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Massachusetts, Zone:6/7, AHS:4, Rainfall:48in even Soil:SandyLoam pH6 Flat
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I was able to get the other 3 lot. There is another lot with a house that I am thinking about getting, I just need some funds.
2 months ago
Before we can move on we have to determine how much power you can get out of your current system.

Power = 1/10 x Flow x Head
Power = 1/10 x 10gallon per minutes x 10ft
Power = 1/10 x 10 x 10 Watts per hour
Power = 10W/H or 0.01KW per hour

A system that generates 24KWH per day (1KW per hour for 24hrs)
Power = 1000W per hour
Power = 1/10 x 10000
Power = 1/10 x 100gpm x 100ft
Power = 1/10 x Flow x Head, where Flow=100gpm and Head=100ft

Even a system that only has a head of 20ft and flow of 50gpm would produce 100W per hour or 2.4KWH per day and would still be very useful. I think that once you go below that, the system becomes more geared to single device/direct drive

4 months ago
It looks it supports 0.5gallon to 3.1gallons

Minimum Activation Rate 0.50 GPM

4 months ago
Water that is safe to drink, can get you deadly sick if the temp of the water in the tank is 80F

With that said, here is what I would recommend:
1st Flush
Not taking water from off the bottom of the tank to allow things to settle

Add ozone/chlorine
or Big Blue Filter/RO and then Ultra Violet
4 months ago
A few of the fruits that I am harvesting in the Boston area
4 months ago
With it being a half bath it makes it simpler. I say go for it. But have a plan in your back pocket, just in case mold takes over and decompose the wood.
4 months ago
Bathroom = Daily moisture from showers, mop buckets, baths, possible kids and visiting folks making a spill, plus humid Florida might equal mold. Relatively frequent renovations to bathrooms and possible kitchen if there is a shared wet wall might mean that you have to knock everything down 'often'.

It's possible to make it work, just be mindful of vapor barriers and air exchange aka humidity
4 months ago
I recommend using this pump to aerate the water

Seeing as how you have a 2 acre pond, you will need two. This model listed above is the long life model. You can also get it in a DC version so that you can run it off solar panels, just contact the manufacture.

Septic systems have a similar problem of nutrient overload. So and to reduce that they aerate it, some of them go another step and add a 'bucket of sawdust/carbon'.

Just look up the advance septic system that HOOT have for inspiration.
5 months ago
I broadcast chive seeds and garlic chive seeds and they did well for me. I also broadcast the bulbil from garlic/onion/etc.
If you wanted to transplant live potted plants thats okay too, but thats probably very expensive.

FYI: Alfalfa only get to 30inches a d that is also in the height range of what you were looking for. They thrive in the summer months. So thats another legume you can consider.
5 months ago
I agree that if there were 5 cows being pastured on your land, with droughty sand. Yes you might lose the stand of dutch white clover.
While that is the use case for the website that you listed earlier, we aren't trying to run pigs or cow or any animals. So our stand would survive.

Lets say we lost 50% of the DWC the 1st year, as the soil health increase a 2nd reseeding will only see a 20% loss.

Other than above ground animals like cows/pigs leading to stand loss, underground animal also have an impact. And by underground I am talking about nematodes. I recommend adding some garlic-chives to the mix. Actually most plants in the garlic/onion family will suppress nematodes due to the allcin compound that they release. Mushrooms also attack nematodes esp oyster mushroom.

Personally I like a mix of 80% DWC and 16% Tillage Radish and 3.2% Chives, and the rest from the mint/thyme family. The grasses will show up by themselves.

If we broadcast we will need 50lbs of seed for $150 but if we drill seeding it will only need 5lbs for $50 due to better germination and survival rates (soil-seed contact). We will however need special equipment, fossil fuel and extra time, we also miss out on the natural selection process where only the drought tolerant seed germinate and survive for more that a week. Which we can quickly address by broadcasting a few more seeds if we see an empty spot.

Wild Dutch Clover Range

5 months ago