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Small town kid from TN valley seen the world via US Navy. Married w/ cat. Doing everything I can to just be more self sufficient.
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that is a serious question. one i have struggled with my entire adult life.  so much so i sought out a fortune teller for mystical guidance as conventional wisdom had failed me.  As she looked into the ether through her crystal ball she said " what did you just ask me? get out! get out! for heavens sake just put it in cornbread like everyone else!"  

To be fair i think it was good advice........... but not worth $20bucks and all the theatrics.

use it at your own risk.  Bear cracklin' cornbread sounds really good though with some chili.

you can also cook them very well and crush them to use as breading too.
2 years ago
i have a few that keep me busy. homebrewing wine beer and meads, restoring /resto modding furniture, tinkering with cars / motorcycles and  making videos for my youtube channel.
2 years ago
there are some commercial ones out there and they are nice search rain barrel planters. but i think you are on the right track by making your own. Your design will work as long as you get the right plants in it you could also loose the mosquito screen and put small fry in there to eat the larvae and eggs.  you could also do about anything if you use rockwool or other aquaponics grow media in the basin for the plants to root into.  i had the same idea a few years back when i was stationed in CT but military housing shot it down quick LOL  as for plants there are tons of plants that do well in New England. Hosta, black eyed Susan, day lilies, and ferns to name a few. I say go for it.  you can also search Rain Gardens for ideas of plants that would do well with a rain barrel planter. Best of luck!
finishing a project i've started

having a cup of coffee with my wife in the evening
2 years ago
She will let you know her name in time. like all things we just need to be patient and our Boats, trucks, motorcycles and such that we put time, effort, thought and love into will always let us know. while i feel an un named ship is unlucky and old unnamed boat probably already has a name she just isn't told you yet. I also like the Name of your Farm. good stuff enjoy the retirement brother you earned it and hopefully i wont be too far behind. -HTC
2 years ago
Wow thats awesome i wished i could attend! i may be still floating during this or just returning. but I really appreciate the link and the info. Still active duty will be a veteran hopefully Sept 2022!
I'm interested in the blundstone gumboot 028 boots

for those that have had them before how are they holding up for you? are they rummy enough for a liner in winter?

the ones i buy from Tractor supply wear out in a season. Mucks have never lasted more than a year and they are a slip hazard on any wet smooth surface. My last pair was bought prior to a deployment (on sale at local co-op) and leaked the first day i used them out of the box 9 months later after I returned.

I need a serious pair of Wellingtons at $165 USD that's pricey for rubber boots however i'm willing to get a set and send home to my dad who will farm the life  out of them and see if they last more than a year. Blundestone Gumboots 028
3 years ago
@Dustin Rhodes  its really hard to find quality pants or jeans sub $50. i have never heard of Texas Jeans and i'm now going to try them out. i've switched from Wranglers to Diamond Gusset Jeans a few years ago. they are US made and heavy duty jeans in real sizes (meaning you have to measure yourself). they are usually around $68 bucks a pair for the jeans. their motorcycle pants (kevlar lined) are double that. But both pairs i have bought have lasted 5 years. the non motorcycle pants even survived a low speed high side crash on the bike with only some abrasion on the legs where i slid down the roadside.  So i can say they saved my "butt" literally. with the wranglers i would go through a pair every year to 18months just doing chores and work around the house.

I'm definitely going to try the Texas Jeans out.  also I second Duluth Trading company great products that last
3 years ago
How has this been working out for you? i'm interested to see how this project is going.
4 years ago