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Jerry McIntire

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since Jan 15, 2013
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Temperate hardwood forest (NW Michigan) - zone 5b, 38" precip/yr
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Recent posts by Jerry McIntire

The movie is off to an excellent start. Thanks for this! I started watching and look forward to finishing it with popcorn, notepad, and the rest of my family tonight. We are about to put in a pond and hugelkultur this fall.
5 days ago
I agree with Clay, it could use more identification and qualifications given at the top of the page te establish credibility. Also, the odd type differentiation for links would have escaped me if these comments hadn't pointed out that they are links.
I would like a simple sentence that says you can buy either movie, or a bundle of both with plans. Tell me there are three options up top, or I am wondering and trying to track what all is being offered and how prices compare.
How about a paragraph on what can be/commonly is built with roundwood? More pictures of buildings in the wild would also help.
Thoughtful plan, and it is impressive that you are still thinking about it, and open to so much input.
I don't know the prevailing winds there, other than winter storms from the north and west, or how much shade you might want/need in the summer heat. If you do know, you could plant the appropriate deciduous or coniferous trees to protect from harsh winds, remain open to cooling summer winds, and shade your tent and/or "living room" area in the afternoons.

I like the idea of an awning/roof on the front of the shed.

Jerry McIntire wrote:I've used a Makita corded electric, and a Poulan, and the Makita is much faster at cutting. ...

I have a Ryobi 14" cordless chainsaw now, have been using it for six years and it is still going strong. I'm not cutting firewood, but it does all the tree limbing and felling I need.
4 months ago
I like making sourdough English muffins, and pancakes. My wife eats gluten-free and her favorite bread is gluten-free sourdough (mostly) buckwheat. We wish we knew the recipe. The baker keeps it a secret, but it really is the best gluten-free bread I've ever had.
4 months ago

T Blankinship wrote:I like it. Needs more pictures of the oven and things cooking in the oven. Under Need inspiration? what about a clip show on the right of the oven cooking: pizza, vegetables, bread then ending with "what will you cook next?". Also what about a picture gallery of rocket ovens? From people who have built them and uses them.  

I like those suggestions. The website looks good in its latest version. I'm left wanting more info and pictures, plus a short "trailer" from the video. That's going to answer more questions for me, which is what I'd need before pulling the trigger to buy. Questions like, what materials are needed to build (no bricks visible), estimated time to build, how clean is the burn?
Looking good!

Edward Norton wrote:I thought I should post an update. At the weekend I got a lift to Home Depot and picked up the wood for the frames.

I made some oil cloth for the first layer, the layer next to the window. You can read all about that here - Oil Cloth Badge Bit

The frame is a snug fit. I thought I'd need to make some toggles to hold it in place. Next up - add two handles and make the second frame.

Edward, I am beyond impressed. Quite the homemade, natural and low-cost solution to your problem.
I wanted to add a quick option for those in similar rental situations. There are lots of rigid foam scraps that get tossed on construction sites, or are leftover from neighbors' projects. 1" - 2" foam will more than double the insulation value of even double pane windows. Cut it precisely to fit your window opening so it fits tightly around all the edges. Put these up in the evenings and take them out in the morning, when you want light. Then use any light or heavy weight, nice looking fabric as a curtain to hide the foam. Really simple, and to me reusing foam that is being tossed is as helpful as reusing old wool blankets.
5 months ago

Mike Haasl wrote:Here is an excellent video on a number of notch cutting techniques.  Most of us only need to know a couple of these...

If you watch the video on YouTube you may see that one of the skilled arborists sharing his knowledge was just killed a month ago, in an unexpected way while working. You can also find a GoFundMe page to help his wife and two young daughters: Jed James Walters.
5 months ago
Since it took me a full minute to suss out what was cool about a "spinning wheel made from bicycle parts" (bicycle wheels spin just fine, what's this for?), I am thinking that making it more immediately understandable would help, especially since it leads off the list. How about, "wool spinning wheel made from bicycle parts." Or even better, "spinning wheel for wool made from bicycle parts."

6 months ago

Briana Great wrote:Is there a "small" rocket stove design that can be used to efficiently dump a lot of heat, rapidly, into a "typical" living area, for those of us trying to move from 3 to 4 on the Permies Scale?  =)

Yes, there are lighter ones that you can build. Keep looking at the resources in the top post. Your other option is to reinforce the floor support under the location where you would build a RMH. That is not very difficult or costly, though you will want to stay with a smaller/lighter stove.
10 months ago