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Got it, thanks. You make it way too easy for me to spend my money.
Purchased with paypal with no issues. Thanks Permie team
4 years ago
Thanks Todd, I'll have to get that book.

    Soooo much new information coming out in the last months it seems. If you have time I'd appreciate you taking a look at what I have done. I don't have a lot of funds for this venture, but look forward to increased food production, even from this little greenhouse if I get it somewhere near right. Paradise
4 years ago

Todd Parr wrote:I'm not sure about using perforated 4" tubing.  I've read conflicting research on it.  Right now I'm leaning towards non-perf tubing, but I haven't entirely made up my mind yet.

(only conjecture as mine isn't up and running) it is said the perf helps with removing some of the humidity as well as decreasing the chance of molds.

4 years ago
    I am in process of building my greenhouse using a "hybrid" climate battery. A combination of many ideas Paradise

    Am in zone 7a in Maryland with 55 deg average temp, 59% sun and a 47" average rainfall.

   Greenhouse is ~160 square feet with insulated walls on the north, east and west with a half wall on the south. The glazing is Solex.

    They say the amount of underground tubing (4" perf drain tile) should be 10% 0f the total cu ft if directly under the greenhouse, or 25% if outside of the greenhouse. This is according to https://www.youtube.com/user/LDSPrepper/featured

    It would seem to me (perhaps in my ignorance) that these climate batteries would, like all batteries, need to be recharged from time to time. This could be done on a daily basis by using the heat at the peak of the greenhouse being pumped into the ground tubes, the use of a compost heating system, solar heating tubes, RMH, water storage for mass. use of aquaponic water for mass etc.

    The climate battery will be a portion of my overall system to be modified as need be, but only a part of the whole.

    The experiment continues...
4 years ago
Welcome Ian, truly a worthy skill
4 years ago