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These guys will sell you a pre-assembled/pre-wired and tested power center that is truly plug and play.
$12,000 for a 11kW Solar System (solar panel + railing + support + misc)
$10,000 for a 9kW/Power Center (pre-wired & tested charge controller+inverter+combiner box)
$10,000 for a 61kW Battery System
$1,000 for Shipping (this includes everything=solar panel+railing+power center+battery+misc)
Total = $33,000

For $5,000 more they have a 12kW solar panel + 12kW power center + 61kW battery bank upgrade.

Let me know what your thoughts are with this kind of setup. How does it compare to the price that you paid? Can you post or link to the diagram that came with the system that you bought.

3 weeks ago
I wonder what the solution is for improving what we have inherited, both at a personal level and at a global/national level.
1 month ago
This is a hard one.

6month old to 3yr old kids are bossy, they sulk, scream, throw stuff, empty out a box of things/toys just to get one thing and then just leave it.
They demand that they have their food prepared a certain way or else they will not eat it. In fact they will even drop objects repeatedly to hear how long it takes to hit the ground and then laugh everytime you pick it up and hand it back to them. As infants they will wake up multiple times in the night demanding food, social contact and 'bathroom use'.

So solutions to my above 'problem' was preschool, tag team/timeshare with other care givers. paying a 'stranger' to be a caregiver. Knowing that just because I say no to donuts and screaming ensue doesn't mean that I have to be stressed out about it or think of myself as a bad person. Some people have worked and extra 20hrs per week to pay someone else/stranger to come in and do 10hrs of work. Because they would rather put in the extra physical labor to not have to deal with overwhelming emotional/mental labor.

I also never expect kids to say thank you for water/shelter/clean clothes/etc. So it is very likely that you will not get much appreciation.

All that said, my recommendation would be to look into non-violent communication.
1)State objective observation
2)state how that make you feel,
3)state which unmet needs is making you feel 'negative',
4)make a request of the other person to hell you fix your unmet need.

The key is make sure the other person can repeat your unmet need, and you being able to do likewise.
To me non-violent communication is a very very important part of permaculture people care. I am just getting into the grove of it myself too.
1 month ago
What we call 'aging' is actually a microbial fermentation, esp from a historical non-sterile perspective.
There is instead other microbes that is using up the oxygen that slowly dissolve overtime in the previous fermentation step. Some are digesting/fermenting microbial biomass from the previous fermentation step.

Lactic Acid/Ethanol/Vinegar aren't the only compounds created my fermentation microbes, vitamins, solvents, numerous organic acids, esters, short chain fatty acids, digestive enzymes, etc. These compound reacts, off-gas, precipitate or are eaten by other microbes.  

1 month ago
Privacy Fence around the fence yard of fruiting plants. Every chainlink fence post (10ft). You can dozens of trees around the property that way.

I would not be able to convince my partner but I could trade with her. I get to plant 50% of the yard and you get to do this thing you always want or I get to give up the motorcycle that you always thought was too dangerous.

You could call it edible landscaping. And show 3d and regular 2d design plan.

Short of that by a empty lot nearby and garden on that site.
1 month ago
MS sure does that.
Use form to enter the data or just directly into the table or to a linked excel spreadsheet
You can use reports/query to view things or a linked excel spreadsheet.

You will have to setup the tables and the relationships with the tables.

There is a template called Northwind, when you open access it has everything that you described already setup.

1 month ago
Someone mentioned that we all need to start with conservation, that we are currently using/demanding too much energy.
Here is a quick view on how much energy we are using per year.

1 month ago
I agree if there was a separate tankless water heater after the solar hot water heater that connects to the shower that he uses after getting home from work in the evening. I would not waste any energy heating up the '50 gallon' solar-hot water tank.  I might be wrong but I don't think he has such a tankless hot water heater in the front house. There is only one in the daughter/rental unit.

Yes the charge and esp discharge rate for a Li battery is way too high for a lead battery. Do contact the solar company to fix it.   Don't let volunteer to them that you logged into the admin area. And don't change anything. Its never a bad idea to take screenshots.  
1 month ago