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Walter Jeffries uses fruit trees in his permaculture inspired hog farm in the mountains of Vermont.  He uses double fence lines so the trees themselves are protected. Here, check out his description from his excellent website:

We have a lot of apple trees out in the pastures, primarily wild. Both pigs and chickens enjoy the drops.

One of my long term goals is to plant thousands more apple and pear trees in double fence lines between the paddocks. The fences arranged such that they keep the larger animals off the fruit tree root zones but smaller animals can creep in to eat up the fallen fruit. As the trees grow they’ll extend outward over the paddocks dropping fruit for the larger animals too.

These reserve areas are also good places to plant forages that spread their seed into the pastures to automatically reseed the paddocks annually.

4 days ago
Hey there, anything new with the house for winter 2018?
1 week ago
I'll share that back when I tried to feed my hens comfrey, they refused to eat it.  Other people say their chickens love it.  So, there's variation in acceptance.

I find the real value of comfrey is chop-n-drop to feed my fruit bushes and trees.  I'll harvest it 4 times a year at least.
1 week ago
Yes, I think the frame can be built of wood, as long as things are well supported and also shielded from heat.

We built our heat riser from brick, and the plan is to cob over the outside of the whole thing.  To be more precise, the plan is to wrap it in chicken wire and then cob over it, incorporating the chicken wire that is all across the bottom of the frame, to keep out critters.
1 week ago
I can't see the images - can you try again?

(Another way to add an image to your post is to click on the "Attachments" tab below the white text box in the reply page.  For me, I need to export a photo from iPhoto (or, it's just called "Photos" now) and put it into a folder I've called Internet Images.  Then after I click on the Attachments tab, I click on Browse and find the file for my photo.)

This places the photos at the end of your post, with the title/file name visible at the top.  It also gives your photos a home on the internet without using a photo hosting service.  You can collect the URL for the photo by right-clicking, and then you can place it in some other post if you want to, using the [ Img ] button that's at the top of the reply page.
2 weeks ago
And then finally, it was finished.  OK, it's not really finished.  It needs to be attached to the rocket stove frame, and I plan to grout it after it's up.  I'm thinking I will stain the grout blue.  I was surprised how much a few rows of bland colored tile brought the brightness of the whole thing down:
2 weeks ago
Then I had to squeeze a bit of thinset mortar onto the back of each and every tile:
2 weeks ago
I've got good news!  I finished the mosaic for the front panel.  It was a while ago.

First, I had to cut lots of tiles into pieces (you score them with this tool, then use another tool to break along the score line):
2 weeks ago