but couldn't get past that.  I need some very dry wood (water boiling out of the ends of the sticks is a bad sign).

And, just a few minutes later - delicious pizza.  I made two pizzas, with very similar ingredients since they were so delicious.  
Yummy pizza!

As you can see, the mosaic for the front piece is grouted, and I've ground away a bit of tile so the door opens, but the framing is still not in place, the sides aren't tiled and the J-tube has not yet been cobbed.  
5 hours ago
In our area, cattle are less likely to be lost to predators than sheep or goats.  Also, cattle seem more resistant to parasites, although I could be wrong about that.
3 days ago
If you can find a bunch of organic lemons, this recipe will use a dozen yolks (6 whole eggs, 6 yolks) and the curd freezes really well.

Meyer lemons are the yummiest, but it works with regular lemons.  They need to be organic because you're using the peel.

My kids loved "chocolate cloud cookies," which was basically whipped egg whites with cocoa powder and powdered sugar, baked in smallish glops on a cookie sheet. That's what I did with the extra egg whites.  You know, I probably added a bit of salt in there as well - chocolate tastes better with salt.  I wonder how honey interacts with whipped egg white??
3 days ago

Chinese tomato and egg is basically lightly scrambled eggs with tomato and scallions, but look how yummy!
3 days ago
I give this book 10 out of 10 acorns.  This is a book I plan to buy in bulk and hand out to friends, family and strangers. I don't have a "little library" in front of my house, but I think I may be sticking them into other people's little libraries!

The world is burning, and it's hard to know what to do.  Watching the news just makes you depressed and angry.  Getting angry at bad guys doesn't accomplish much.  This book is full of practical things you can do today to make a difference in your life and in the world.

We need to get the word out, and this book will be a tool in that process.  Onward!

1 week ago

John C Daley wrote:So how are the plans going?

I wasn't presenting a plan, I was putting an idea out into the world.  It's a good idea, but I'm working (more than) full time right now plus managing my household and more.

Feel free to take this idea and run!

It's so frustrating to hear people talk about how we need to decrease livestock to save the world.  In brittle dry environments, inside a ruminant is the only place wet enough for the microbial magic that leads to rich soil.
1 month ago

paul wheaton wrote:
I think we might be allowed to add about ten more characters.    So what might be wording that express what is there and say "or mix and match!"   Maybe just add ", or a combo" ??  Maybe "or 6 and 18" ...

Anything I try seems to add confusion rather than clarity.  Suggestions?

What if it said "12 Physical Copies, 36 eBook Gift Codes, or a mix of each!"
1 month ago