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I live on a small acreage near the ocean and amidst tall cedars, fir and other trees.
I'm a female "Jay" - just to avoid confusion.
Pacific Wet Coast
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Recent posts by Jay Angler

A friend gave me a lightly used cotton long-sleeved knit shirt that was damaged and she didn't like the pattern on the back anyway. It had knit/pearl edging at both the neck and wrists. I had old undies I used as a pattern and I hand-stitched it with a stretch stitch, using slices of the edging as the edging at the legs and did a casing at the waist. I used some elastic I had on hand for inside the casing, so it won't biodegrade, but it's easy to remove. Since then I visited my favorite fabric shop bought cotton swimsuit elastic so I think it's completely biodegradable.

Either way, I got two yellow pairs out of the shirt mentioned, been wearing them and they're quite fine. Same friend gave me a second dark green cotton shirt and I'm partway through stitching them.

What I particularly like is that the cotton shirts were quite a heavy-weight cotton. Most of the undies I've seen in shops lately are much lighter cotton and often have other stuff added to it. I also like the idea of upcycling material that would have been trashed, and yet is perfectly functional still.
5 hours ago
Be patient with geologists,
they all have their faults.
8 hours ago
The plague, the flu, and common cold walk into the room.
I asked, "What is this? Some kind of sick joke?"
8 hours ago
What do you call a snowman on rollerblades?

A snowmobile.
8 hours ago
Hubby says he can't say just from the pictures, but here are some tests you can do:
1. Some lugs are all copper, and some are copper-plated steel and the way to tell is with a magnet.
2. Some wires are all copper, and some are copper-plated aluminum. The way to tell that is to strip off a bit of the insulation at one end, spread out the strands of the wire, and hold a lit match under it. Copper will be fine. Aluminum will melt. Pure copper wire will have a larger current carrying capacity.
3. Carefully look at the wire to see if the gauge or square millimeters of size is stamped on to the insulation anywhere. You can't tell the conductor size by the outside measurement because you don't know how thick the insulation is.
4. If you're buying any electrical equipment or parts online from a discount provider, you need to derate it by 50%. As Michael suggested with one product that you posted, weight can be one indicator you can check.
8 hours ago
The things my friend sends me...
9 hours ago