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Recent posts by Mark Brunnr

The Kickstarter mentions hundreds of thousands of people, but earlier it does mention millions of acres which are abandoned. One of the goals of SKIP is to create that network of people, as this book and the overall concept grows. Around the world this concept certainly exists, where older landowners either have children who have moved or have no interest in continuing their parents' goals (I have met such a couple), or don't have children. So their property will get sold by the kids or auctioned by the state when they are gone, and all their progress is lost.
5 days ago
Have you already checked sites like Freecycle and the Missoula Habitat for Humanity ReStore? Always a chance they might get some windows or shower doors, perhaps they would take your number in case something came in?
Since the surface is sloped, having something that could withstand a hail storm seems prudent. What about a polycarbonate panel like this? You could butt them up to each other so the open end cells overlap, a little silicone to bind and seal them, and they should be light enough to only need support at the top and bottom and the ends so no shading. Otherwise if glass is the only option, perhaps some shower doors would work? A T channel between them like this could support the glass, and a gasket on each side of the glass could thicken it up to seal it. A channel for both inside and outside that overlap/touch, then the glass and gasket would fit into the gaps if that makes sense? Shower door glass shouldn't have any UV coating.

Edit: the first link also has this channel for connecting them together for a 1 stop shop option.
Happy fifth day before your birthday to Jen! That first picture is the homestead version of the "hang in there!" picture:
If you have a spare USB to test, you could try downloading another distribution and run it off the usb to confirm the drivers detect your hardware correctly. I've tried a couple different distributions, originally my focus was on gaming but I've found it simpler to go with Ubuntu and then add bits as needed, and my gaming interests have shifted over the years too. has the Ubuntu steps for their bootable USB, Mint and others have the same. You can use Etcher or Startup Disk Creator to make a bootable usb, or the MultiBootUSB utility to try multiple distro options. As someone who knows a little about Linux but nowhere near a pro level, I'd personally recommend Ubuntu to try out, or perhaps search "linux driver support 2021 NVIDIA Quadro K1100M" to see if there are reports of known-good release combos of the NVIDIA drivers and this version of Mint or another. Maybe a slightly older NVIDIA driver works best, and that could be simpler to install than a different kernel or different OS.
1 week ago
Well my past experience with running various terminal commands to change settings has taught me to never suggest it for others, in case your luck is as bad as mine!
1 week ago
On mine it's under the X Server Display Config, this is using Ubuntu so I'm not sure if Mint differs any:
1 week ago
if you run 'nvidia-settings' from the terminal, can you manually set the resolution in there? On mine there's a drop-down to switch from auto resolution to discreet resolutions, although I'd expect it would default to the highest possible.

Edit: and does the system detect your monitor properly too? Perhaps it thinks the monitor can only go that high.
1 week ago
When I go to Kickstarter without logging in, I see SKIP at #7: which at the top says Show me 'all categories' projects on 'earth' that are 'projects we love' sorted by 'popularity'. Logging in didn't change that position, but I would imagine different searches on the site might result in different placement based on our cookies. Mmmmm, cookies!

Up to $50,715!!!
1 week ago