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Topic Replies Topic Starter Last Post Forum Name
What can we do as permaculturalists to help with the fertilizer shortage concern? 18 Jay Angler
Josh Brueggen
Introducing my new employees 7 Jay Angler
Jay Angler
meaningless drivel
Cat memes and cartoons 9 Jay Angler
Jay Angler
meaningless drivel
experimenting with bamboo - fence and gate to discourage deer 12 Jay Angler
Jenny Ives
Help - really? Do you mean it? 9 Jay Angler
Emily Elizabeth
creative permie uses for old jeans 31 Jay Angler
Heather Sharpe
We all need Hummingbirds 2 Jay Angler
Emily Elizabeth
Got the February blues - throw a party! 3 Jay Angler
Anne Miller
personal care
We have new Staff! Samantha! Andres! Edward! Beau! 6 Jay Angler
Paul Fookes
tinkering with this site
Clothing patterns based on rectangles
[ 1, 2 ]
50 Jay Angler
Inge Leonora-den Ouden
canning in a pressure cooker 4 Jay Angler
Angi Schneider
food preservation
How to bury a friend 6 Jay Angler
Jen Fulkerson
Words or phrases that permaculture really needs! 27 Jay Angler
George Yacus
meaningless drivel
Sewing, fiber arts and ergonomics 17 Jay Angler
Inge Leonora-den Ouden
Concussion natural healing ideas
[ 1, 2 ]
57 Jay Angler
Brian Shaw
personal challenges
books that cover morphing an existing forest into a food forest 2 Jay Angler
Jay Angler
forest garden
I need a new word - do others need one too? 22 Jay Angler
David Wieland
meaningless drivel
ID please this "sticky" plant 5 Jay Angler
J.B. Wells
Pinecones for material for small scale biochar?
[ 1, 2 ]
45 Jay Angler
John Suavecito
Old fashioned substitute for the lack of women's pockets 37 Jay Angler
Jay Angler
Fruit taste vs offspring 6 Jay Angler
T Melville
seeds and breeding
sewing an "A-shirt" or camisole from an unwanted T-shirt 4 Jay Angler
Jay Angler
Effectiveness of a "Chinese" style greenhouse in a cloudy climate? 11 Jay Angler
Inge Leonora-den Ouden
"Earth Hour" - all the reasons I hope permies are doing *waaaayyyyy* better! 1 Jay Angler
Flora Eerschay
meaningless drivel
Cradle to grave plant fiber ideas for flax 0 Jay Angler
Jay Angler
plant fibers
Sew your own apron 32 Jay Angler
May Lotito
Homemade wicks for candles and lanterns 2 Jay Angler
Jordan Holland
figs need a happy home in clay soil, summer drought and insufficient sun 8 Jay Angler
John Young
forest garden
Sewing machines - buying to last a life-time (preferably one that already has!) 9 Jay Angler
Rich Rayburn
textile tools
A very Canadian 2020 version of Messiah 6 Jay Angler
Chris Kott
meaningless drivel
Is anyone using a "Chinese" style greenhouse with a reflecting pond to help with the light level? 5 Jay Angler
Jay Angler
Installing an inset zipper 0 Jay Angler
Jay Angler
good use for dead raccoon 13 Jay Angler
Aimee Hall
Meadows and fire hazard? 19 Jay Angler
Jay Angler
Keeping chicken feed dry 1 Jay Angler
Jay Angler
Q: Why we no longer use chicken wire? A: Raccoon! 13 Jay Angler
Lorinne Anderson
Please add 10 words!
[ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
160 Jay Angler
Heidi Schmidt
Scarecrow - or in my case, Scareeagle 9 Jay Angler
Scott Stiller
Counter Balance Loom 6 Jay Angler
r ranson
textile tools
Ways to repair the hub on an Ashford spinning wheel
[ 1, 2 ]
51 Jay Angler
r ranson
textile tools
Creating a safe place for "mail-order" deliveries 19 Jay Angler
Kathryn della Porta
Mother Earth News online fair - Apr 20-26 free 3 Jay Angler
Jay Angler
online learning
Dear Easter Bunny, 10 Jay Angler
Jay Angler
meaningless drivel
Examples of ethically raised meat! 8 Jay Angler
K. Hanner
food choices
Creative ideas and uses for parts from broken washers or dryers - 16 Jay Angler
James Sullivan
renewable fencing 0 Jay Angler
Jay Angler
news articles that support or are useful for permaculture 2 Jay Angler
Jay Angler
meaningless drivel
getting old 6 Jay Angler
Olga Booker
intentional community
herbs to calm injured animals 6 Jay Angler
Sena Kassim
medicinal herbs
Ideas for helping others to see the benefits, joys and safety of humanure 1 Jay Angler
Timothy Markus
biochar insulation? 7 Jay Angler
bruce Fine
Getting a big rock out of a hole 18 Jay Angler
Daniel Ackerman
stone work
Growing Paw-Paws Up North - Canada? 3 Jay Angler
John Weiland
fruit trees
new page notification for last post on a page 7 Jay Angler
Mike Haasl
tinkering with this site
herbicide and pesticide residues in humans 1 Jay Angler
Bryant RedHawk
Gardening backpack 8 Jay Angler
Scott Foster
Straw bale for humidity control 7 Jay Angler
Bob Theis
straw bale house
thick walls and permits, managing humidity 2 Jay Angler
Joe Danielek
straw bale house
birdhouse problem 2 Jay Angler
Jay Angler
10 things everyday people can do to help stop global climate change 6 Jay Angler
paul wheaton
social justice