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Montessori kid born and raised in Cincinnati.

Father of two, 14 years apart in age,married to an Appalachian Queen 7 years my junior,trained by an Australian cattle dog/pit rescue.

I am Unitarian who declines official membership, a pro lifer who believes in choice, a socialist, an LGBTQ ally, a Black man, and perhaps most of all an old school paper and pencil gamer.

I make, grow, and serve, not because I am gifted in these areas, rather it is because doing these things is a gift to myself.
Cincinnati, Ohio,Price Hill 45205
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Recent posts by William Bronson

Mostly  theoretical advise here: add rockwool to the refractory.
I have made some rugged cores from RapidCast CementAll, perlite and rockwool fibers.
When I left the rockwool fibers out I got significantly more cracking.
Sheet metal could be used to help with bridging.
I have actually poured CementAll into the lid of a pocket rocket. I drove  self tapping screws into the lid, wound some wire around the screws, and growled in my mixture. I used the bottoms of tin cans,screwed to the lid in two places, to leave space for a feed tube and chimney.
It has held up well,though the feed and chimney have not.

If I do another such lid, I think I'll cast around the greased base of a large stainless steel stock pot.
After removing the pot, I would grease the resulting hole, line it with foil, and fill it with more refractory, with some sort of handle set in the wet cement.
Thus equipped with a pot and a plug,I could boil water for food,distillation, thermal mass, etc.
3 days ago
What kind of roof do you have? Metal ideally.
Will you have first flush system? What about other filtration?
I'm curious,cause you describe going from tank to waterheater to food and body use.
Heat might kill pathogens, but natural or artificial toxins or contaminants need to be filtered.
You probably have all this covered,I was just wondering about the details.
3 days ago
Thanks for the replies! Sounds like I will skip the mixed waste.
3 days ago
We buy  hay for our rabbits bedding. Pretty much any kind but alfalfa. Alfalfa is said to be  great for meat rabbits, bad for rabbits you want to keep for a long time.
Apple and pear branches are well loved by my rabbits, but my favorite thing to feed is sunchoke stalks.
They love them, and my yard is full of them.
Chicory, the same way.
I often dumpster dive Aldis for lettuce and peppers,and share the haul with the rabbits.
The actual litter box, where they pee, is a 8" x 3' x 2' wooden box on casters, filled with what started as sterile potting soil.
They love to dig in it,if I had my way it would have garden soil,complete with rocks,gravel,and sand to help wear down their claws.
The rabbits are not mine,per say,but they love me best, because I bring them treats, and pet them,but never pick them up. Even if I want them on my lap,I get someone else  to transport them to me.
Bunnies tend to hate being picked up.
3 days ago
Your chimney is vastly oversized.
Rocket chimneys are usually sized to match the system.
8" is large for a batch box.
13" is humongous!
I would use this pipe as the outside form for a concrete cylinder.The inside form would be 8" diameter duct, the mix would be perlite and RapidCast Cement.

Consider making your central rocket mass heater your primary heater,since it's likely to be at least  an 8"system.
Then your secondary rocket can be placed on an outside wall,or better still a porch. This will let you use it during hot weather without radiating heat into your living space
4 days ago
Found this old thread while researching an idea.
When I dumpster dive I often find places that have post consumer waste- leftovers from fast food places, mixed with plastic and paper waste.
I was wondering if chooks could reliably sort the foid from the trash.
5 days ago
I was just researching rabbits  that put on fat, for this very reason.
It would seem that there are no rabbit breeds that grow a lot fat, just some that grow  a lot bigger than others.

Azoll or duck weed seem like they would be more efficient than growing land crops for feed.

With enough grass, geese are a good source of yummy fat.

Okra has a surprising amount of fat and protein.

I've been coveting dwarf  chinkapin oaks.
They fruit precociously, grow as a hedge,expanding by suckers, and their acorns are so low in tannins,there is no need to leach them.
Press them for oil and high protein meal, or eat them whole.
I wonder if acorn butter is yummy?
The oil is said to be akin to olive oil.
I think they could be a great source  of profit before "the collapse" and a good source of food after.

Peanuts or other ground nuts are another source of fat.

Pigeons,quail, guinea pigs, are all micro livestock that might turn plants into fat. All three  are valuable in the market place as "exotic" meats.
The price for pigeon meat is outrageous, you can buy prime rib for less. Selling it could be a great way to make money.

Possums. Eat anything, reproduce like crazy,  notably fatty  if the Joy of Cooking is accurate.
Dumb enough that you might not mind killing them.

1 week ago
This black man grew up with a mother with natural hair who wore noticeable makeup on special occasions.
When my sisters wanted to straighten their hair and wear make up, my father objected strenuously.
He put a huge load of cultural guilt on them,that persisted for a long time,maybe to this day.
My mother would occasionally straiten her hair, as a gift to her mother,who thought  an Afro on a woman was anathema.
Later, when her own daughters started dredding her hair,she reacted in the same way her mother had reacted to her Afro...
She got better,but the irony of the situation was thick and heavy😏
My own daughter is only nine,but she is 5' tall and black.
I fear the way society treats girls, brown girls, girls in makeup  as older than they are.
Also, people have been commenting on her beauty since she was a baby,men and women handing us money to go spend on her!
Yeah, I'm terrified. But she is innocent.
So we let her play with make-up.
But we have made it clear that other people wear makeup to look like her. To have clear skin, rosy cheeks, long lashes etc.
She's cool with that🤗
Meanwhile I  struggle to quench my bias against hair weaves and false eyelashes.
My own wife has called me out,noting I always complement her eyes more when she has on a little eyeliner.😶
Getting some idea of who your dealing with by how they look is necessary. We recognize bees,with their dangers and potential by how they look.
Of course,  there are many species that imitate the bee, to prey on them or to borrow  their fearsome reputations.
I wore a button down shurt and tie for work till I was 30.
It wasn't who I was, but it was adaptive.
I have a collection of extremely impractical hats from fez to fedora. I don't wear them anymore, but once I was notorious for my crazy headwear.
I hate cigarette smoke, but I used to dig women who smoked,had tattoos, dyed  hair and a get back stare.
Hell, I married a woman like this,and got her to stop smoking! I want to keep her forever, so like some women attracted to a guy on a motorcycle, I got her to curb her risky behavior,for the sake of us.

What you wear or do in a given moment is a data point, not a portrait.  Make up is part of that.

As  an aside, if you are buying makeup for me, make mine MAC. I don't think it's all that natural, but its very high quality otherwise.

1 week ago
My first coop/greenhouse had 1/2" mesh down low,and a mixture of chainlink and  wire mesh fencing(2"x4" openings) up top.
I'm trying to exclude paws from grabbing my chickens with the 1/2" openings, and I use fencing with larger openings where that  can't happen.
I think I'll be going with half inch mesh all over,since I'm out of metal fencing,and I'll need to buy more.
It's not much more expensive than chicken wire,so we shall see.
If protecting the birds were not an issue, I would use fiber reinforced plastic,snow fencing or deer fencing to prevent water from pooling on the plastic.
1 week ago