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Massachusetts, Zone:6/7, AHS:4, Rainfall:48in even Soil:SandyLoam pH6 Flat
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We are social creature and that means group info, like county records, that state, I own my lot, how much my lot is worth and taxes, I pay, am I married. Google, phone company and credit card company also know my gps info, my transaction info, my communication info via email/permies/search history/webhistory/credit-debit card purchases, etc. My voice signature when I go to my friends house with smart search always on. My license plate/car location or even face location via cctv and image recognition.

Way back in the village days, there was also no privacy, everyone was up in my business, and people would be slutshamed, stone actually at one point. Others would be called poor and shamed, other would be called weird herbal freaks who must be witch or nerdy scientist. We have always been nosy social creature, exploiting each others fears/needs/wants and making a profit. Learning each others habit and stealing when the owner isn't there.
A pump with a timer might be the solution.
1 day ago
According to the old regulation after 3yrs of not using synthetic chemical, everything qualifies as organic. It's possible they have reduced or lengthen that 3yrs, I readup on it some time ago.
1 day ago
Drinking water quality would be well for me, after that would be rainwater catchment and tank.

I would look at some of the guidelines for septic-greywater systems for inspiration: settling, aeration/out compete with good bacteria, then sand+microbes.

For me personally it would involve: sand+microbes, fungi+mulch, and sand again. Then ceramic filter for drinking and showers but not for laundry, baths, general cleaning, or dish-washing.
1 day ago

Can you tell me the length of the span?
A 4inch steel pipe can self-support a span of 27ft, and a 12inch one can do 44ft.
I wonder what the cost is?

I wonder what the permit process is like to get a approval for taking water from the stream, and then secondarily what the electrical permit is like to install solar/wind/hydro.

1 day ago
Please note that authors only get $0.80 to $1.00 out of that $10 book. Which they will then promptly have to pay taxes on, accountants and who knows who else. They really aren't making alot.
2 days ago
The 50% net efficiency is not just from the turbine. it is due to loss in the waterline, the turbine, the generator, line run.
Max Power = 100W
Waterline = 100 x 90% efficiency =90W
Turbine = 90 x 75% = 67.5W
Generator = 67.5 x 90% = 60.75W
Misc/AC Line Run = 60.75 x 90% = 54.7W

Low Voltage DC with a line run cause even bigger losses.
Charge Controller = 90%
Batteries Charging is about 80% efficiency,
Battery Discharge is 90%
Inverter is 90%

50% efficiency is really not that conservative.
2 days ago
With a 200ft by 100ft lot you have a 600ft perimeter or 60 trees with 10ft spacing if you did 2 rows it would be 100trees easily. You would still have plenty of space for some intensive gardening and a 20ft by 50ft fish pond.
2 days ago
Spring Flow = 12L per 55 second = 0.21L/s = 3.434gpm
Spring Head = 21ft (spring to mill)
Spring Head = 10ft (mill to river/lowest point on property)
Spring Head = 31ft (Total)

Power to Mill/House = 0.2 x Flow x Head
= 0.2 x 3.434gpm x 21
= 0.2 x 72
= 14.4W in the wet season it might double, but you still have 50% efficiency to deal with. I would use this to power the mill/waterwheel for the rustic look.

River Flow = 6L/s = 95gpm = 100gpm
River Head = 13 (waterfall)
River Head = 29ft (base of waterfall to lowest point property)
River Head = 42ft (Total)

Power = 0.2 x Flow x Head
= 0.2 x 100gpm x 42
= 0.2 x 4200
= 840W per hour or 20.2KWH per day with a 50% efficiency its 10kWH per day, which is around the avg European electric usage.
There is already a aqueduct from the waterfall/river to the mill. So that means you already have permission to use it. I would just run the pipe thru/alongside that to the house and then to the lowest point on the property. If they ever ask you question you just have to say it has always been this way where I took 2/3rd 0f the river water for the mill, it has just been spruced-up.

I recommend getting a 4inch pipe, it is the recommended size for a 4 nozzle hydro-eletric setup and it perfect for your 100gpm to 300gpm flow rate. In the wet season with 3x the flow your produce 3x as much electric, you can sell it to the grid or use the excess energy to dehydrate produce with powerful fans for airflow.
2 days ago
I enjoy making my own tempeh with Rhizopus oligosporus mycelium, when this same inoculatant is used to with peanut it is called black Oncom it is also used with coconut too, really it can be used with any beans.

I mostly make my Tempeh/Oncom with white navy beans, I dont even take off the skin. I recommend having amazake/koji fermentation going on in the house too, but it is not required, just something I usually do and it makes it easier. I have even just made batch in the same pot that I cooked 1lbs of dried beans, The bottom got wet feet so I flipped it over and then it dried out and firmed up. Its really good fried.

I have tried adding koji to my beans, like I did to my cooked rice to make amazake/rice syrup. The koji did liquefy/mushify the beans, but I wasn't too keen about eating it.
I did put them in a jar to ferment them to the miso/soy sauce stage, but I got fearful because it is a 9 month long fermentation process to make soy sauce and I started getting citrus odor from one and nail polish odor form another.
2 days ago