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Recent posts by Mark Brunnr

Being a tropical plant, I doubt the seeds store well but I still have a few in the fridge I can test. I bought them last year but only used half, would be great if the remainder are still viable after 12 months stored at 35-40F.
20 hours ago
Yeah I would start with searching counties for those with lax/no building codes outside incorporated cities, and also note properties near enough that they might become incorporated down the road after you're building/built. Unless you find a spot that's out of sight and you dig by hand/shovel, neighbors are likely to notice if an excavator shows up, and then code enforcement can show up if you pick the wrong spot.
22 hours ago
Ideally if the RMH is drafting properly there would be nothing to smell when burning. I’ve heard some can have a skin reaction to BL sap so perhaps that’s also the smell source and proper aging will minimize it.
2 days ago
I removed a rain gutter on my house and noticed the dutch white clover really took off on the new drip line. The clover in my back yard has reached 12-18" but no taller. I'd suggest you find a ground cover suited for the site and plant that, and you can also try adding a little swale along contour to stop surface water flow down the slope. Some mulch to hold the dirt in place until the ground cover grows in should help too.
6 days ago
Excellent thanks! I just need a ride from the airport to base camp, without a stop at the store needed. I'll line up contact info closer to the event.
1 week ago
Is there anyone else flying into Missoula on Sunday, June 30 in the afternoon who wants to carpool? Or someone willing to pick me up? It will probably be 5pm by the time I get my bags and walk out of the airport. I've never used Uber or Lyft or hitchhiked before, not sure if they would be willing to drive me over and I'd rather pay someone on-site for their time/gas if possible. Perhaps someone will be in the area already to pick up groceries/supplies? Renting a car for two weeks would be really expensive too.
1 week ago
Does the pay have to be in cash? Barter items have a market value, so if you did a job for someone and they paid you in say honey or maple syrup and the fair market value of those items totaled $100, would that count?
1 week ago
Rolls makes a flooded lead acid battery that’s rated for over 7000 cycles at 20% DoD so you can get close to 20 years off those, just have to purchase 2 since they are 6v each.

Edit: Here's an example which includes the cycles/DoD chart.
1 week ago
One thing to consider is competing drafts in the house. For example if there is no basement door you can close to prevent warm air from rising up the stairs from that basement space into the rest of the house, then there will be a definite draw of warm air up that path and your RMH will be an open air path from the exhaust back to the wood feed. If the house has additional stories then the draw could be even stronger, especially if there's any windows open even a bit. Even the bathroom ceiling fan vents will draw air. Just something to consider, you could light a match and put it out, then hold it next to the existing vent you want to use for the RMH exhaust while it's open and see if the smoke flows back into the house or not.

If your heat riser is made from bricks which aren't insulating (but the riser is also wrapped in insulation), then those bricks will retain some heat and help create a proper draft when starting a new fire. If the system is cold then competing drafts will cause more trouble.
1 week ago
I'd bet Chris Hadfield would have some great insight on getting along with others when you don't really have a choice, and there's not much in the way of room, and handling it for months at a time.

I just finished reading Joe Jenkins' 4th edition of the Humanure Handbook, which was edited a lot compared to the 3rd edition I have. It reads much more like "a book" rather than "a research paper", and if you're into composting or reducing wasted water is a great read.

I just received a copy of 'Free Plants for Everyone' by David the Good, and will be reading that over the weekend. I'm thinking I should start buying the e-book versions of books and pick up a dedicated e-reader as a space saving option... I bought one for a friend who had a literal wall of books, and she ended up with 500+ books in the palm of her hand that she took everywhere. It needed charging maybe once a week after many hours of use.

For those into the swords and magic genre, Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series is a very impressive read. While he passed away before finishing the series, his wife hired another good writer who finished the last couple books. I believe there's a total of 14 books, and most are pretty large, like over 500 pages, so perhaps an option for next winter when you are stuck in the house for a long time.
1 week ago