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Recent posts by Upgeya Pew

My favorite hat is the Outdoor Research Seattle Sombrero: waterproof, breathable, adjustable, comfortable, long-lasting, waddable. Good for almost all conditions except aggressive winds.  Its wide brim protects the ears and the back of the neck, and fhe face from direct sun. Among other places, available from REI.
1 year ago

Devaka Cooray wrote:I just did something behind the server, which should fix things for everyone who couldn't get access to their stuff.
This includes, Steve, Upgeya, Rose, and Lisa, (et al) - guys, you should be able to access your stuff now. Please check.

Thanks, Devaka!  I received another e-mail from gir bot aka you, and can now access the notes!

paul wheaton wrote:

Upgeya Pew wrote: I've seen no e-mail about the Hugelkultur Micro Documentary noted in Kickstarter Project Update #11.

I just looked up this one.  Our records show that you do have access.  Are you able to access it?


Yes, Paul - given this link, I'm able to access the Hugelkultur Micro Doc.   Still no access to the PDC teacher notes.  Wants me to pay $$.
I'm having the same difficulty as Steve Stanek, for the Design Course Teacher's notes only.  Since receiving the e-mail on 6/1 (to my Kickstarter registered e-mail address), I've merged my e-mail addresses as instructed, but still no access as of today, with the link provided in that e-mail.  Subsequently, today I received the ATC candy email to my permies.com primary log-in e-mail (not the Kickstarter one), and that link works to download the candy.  Also, I've seen no e-mail about the Hugelkultur Micro Documentary noted in Kickstarter Project Update #11.
A link to the greenhouse plans shown in the second video can be found here:

Schwen Greenhouse Diagrams.pdf 2.20 MB
2 years ago
I like Life Extension Foundation (www.lef.org).  High quality, backed by research, tremendous source of information.  They have a multi-vitamin, multi-mineral supplement.
2 years ago
Permaculture is an ethically based holistic design science rooted in observing and aligning with the patterns of nature to produce a surplus yield while maintaining the resilience and health of the ecosystem indefinitely, and enhancing it over time, all on current solar income.  

In permaculture core ethics lead to scientifically based methods designed to create intentional ecologies that sustain life indefinitely on current solar income while providing a surplus for human beings.  Through careful observation and interaction, and other scientifically based methods, we gain Information and understanding about the core patterns at work in nature.  Using this information and patterns, we attempt to design and then facilitate/orchestrate ecologies that maximize beneficial interactions that produce abundance for ourselves and enrich the ability of the ecosystem to maintain itself indefinitely, on current solar income.  We speed up succession to our advantage both by disadvantaging unwanted species that would compete, and advantaging beneficial species that will enhance the succession for which we have a preference.
2 years ago
The wheat straw can be used as a substrate for mycelium to grow forms, including bricks and sheets. These can be used as structural building materials. Who knows, perhaps an entire building structure could be grown. For more about this do a search on "mycelium building materials" and/or see:


For a really great list of links to further information see:

and check out the section labeled "Mycotecture Research and Experiments"

For insulation see:


2 years ago
I was recently directed to this older thread by the daily-ish e-mail. I tracked down something closer to the original source of Starhawk's evolution of the 3rd ethic:

I found her article inspiring and think it is really worth reading in its entirety. In it she says:

"The three ethics work together. We cannot truly care for the earth unless we take into account the people and the long term impact of our interventions. Ecological solutions that ignore issues of justice are doomed to fail. And we cannot care for the people if we don't take into account the life-support systems of the earth that sustain us all. Social and economic justice movements that ignore the environmental constraints and ecological realities cannot truly improve peoples' lives. To care for the future, we must share the surplus we create and limit our consumption. When we bring people care and earth care together with an eye to future generations, we create a synergy that has immense power for healing and regeneration. Climate change can be seen as a symptom of myriad dysfunctional relationships. Our technology, our energy systems, economic systems and food growing systems, our whole way of life are in warped relationship to the greater realities around us. To avoid ultimate climate catastrophe, we must heal some core relationships, with place, with food and soil, with community [Upgeya: and I would add, with ourselves]. When we do, we can wean ourselves off stuff as a filler for the emptiness within, step out of the competitive ballpark and into the singing garden."

My understanding of the three ethics is that they arise from a single ethic, the Life Ethic: living organisms are not only means (to meeting our needs), but also ends, having intrinsic worth, in themselves. In addition to their instrumental value to humans and other living organisms, they have an intrinsic worth.

2 years ago
Nancy, I think it was middle to late spring. I cut them off the tree with a knife. I don't know if the tea can be frozen or not - but I don't see why not. The mushroom sawdust is very dry. I found no need to dry it. I think I took the tea (AND the fiber) for 1-2 months, but don't remember exactly how long. In looking back at my blood test results, it was two months between the test results. I attach another picture of the result.
2 years ago