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Hello Yadigar, with an E.coli out break involving 5 children , you have the full attention of local public health and the CDC.

My opinion, work with them to find and stop the source of the outbreak. Protect the health of the children, yourselves, neighbors and community. I think child protective services will become involved if you don't work with them.
3 years ago
I've heard the astronauts bones demineralize while in space (and I assume remineralize over time when they return and do weight bearing exercise)

I would think all exercise is good, but the best is weight bearing of walking, dancing, playing (and jogging and jumping if your body is up to it)

Balance exercises and stretching also help to prevent falls and resulting broken bones.

Magnesium and phosphorous in the right measure may also play a role.

Best of luck
3 years ago
Hello Kevin, I'm no expert, but I think you should find a paleo-friendly Registered Dietician and address what is the best diet for you. Then test and monitor those numbers down.

Are you testing your blood glucose daily+.

How much exercise do you get? *(cliche warning: "sitting is the new smoking")

In my 50's I've built up to walking (or bicycling) 6 miles a day to work. It feels good. A co-worker asked me if it's hard to walk home after a long 2nd shift in the ER. My answer is no, not anymore - it just feels like thinking. It clears my head and I observe things.

* I see omega 3 fish oil used for high triglycerides - maybe add more fish in diet.
3 years ago
Al, I would choose the words local appropriate technology. It looks like a small scale palm kernal oil business.

The pre- photos show the women stirring the pots surrounded with smoke.
4 years ago
Hello Tina, My property is a 1/4 acre and I compost in a 6 x 6 foot pile. I build them out of 1/4" hardware mesh. (because of skunks, raccoons, voles, etc I use the wire fencing underneath and on top also. They don't seem attracted by the humanure - but food brings them in)

For outside cover i use leaf, grass clippings, and a few bales of straw. I also soak household paper towels and white paper mail in a 5 gal bucket (unshredded - I'm lazy). For aesthetics I always cover the paper with straw or leaves.

For inside bucket cover I have been using peat moss. Haven't been able to source good sawdust yet. Also I screened last years compost after a 6 month wait and am using that now.

I wouldn't use the plastic barrels or separate the urine. The compost breaks down best in contact with the soil (using a biofilter for absorbtion). There is a lot of info on Joe Jenkins humanure forums and good videos too.
4 years ago
Like the Seinfeld episode, seems like their is a certain bias in the hiring of these lumberjack ladies.
4 years ago
Ben Franklin: "Beer is proof that God loves us."

I like this.
4 years ago
It downloaded quickly on my android phone.

Thank you Paul, Erica, Ernie and all. I can't wait to finishing reading it.

I did a google search and found an article/ discussion on a blog called Slow water Vermont (searched buckthorn: slow water Vermont). Also searched buckthorn as firewood. Seems like one type is very dense and burns well. Also some people were carving bowls and really liked the wood.
4 years ago