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Teresa Farrow

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since Sep 24, 2012
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I am 57 years old with adult children.   Six years ago I was blessed with the opporunity to parent again, and now have a seven year old son at home.    We "unschool".
I am a vegetarian, love historical re enactments and sites and dream of having a homestead.
Franklin County, Ohio
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Recent posts by Teresa Farrow

Terri here....age 57 and single for the past six years. I am new to permaculture and am quite overwhelmed with all I am learning.
9 years ago

Funny how things come together. I spent the past forty minutes on youtube. I watched four videos from midwest permaculture and discovered how ignorant I am. When I said I was new and learning, I was ( and am ) in the "don't even know you don't know" space.

I watched the video about soil loss and got sick. I had been thinking about water with little to no thought to soil. So, armed with the name Bill Mollison and a few other links, I begin my journey. I must admit that it is so emotionally overwhelming and draining that it will likely be an hour or two every other day right now.

I am so appreciative that this is coming together for me before I found my homestead. The info you provided will help immensly.

9 years ago
Thank you Tyler...I am trying to read as much as possible but it is so overwhelming.
10 years ago
Thank you for this great thread! I have been vegetarian for 22 years now. I was vegan for several months and never felt better, but "fell off the wagon" for a cheese pizza and got lazy. I had read "Diet for a New America" and my world view changed forever. Now, I am ready to re read some of the books on my shelf and re start...I am what you would call a "junk food" vegetarian.

I love the term "plant based". It is more in line with my way of thinking.

As for the permaculture aspect, though raised vegetarian, once my sons were out on their own, they honed their own beleifs...one is a strong advocate of fishing and hunting for food. I guess we will balance each other out in the scheme of things.
10 years ago
Though learning and dreaming of homesteading for the past year, I am new to the term "permaculture". I found this site a few days ago and have been reading the information. To say I am overwhelmed is an understatement.

I would value any opinions and thoughts on my current line of thinking.

I thought an Amish farm of 20 to 30 acres in Ky, Tenn, or Missouri would be ideal. I was thinking the Amish are already thriving living semi off the grid, so why re invent the wheel. Of course we would be re working the buildings, etc. to fit our needs. I am single with a young son at home ( unschool ), and a 23 year old son and his partner. My adult son's family unit would have their own place on the land.

Thank you for any input.
10 years ago
This is my first post. My "first" children are now 32...and a 33 year old nephew. Then, a 23 year old and now a 7 year old. Four boys and a girl. They were all raised in the suburbs but were involved in boycotts, vegetarianism, etc. They each started their educations in Montessori Schools ( I am certified ), moving homeschool, then unschooling.
The first three love the suburbs...the last two yearn for a homestead. The 23 year old is back home for a few months.

Our dream is to have a homestead where we will have our own homes, yet work together to maintain the homestead. I cannot even consider government schools.
10 years ago