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And because my inner goofball must be appeased, here is a promo for the "IN A WORLD" doomsday movie promo format:
I noticed has an extra t in "Building a Bettter World";

Attached is  a recording for the book:
Perhaps we're seeing a wave of starvation due to weather from the past year? Wasn't there a polar vortex event as well as a lot of flooding last winter/spring? Perhaps that causes an imbalance in plants/insects surviving through the summer/fall, and now birds are suffering the consequences of that lack of food? Certainly domestic cats that are allowed outdoors has been shown to be a major killer of birds, so it could be a combination of factors putting pressure on bird populations. Hopefully within a year or two the population will rebound.
7 hours ago
I'll take a look at these and see if I can record something over the weekend Paul.
Pre-cellphone I would keep a little 2x4 notepad in my pocket with a pen, as I tend to get an idea and think "oh yeah! I should do that!" and then I see a butterfly and wonder off after it, and totally forget. So the notepad would accumulate ideas or to-dos, and the page would be tossed once done.

Now with a phone I have the free Evernote app installed to keep various notes including a to-do, grocery list, and long term project ideas like building projects at the Lab next year. It also has an option for taking pictures or recording an audio note to insert, and as I've begun the clean-and-prune phase in my house to downsize prior to moving, I've come across old items that have sat in boxes for decades untouched. So now I figure I can take pictures of those things to save online, and then toss out the original when it's only the thought/reminder of the past event which counts.

I found that a list of "organize to-do" items can also help when times are stressful or the list gets overwhelmingly large, and your brain starts to avoid that additional source of stress. I make that list into 5-10 minute items, and then maybe do one a day knowing "it's just 5 minutes", and by the end of the week the list is gone or is still smaller and not overwhelming.

Having a place for things really helps, I have a room of stuff that is mostly items I no longer use and need to donate or toss if it's broken. Normally I don't go in there so items sit ignored/forgotten. Same with a corner in the garage, this weekend I have a note to buy some shelving for the garage to get items off the floor.
10 hours ago
Michael replied with the two options I was going to suggest, either a terrier (my first dog as a kid was a rat terrier) that will chase/hunt rats relentlessly or an air rifle that you can sit on a solid object and after the chickens are in the coop and the rats are running around you can take some out. The latter depends on your area allowing an air rifle, they aren't very loud relative to a regular rifle but if you have nearby neighbors they may hear it or even worse a stray pellet ricochets out of your yard and hits someone/thing. A terrier tends to hunt the rats for sport, and you could train them to bring a rat in return for a treat to encourage that behavior.
11 hours ago
My first thought about a clear plastic film is that birds might fly into it and damage it, so at a minimum I'd get plexiglass if actual glass isn't an option. Mr. Chickadee put out a Youtube video the other day about hand-made storm windows using single pane glass to make two windows with several inches of air space between them without needing to seal it up like a double pane window.
1 day ago
You might also be able to use the "wayback machine" at, which might have the older website archived.
That first picture of Dez has just the right angle to make the bracing board look like really high heels, time to hit the disco!