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since Feb 11, 2013
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Small town kid from TN valley seen the world via US Navy. Married w/ dog. Doing everything I can to just be more self sufficient.
Norfolk VA
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Are there medicinal plants in the North East that are being pushed out by invasive species? Can they be saved or cultivated?
4 years ago
What will it cost to get the DVD set and the micro documentary now that the kick starter is done? I want to get it before , but my funds just didn't open up until today. If its not doable I'm still going to purchase the DVD set at the $85 rate.
Do you still have some available?
If your perculator has a plastic top you can replace it with

I've replaced a few in the past. As for the tea infuser method I have one, the flavor is good, I just use a course grind. So i don't get to much sludge.

Having used the cold process coffee a lot underway (2-3 gal batches twice a week) its great hot or cold but if not kept in a fridge or inside an a/c duct it got about 3 days before mold sets in. That stuff kept the engines live and the lights on.
5 years ago
This is an awesome thread! I'm in a hash house harriers group in new england I think I'm going To start swinging the seed bombs out into the empty lots and rundown properties along our running trails. Maybe even do a Straight Seed swinging balls hash run!
5 years ago
Thank you. I'm looking forward to learning from and contributing to Permies!
5 years ago
Hello everyone! I have lurked long enough. I'm a Sailor staring down the barrel of a 20 year run, looking to be more self sufficient and doing more permaculture where ever the Navy sends me. I'm a transplant from TN. My wife and I are interested in cob houses, earth ships, food forests and generally anything that is better for us and our local environment.
5 years ago
When you guys talk about tiny white worms do you mean the threads? The only tiny white worms I'm seeing in my bins are Threads ( baby worms). They are about 1/4" to 1/2" and thread like.
6 years ago