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Recent posts by amelia Feierabend

what im seeing here is other practical ways that i can use this magnifier - im imagining all the free heat i can get off it on a mn winter... and to think- i had one and got rid of it! 😳
wonderful! this is how we learn- when children sit at the feet of their elders and hear their experiences!!! old people should never underestimate their value just because they lose physical ability!!!

outside of termites..... how would this be built in Minnesota? rain while building....rodents? this would be so interesting to do! in our area people fo this on a smaller scale by wrapping their houses and trailerhouses in a row or 2 of bales every year for winter... but remove them because of rodents.....
1 year ago
how is this possible - today i have received not one but 2 emails from bot takeovers!!! (and the day has just begun!)  how is this little gir bot and autobot (below) related to the midiocre bot from is this national bot take over day? wait! its april fools!! 😳 i better prepare myself!
so i always fought with my garden.... still do where i havent been diligent- but where i have had time to implement it, this video on youtube- back to eden gardening has been very helpful!!!
1 year ago

Jami McBride wrote:Want to conserve on TP - then why not washable rags?  Cheep washcloths can be found at discount stores and garage sales, cut up into one-use sizes and washed/reused.

These can be misted with a spray bottle for a wet-wipe functionality.

The wash water can then be applied to ones compost or trees if proper natural soap is used.

My response:

we started using cloth about 2 years ago- in conjunction with tp and our composting toilet- big savings- people think we are nuts too- but we just bought 3 -10 packs of colored washcloths at walmart 5$/pk cheapest tp we ever bought - 1 small load a week and they double as feminine pads as needed- if we got more still would be same 1 load maybe every 2 weeks- YES has saved us

2 years ago
-i think i would like to be a wolf- because i like rare venison- esp out of season - and protected-
-what i prob would end up being is a cow or goat -just cause.
- what i would never want to be is a chicken- ouch!

3 years ago
You mean i could win a copy of Serious Microhydro" by Scott Davis just for posting meaningless drivel? Now THAT is a joke!!
7 years ago
I live in rural mn and a neighbor of mine has built with cordwood. I am interested but concerned about the changing weather and wood " breathing" with the seasons and how it holds up long term. Winter leaves the wood dry exposing cracks that are filled but the summer season pressures out the fillings... Any suggestions?
7 years ago
we have had a bucket for over 8 years now and are very satisfied. We built a bin outside ( nowhere near our well) that we empty every fall onto our field. ( this may sound gross but I see the pumper truck down the road doing the same thing with fresh uncomposted stuff on a neighboring pasture...) We do not separate 1 and 2. we also have a steady family of 10 ( previously 13) with friends and neighbors arriving regularly. The bucket consists of a framework with hole cut in board for a standard $2.50 store bought 5 gallon pail to which a standard toilet seat is attached. No liners. We use sawdust from my husbands band saw cause its light and cheap. This is stored in a bin which is built next to the toilet. We empty it once a day but for ease in carrying when i get older i would empty it prob at about half full... and by that time it will prob still be once a day...smell is no worse than a regular flusher... sometimes better when we have cedar sawdust. Having used this toilet we find it awkward at how loud a regular toilet is when we are in a store... and it certainly cut our electric bill as we dont run the water pump for gallons upon gallons of perfectly clean water down the drain.
8 years ago