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Hi Rocketeers,

short but important question about the draft of a Rocket in a Huge !!! Greenhouse

I have already build 16 RMH before I build my 2 last ones I have the question on. I also have books and DVD´s and so on but no Answer so far on the following question:
We have a greenhouse  10 meter wide and 50 meter long. In the middle I have build 2RMH

The Rockets are build in the middle so each pipe in the ground is approx 30....32 meter long including the chimney outside. The dimensions of the tummel, heat riser, .... is the same like always.
But I get NO draft to the Rocket.  Sometime the Smoke sucked in, some time the flame comes out  of the feeding mouth, some times the fire went even out because of a lot of smoke
The barrel becomes warm but not hot.
It seems because of the big cold system i can get no draft in, even after some hours of heating up the system.
Is this system to long (30 m horizontal pipe in the ground)??  

Thanks for help in advance
3 months ago
For all the "European" Hobbits in this group:
We start to build a Hobbit house with a reciprocal roof and want to install a skylight dome on the top.
What kind of skylight did you used? And more important where do you got it?  What is with insulation? Did you use one, two or three layer?
We are located in Latvia, so cold in the winter. Hope to hear from you, and have a sunny day
6 months ago
Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design Latvia starts in 2018!
The Diploma is the internationally recognised next step after completing a (PDC) Permaculture Design Course.
Through the process of accreditation, or aim is to design 10 Projects and initiate a co-operative organisation that will help to facilitate higher education in permaculture design.
The trainer comes from Switzerland, and will offer support to those who seek to take their permaculture practice to the next level. Building confidence in the individual practitioners, credibility of sound permaculture theory and resilient networks of support for regenerative design.
After all 10 permaculture projects have been documented, they will be submitted and, after an evaluation period, the final diploma examination will take place.
The first Diploma Course will start from the 25th of June till 29th of June 2018 and take place in Lejas Variceni close to Smiltene, Latvia.
The second Diploma Course will be from the 13th of August till 17th of August 2018 and take place in Zadini close to Launkalne, Latvia.
The third and fourth meeting dates will be around the same time 2019 and will be published approximately in March 2018
The diploma weekends will be individually discussed and held from September 2019
We operate a flexible payment system to make it more affordable.
Standard Rat: 600€ per year
per participant from Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Palestine

Participants from the Rest of the World:
Standard Rate: 800€ per year
per participant from every other country of our lovely Planet.

For everybody:
Standard Rate: 200€ per Diploma weekend in the End of the course.

The costs include:

- The whole Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design
- Accommodation in our farmyard hay hotel
- Full catering (vegetarian) 3 times per day

Here is an example for a participant from the Baltic States
600, - Euro for 2 times 5 day course in the year 2018
600, - Euro for 2 times 5 day course in the year 2019
200, - Euro for the diploma weekend after October 2019

The costs are to be paid per year or in monthly instalments

More Information you can find here:

have a snowy "Christmas Season"


1 year ago
Hello Teacher,

we are a Permaculture Farm in the green Heart of Latvia and looking for YOU!

We want to run a 2 week PDC in 2018 (between May and September)
This year we will run our first on our Farm
Here is a link to the Internet page :

Now there is the possibility a get a grand for an US Teacher like you to teach the PDC here in 2018 !
All we need is to find you, your willing to come... find a date when, .... and your CV in English as PDF till June this year
Here are all Infos about the funding organisation  :

We also have a NGO and give some Infos in Facebook :
and on the page :  what we stand for.

Now it´s up to you to get in contact here or in a personal mail at Thomaskrueger333(at)

Hope to see you on our farm in 2018. Have a sunny day
Thomas and the organisation team

2 years ago
During 2017 we will offer 2  Permaculture Design Courses (PDC1 and 2)

The spring course (PDC1) will run from 20th May (arrival day) until 3rd June (departure day).

The autumn course (PDC2) will run from 9th September (arrival day) until 23rd September (departure day)

Each course consists of a practical element and 72 hours theory and is taught in both German and English. This gives participants the opportunity to better follow the content and improve their foreign language skills. The course is held in cooperation with the Swiss agency, down to earth ACADEMY for PERMACULTURE DESIGN.  For more information about the two coaches, see The Team

All participants receive a PDC certification on completion.

Please refer to the Timetable

Each participant will have the opportunity to work and live on a permaculture farm every day throughout the course.

We have limited the number of participants on each course to 25 in order to be able to accommodate each individual person’s questions
There is the potential for a small number of participants to complete their first week in PDC1 and their second week in PDC2. For further information please contact us by email at Thomaskrueger333(at)

Costs for the 14 days course:

Participants from the Three Baltic States and Palestine
Early Bird Rate (for reservations before 20.12.2016) - 350€ per participant from Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Palestine
Standard Rate (for reservations after 20.12.2016) - 450€ per participant from Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Palestine

Participants from the Rest of the World
Early Bird Rate (for reservations before 20.12.2016) - 600€ per participant from every other country of the world
Standard Rate (for reservations after 20.12.2016) - 700€ per participant from every other country of the world.

                                                                 The costs include:
- The 72 hour PDC with final diploma
- Accommodation in our farmyard hay hotel
- Full catering (vegetarian / non-vegetarian)

The course can also be paid in installments. The amount of the installments is calculated according to the date of your registration and can be arranged individually. Please send an email directly to Thomaskrueger333(at)

A guaranteed reservation for one of the 25 seats will only be accepted if an amount of at least 100 Euros has been entered into our bank account. This will be refunded only in the case of a cancellation of at least 3 months before the course. A first registration can also be made directly on this page, please enter your details.  
Please note, however, that a fixed reservation can only be made after receipt of the first 100 euros (or higher).

For each bank transfer please specify PDC1 or PDC2 and your email address, so we can contact you.

Again, please note that we only offer 25 spaces per course.

A Facebook group has been set up for all participants to get to know each other, exchange information, or distribute new information among the participants.

You can reach us by bus or by plane. Here are some links to cheap flights or bus connections.                                       Riga Airport

From Riga you can get to us by bus. Here is a link to the bus connections from Riga to Smiltene.
The cost is a maximum of 5.70€ per person. Please let us know on which bus you will arrive, then we can pick you up at the bus station in Smiltene.
If you have further questions, please contact us by email
Hi folks
there a lot of different grains from which cereal I can make it.
Which isolate most?
which I can handle best?
The cheapest?
Thanks a lot in advance
4 years ago
Hello Experts,
next weekend I want to build my first RMH. But with the Heat riser I have some questions.
I read an on line book there was written the top of the heat riser has to be higher at the border and deeper in the middle.
Ernie always suggest a cob top with the outside deeper than the middle. Some drawings I found it horizontal.
The distance is always 2 inch to the top
But also the distance on side between Heat riser and the barrel is between 1,5 and 5 inch.

So ? What are the right dimensions and the right shape ?

Tx a lot in advance
Tom from Latvia
5 years ago
hi folks,

how I can isolate the heat riser without "Perlite"?
Can I use rockwool?

Perlite in Latvia not exist... and to Import 10 kg is much to expensive ......
Hope you can help me

Tx a lot in front from the cold Latvia
5 years ago
Hello everybody,

question about potatoes under straw:

This year we harvest the first time potatoes under straw with a big success. Last year at the same place we dig it in the earth.
Now the question: Should we plant next year the potatoes at the same place?
When I understand permaculture right we have to plant potatoes at a distant point in the garden, we have not often to look at.
But I we changed with the other garden I have to cross the potato field.

Will it be the same amount next year at the same field?
Do I will get more bugs next year?

Tx a lot in advance
See you on our farm
5 years ago