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Montessori kid born and raised in Cincinnati.
Father of two, 14 years apart in age,married to an Appalachian Queen 7 years my junior,trained by an Australian cattle dog/pit rescue.
I am Unitarian who declines official membership, a pro lifer who believes in choice, a socialist, an LGBTQ ally, a Black man, and perhaps most of all an old school paper and pencil gamer.
I make, grow, and serve, not because I am gifted in these areas, rather it is because doing these things is a gift to myself.
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Cincinnati, Ohio,Price Hill 45205
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Recent posts by William Bronson

Kefir grains produce alcohol,acid and carbon dioxide?
I'm not seeing it as very nourishing to plants.
On the other hand I am making rotten citrus soup for the soil in my blueberry planters, so maybe in special cases?
8 hours ago
There are  of garden hose manifolds available in 2 or 4 outlet sizes at any big box store.
Stepping the outlet down to garden hose size/male thread is a job for pvc.

On the subject of gravity fed irrigation,  I'm trying to implement some of that myself.
The Edible Acres youtube channel uses a solar powered bilge pump to move pond water uphill through garden hoses into  a galvanized trough.
The over flow from that trough goes to another trough which in turn goes to another, or to two others, etc.
They use watering cans to water from those distributed  points.
I am trialing a 55 gallon drum->1/2" garden hose-> 1/4" drip irrigation line-> diy ollas system, inspired by  this distributed reservoir idea.
In the past I've tried low flow drip emitters with 5 gallon  reservoirs, but they didn't last long enough between refills.
13 hours ago
I'm most familier with the Edible Acres setup, which is the one Billy references.
My own experience is with a tiny backyard layer flock.
They are big fat hens, but they still scratch and even dig.

Confining them , and tightening rations might help.
Are they hitting their expected weight gains?
16 hours ago
Unless it's crawling with insects,  there's nothing in those piles for a chicken.
You could soak some grains or beans and dig them into the pile.
When they sprout you should get some interest.
My chickens compost food waste, with healthy doses of autumn leaves added.
They get tree hay and weeds as well, but I don't count on them eating that I just count on them shedding it.
The coop bedding goes in with the rest, but it's not something that feeds them directly.
1 day ago
Today I planted more tomatoes at my sisters house.
I  buried bottle olla among them and connected the olla to a 1/2" garden hose using 1/4" irrigation tubing.

1 day ago
Greens can be started early and do well in shade.
Sir, you have me chuckling over here!
Knowledge gives us choices, but it can't weigh the options for us.
6 days ago
I have real differences with her but this youtuber has the best compost heated greenhouse set up I've seen:
1 week ago
This is one of my bicycle wheel beds.
It has a tube feeding into an(smaller) open topped container.
1 week ago
I planted it out.
Most of the seedlings are tomatoes from a neighbor-he grew them in fast food paper cup!
I love the fact that almost everything in this photo was "free"
1 week ago