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Montessori kid born and raised in Cincinnati.
Father of two, 14 years apart in age,married to an Appalachian Queen 7 years my junior,trained by an Australian cattle dog/pit rescue.
I am Unitarian who declines official membership, a pro lifer who believes in choice, a socialist, an LGBTQ ally, a Black man, and perhaps most of all an old school paper and pencil gamer.
I make, grow, and serve, not because I am gifted in these areas, rather it is because doing these things is a gift to myself.
Cincinnati, Ohio,Price Hill 45205
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Recent posts by William Bronson

Why no broccoli?
I find it hard to grow, too prone to pests.
1 day ago
Plums are so easy, so fecund, and a fresh plum melts in your mouth in an explosion of flavor.
Radishes grow quickly, are tasty, give greens and seed pods in addition to roots.
Tomatoes, yes,but I prefer short days to maturity, 60 or less, and golf ball or smaller for maximum production.
Sweet potatoes, but only for the leaves...
1 day ago
I'mma gonna go clean up after myself, left some grubbieness behind ,and the wife isn't sure about it anyway.
I think it's a perfect use of space,  and I will be putting in another on the lower door if she OKs it.
1 day ago
The folks as Tikkun Farm feed their Alpaca autumn leaves.
Consistent nutritional value information might be hard generate, if it's important.
If you liquify the green leaves by blending them down, you could dry them out into flakes or powder.
Low temperature and no direct sunlight to maintain nutrients.
Maybe mix  with autumn leaves to help dry it out and add bulk,minerals and texture.
Biochar is another admixture that could add value.
Willow, mulberry, maples or box elder,sunflower or j choke stalks, apple or pear, morninga, are all nutritious possibilities.

Seems doable.
The section of wall it passes through could be metal or masonry.
J tubes benifit from short burn tubes, so your barrel and riser should probably  be just on the other side of the wall.
I would put the feed tube   on the south facing exterior wall and cover it with  a lean-to greenhouse, filled with stacks of drying wood.
5 days ago
Everyone knows that liquid water kills sandworms,how else could one aquire the Water of Life?
5 days ago

Pearl Sutton wrote:What's Dragon?

I think he meant Dragon..

6 days ago
Since a wooden building  could  theoretically be even taller, it's the why of it and the how of nutrient/water movement that needs to be answered.
Plants can be bred to do things they otherwise would not, so sentient interference is an option.
Perhaps there are nutrients 244 meters up that are not available lower down.
Perhaps the tree aspirates moisture and collects other nutrients via a fine sieve of leaf, or leaf like structures.
They might be filter feeders.
Check out Larry Niven's Integral Trees.

Are these proper trees,  or do they just look like trees?
Are they fungus,  or maybe a hybrid organism?
6 days ago
It sounds like they would make good biochar...
1 week ago