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Recent posts by Danielle Eernisse

Bumping this to say that I'm still searching for a restoration project to support and learn from, and I'm open to any location. I would prefer a situation with structure, team collaboration, and plenty of opportunities to learn about the process of restoring damaged landscapes.

Thanks and cheers!
10 months ago
Thank you so much, Mike and Daron! Especially you, Daron - that was incredibly helpful! I think I'm going to take the next warm season to get some plain old organic farming experience under my belt, see if I can connect with any local land trust restoration projects, and think about whether permie boot camp calls me come fall. We'll see!

1 year ago
Hello friends!

After listening to an interview with John D. Liu and subsequently reading through his entire Ecosystem Restoration Camps website, I'm dying to know if there are similar projects happening in the US. Googling around wasn't very effective, and I'd rather take the more grassroots route of talking with y'all. I see a wide spectrum here of potential projects, from your standard degraded piece of land someone is homesteading on and revitalizing with regenerative ag to massive projects on the scale of John D. Liu's work in Altiplano and the Loess Plateau. I'm open to all of them, but am most intrigued by the latter half at present (larger scale projects restoring heavily damaged landscapes).

More about what I'm looking for:

- In the US, bonus if it's in the northeast
- Don't have to pay hundreds of dollars to work there, more of a work-trade scenario
- I'll be learning A LOT while I'm there, hopefully enough to help seed my own restoration project elsewhere one day

Who I am and what I have to offer:

- late 20's, strong, able-bodied, kind human with excellent communication skills, currently living in western Massachusetts
- I am SO READY to learn and do the relentless, ass-kicking, humbling, joyous work of restoring the earth!
- Environmental science degree, PDC, a few different WWOOF stints, lots of gardening experience, some permie design and carpentry experience
- Could stay for months if it's a good fit
- I haven't camped in rustic conditions for more than a few weeks, but I think I could get used to it

So, do you know of any restoration projects in the US that fit what I'm looking for? I'm open to hearing about smaller scale, permaculture homesteading projects if you feel called to share, although I know there are countless ones to choose from on here, wwoof, workaway, etc.

Thank you so much!
1 year ago
Kirsten, I want the exact same thing! I am 22 and finishing my undergrad in Chicago right now. I'll be graduating in May, and I'd like to immediately begin a PDC or embark on a permie-learning adventure through WWOOF, HelpX, or the opportunities around this forum. I agree that it would be lovely to have a like-minded friend with me, but permies are in short supply in my general area/acquaintance. I'm not incredibly picky about where I go, although I certainly have places in mind. The Pacific northwest, northeast, and well...all of Europe. Or anywhere, really!

I'm Danielle, by the way. If I had to identify as something, it would be a Buddhist atheist. So I think this could work

E-mail me!
6 years ago
Wow! I'm gearing up to do a hugel keyhole bed myself, and I can't thank you enough for the encouraging pictures! I'm planning on doing the ultimate permie experiment: a hugel keyhole with sheet mulching and cover crops to top it off. Keep the pics of any future yields coming please
6 years ago
I am 21 and still have a year left of undergrad, but am eager to travel and see different farms across the states as soon as I can, maybe find a partner along the way, and if I have time, save the world Where are these 19 acres of yours?

If you want to continue this through email:
6 years ago