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Recent posts by Mark Brunnr

r ranson wrote:Can you share a link to one of the ones that is giving you trouble? should be one, I know Caleb hasn't posted recently but I talked to him about it when he hit a 100 post landmark and I had stopped receiving emails about replies. I unwatched the thread then rewatched it, and started emails for a few days, then it stopped again. is another, I'm currently watching that one but I don't get notifications.

Mike Haasl wrote:Did they land in your spam or junk folder instead?  

Not that I've seen, it's pretty rare that I get any sort of spam, and I've never seen a thread notification in there.
Hi all, this has been an ongoing issue, where I have stopped receiving emails when the boots posts. I see a few haven't posted in the last year or so, but it was prior to that when I noticed. I've checked threads and I see the box is checked to notify on update, and I've confirmed that these emails aren't being caught in my spam folder. Previously I could uncheck the box to notify, save, then recheck it and save and would get notices for a few days but it would eventually stop. I saw the update about the BRK naming ideas which reminded me about this issue. I just checked the boxes for Dez's post deep roots thread and Trace's new thread, so I'll see if I get any updates and check back on that. If there are any other steps I can take to assist please let me know. I recall email provider/relay has been an issue in some cases, my email is going to and I have no issues getting the daily/monthly emails. I also receive notifications for other thread updates, so it appears to be the boot threads.

Perhaps I mistakenly clicked the "don't notify any more" on a thread, combined with others not posting any more? I did try uncheck/save/check to notify/save before on threads, and would see a couple emails after that, but then they would stop even though the posts were happening.

I'll watch these 2 threads (Chase & Dez's deep roots) and see if the emails work or not and report back here. I didn't see any other active boots threads, but if I missed one please let me know.

I'm happy to hear the tumor is doing better Paul! I'm a fan of which has a lot of good peer reviewed research regarding nutrition. In the US, according to whatever the statistics department is called, 14 of the top 15 causes of death are food related. It sounds like you're going down the right path. There are a ton of healthy recipes on that site and a good number are easier to make, if you'd like options for meal variety
Yup Thomas, we used that method on the lab in 2022 and it worked very well. So long as the lid isn't bent/warped it's very easy to finish the burn, and even if it is warped a bit you can just have some mud on standby to pack into any gaps around the lid. The next day everything was cool and the charcoal was very light and "clinky".
1 month ago
David the Good referenced this video about using soup cans/ any cans with a crimping tool to make charcoal retorts in about 1 minute, which can then be tossed into any fire:

1 month ago

Candace Williams wrote:Can you explain what this is, the function, result etc.?

It's a pledge system, those who are in the bootcamp can post pictures/video of what they are doing, and for every 100 days of such posts people pledge something in return. Some offer cash, others crafted items, etc. This provides some income for the boots, who would otherwise have to leave to find employment to pay bills like for a cell phone or car insurance.
Bootcamp Media Pledge: BMP - give the boots a BuMP!
Where do you believe a RMH falls on the Wheaton Scale for the average urban/suburban email recipient? I'm a big fan of the RMH, but where I'm currently located I don't believe it's a good fit. For my neighbor who is level 0-1, I'd guess a RMH is level 4+ to them, thus it's "crazy". Obviously a wood stove user would see a RMH as closer to normal and is a better fit.

I expect a good percentage of backers are also previous backers, so if the movie or the extras feel too similar, people may be less interested.

The number of emails recently has felt like a lot, perhaps because the text only format I get makes them all feel similar or repetitive.
7 months ago