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Recent posts by rowan james

ahhh, thank you all so much for the timely replies, and updates.

I agree that to keep the ridge house and land as "intact" as possible, to follow Mike's original dreams, would be a fitting legacy for the creative idealist he was.

I'll try getting in touch with Alex via email again. . . I'm not an investor, sadly - but well, sometimes things come together when the "idea pot" gets stirred. . .

Best to you all!
5 years ago

Miles Flansburg wrote:I wonder if Alex would be someone to contact for more info and as a source? Who was Mikes helper? Alex?

From the OBIT...

"Condolences and memories of Mike may be forwarded to Alex Clemow, P.O. Box 6003, Missoula, Montana 59806 or e-mail"

Miles, I wonder if you or any other permies might have another email address for Alex - an email I sent was returned "unknown" - I can use the POBox, but would prefer a more timely contact if possible.

Alternatively, anyone else have news or updates on what might be happening with Mike's dreams for his land, or know who I might contact to find out?

many thanks!
5 years ago
thanks everyone, I knew if I came "here" I'd get some answers!

I do run the ole script blockers, etc. - but had allowed the settings for the linked pages, still had no box for video/audio show up on the links.

BUT it's working now, and I'm able to listen & see the "slideshow" pics.

lookin' forward to hearing "The Duke" later - takin' notes!

edit to add a thankyou to everyone involved making this available!
6 years ago
heya fellow permies ~

anyone else having trouble accessing this program? I have all the registration emails, e-books, etc. but when I click through to today's schedule, there are no links available beyond the ads for each presenter.

I'm using an updated Firefox browser, FYI.

any pointers would be greatly appreciated - I'd hate to miss the day's window of availability!
6 years ago
as requested, successfully downloaded "rocket-mass-heater-manual", quick & easy (after previous unsuccessful attempts).

much appreciation to everyone for their forensics & the Wisner-artistry!
having spent a few afternoon winter hours clicking around on permies forums, this thread has caused me to de-lurk, as I may have some information to add.

I've lived in the Kamiah / Kooskia area, most recently last year, and I believe that "permaculture institute" is no longer viable - I tried to get in touch with them, no reply, and was told by some locals that one of the founders had passed? their online presence was up last year, but appears to be down now (unless I'm wrong and it's been re-named or?).

as to the area, it definitely has its quirks, and is drawing in many different types of people - but overall, there is a substantial "older" population living on SS or similar smaller incomes - which is fine, of course, I'm merely noting that not a lot of business or services are in the area, mainly because there isn't the "income" amongst the locals that would support these things. check out the "main streets" of Kamiah or Kooskia, and you'll find most businesses have gone under in the past five years or so, the bars are the last to go. the mid-summer tourist season is their main draw, Hwy 12 "scenic route" that attracts lots of biker groups, etc.

of course, you're talking of land "off grid" and not in town services! I'm just sharing some impressions of the area over time. there are some truly friendly, helpful people the sort one would expect in "small town" settings - there are also some, shall we say, strongly held beliefs the further out of town one gets. the area drew in a few "apocalyptic" types around Y2K, congregations that bought up tracts of land named "Almost Heaven" (search: Bo Gritz) etc. - many of these "sub-divisions" have undeveloped small acreage for sale now, I would only advise doing some homework, as "real estate agents" in the area vary WIDELY when dealing with buyers from "out of state" - particularly the ubiquitous "California" buyers flipping high priced real estate to buy Idaho acreage. those folks are not very popular, and are often sold, shall we say, less than ideal areas - mainly because most don't stick around after a few years. . . there are MANY "dream homes on acreage" or "prepper type" set-ups on the market that have been up for sale for YEARS now. . .

the "city-data" web-forums have some interesting threads on gravel pits opening up across the street from people's "dream retirement spot", etc. I've seen them "abandoned" for a few years, then re-opened for a month or so, 24-7 unreal noise and dust, trucks, etc. oh, and apparently "personal cannons" are legal too - those jaw-dropping *booms* echoing through the narrow river valleys, ahh yes, memories.

best wishes in your search - don't narrow your "real estate agent" choices, they do come in all stripes. a good question to ask when interviewing is "what are the most recent water rights agendas?" - because there was a LOT of noise about the Nez Perce tribal elders securing their status in the future (who can blame them!).

as someone who considers using flush-water in a porcelain toilet a true wasted resource, I took readily to composting toilets.

to take it a step further, and eliminate the "waste paper" used wasn't so very hard - re-usable cloths, personally hand washed daily? easy.

saves those precious pennies for the things that truly matter. . . like coffee, heh.
7 years ago
for the best part of a decade (and I mean best in all the ways possible), I lived in Western Scotland, and the use of "fuck" as a descriptive was ubiquitous.
maybe it was the accent that endeared the word to me - Billy Connolly anyone? - but hearing it describe a day: "aye, it's a fuckin' gorgeous day, so it is!"
or to gently mock someone "ge'tay fuck wit yer nonsense" (get outta here with your silly opinions) - has taken all the sting out of the word itself.

of course, it can be used with rage behind it, but so can many words - I'd rather not experience the rage, but the words themselves mostly don't bother me.
I actually like that Paul uses "fuck" as an adjective, it sets his tone. . . in the same way that I'd notice if say, Geoff Lawton used this word - people have different personalities, and others are free to partake/ignore depending on their own preferences.

not so keen on having things homogenised simply to keep children from hearing these words - appropriate content for appropriate ages. I was raised in a strict religious home, and punishment for saying "my gosh" as a derivative of "god's name in vain" ensured, in my case at least, rebellious behaviours as a result. the world holds many "types" - I'm down for individuals to seek out and find their similars, with no silencing of anyone as they go. . .
7 years ago
greetings ~

we are three, of varying ages from mid-30's upwards, looking for land, with or without buildings, in Southern Michigan, from Allegan County eastwards towards Jackson, roughly.

ideally we'd like to be near like-minded folks, for community-minded support and networking in the future. very open to alternative ideas and land contracts, ect. experienced organic growing, community living/cooking, and many other diverse talents to add to the mix.

any pointers or advice would be welcomed - the snow is finally melted, and we're thawing out too - can't wait to get MOVING! feel free to reply here or PM me any time.

thanks permie-folks.
7 years ago
count me in for support of your future kickstarter Dennis, love the idea of making my own shoes, not to mention the day-dream of care-taking a yak - from your posts in the "In Search of Natural Clothes -- In Particular Footwear" thread - LOVE all the pictures you posted there!

keep us posted, please, and best wishes towards sourcing your own "income" creatively.
7 years ago