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Massachusetts, Zone:6/7, AHS:4, Rainfall:48in even Soil:SandyLoam pH6 Flat
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Loving the pictures.

Literally Prince charming riding in on a horse.
Villain with unhealthy candied apple trying to put everyone to sleep.

1 day ago
I would say Top opening (chest) fridge vs regular fridge. The cold air doesn't flow out.
I would say only visit it once per day or at least as little as possible.
Store stuff outside the fridge (carrot, cabbage, etc)
Keep the Fridge as full as possible, so there is less air to lose/chill daily.
You can also make your own fridge too, buy the outside compressor+internal chiller from a boat shop vendor online.

As for the most efficient fridge in USA Daewoo FR-1020ARW $300.
Here is the full list https://www.energystar.gov/most-efficient/me-certified-refrigerators

1 day ago
Worm bins inside.
Herbs by the window.
Random house plant.
Container garden on the porch.

Random planting of raspberry/berry plants at hiking parks.
Planting berries/herbs at community garden

Finding a 'church/group' member who owns land and need help to upkeep it, while you need practice for your Permaculture learning.

2 days ago
Thatched roof?

With a Gabion stone wall or a earthbag(gravel) to act as a stem wall.

Pond liner on the outside, chicken wire on the inside
Ferrocement the inside.
Then remove the pond liner ferrocement the outside.

Then Cover with moss to make it a living roof
2 days ago
A bigger focus on suburban backyard food forest and high rise food/energy buying and usage pattern. Does seem a good idea vs only focusing on 500+acre farms and 5acre homesteader.
I think that office politic aka pecking order is the same if not worse than complaining/gossiping/venting.

Discussion of any path/problem/person could be seen as gossiping.
When the owner/top management does it. It is deemed okay
When the little guys at the watercooler does it. It is deemed weird.
The truth is that everyone does it, and it is not weird.
The difference is that we don't want the little guys dictating how things are run or even discussing it only the steering committee/owner. Because only we have the power to do that. And guess what as the owner it is okay to setup such a system it is okay to be upfront and say I am a benevolent dictator.

What can help is clearly communicating expectations and clearly listening to the other persons expectations. Then coming to some type of agreement before entering into a IC contract/relationship.

That said I do think it is wise to be respectful, no physical fighting, verbal yelling and slandering others, even if you don't agree with them in terms of way of farming/raising kids/eating habit/religion/etc, etc.

We cant brand so zip tie works well.

Unless you want to start a new flock (temp coop) with baby chicks(mutts or imported) every two years and cull all the chickens from the old flock. Then move the youngsters into the old coop after some repair.  
2 days ago
I mostly agree except with walnut (and possible others in that family).
They don't play nice with the prunus sub-family and apple/pear sub-family, but seems okay with blackberry sub-family (maybe it does affect them but it just makes them nice vs invasive). I think they are fine with all the other berry in whatever family.

I have also heard that other than apple the rest of the rose family (prunus+blackberry+pear sub-family) is fine.
And that the tomato and potato are not too happy maybe wolfberry/goji is fine.
Blueberry family is not okay with it
Or the Nannyberry family

Next is polyculture garden (mint/thyme family vs carrot/dill family vs bean family vs onion family vs cabbage family vs spinach family).
The interactions are very complex. Too much to write out. Maybe I will post a infographic chart later, but you didn't really ask about garden just food forest.

2 days ago
Get ones with very obvious different color vs ones with same color but just vaguely different patterns.

You have a 12month until egg production is affected by chicken age. So for the next 6 months replace with a specific while culling half of the flock
Then switch over to another color bird while culling the rest
For a full list checkout http://www.sagehenfarmlodi.com/chooks/hendersonschickenchart.pdf
2 days ago
If your winter temp gets down to -30 and the soil freezes to 10ft, no amount of bubbler/straw will help.
But if your soil only freeze to 1ft, Then there is hope.
2 days ago