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Cranbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
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I do exactly what I want, all the cooking, washing, ironing, gardening, shopping, floors and wash milady's car.
In return I'm allowed to be retired!  And she cleans the toilets and dusts.

I couldn't be happier with our arrangements.
2 weeks ago
We have French Sorrel growing vigorously under a fig tree, abundant to the point that I use it for chicken feed! It's terrific in salads and I add it to soups throughout winter.

Red Sorrel, we've got three plants that are much less vigorous.  Nice colorful addition to salads.

Cool temperate, SE Australia.
7 months ago
Maybe this is similar enough to be an lic What is a Permablitz? - Permablitz ... seems to be the most recent event.
1 year ago
Fan-damn-tastic is how I'd describe your efforts producing the dailyish email.

It ain't broken so no need to fix it, but if you tweak it I reckon that with your attitude it will only get better.
Well that was a BIG day.
Thrilled to have met Joel, David Holmgren and a swag of other luminaries.
The hall was packed, the speeches inspirational and the Q&A informative. The passion was palpable.
5 years ago
It's not often that I regret my life choices but I was asked to pick Joel up at Melbourne airport today and had to decline as I'm a motorcyclist without a car licence.
Damn, imagine having Joel to yourself for an hour.
5 years ago
Thanks Burra, this is an important event here. It's great that you supplied the link as I'm not that tech!
Perhaps you can get this into the dailyish email? Or Cassie could mention it in her vid?
5 years ago

Joel Salitan, David Holmgren, Darren Doherty, Costa and more Free.
5 years ago
Well I count myself exceedingly lucky as I'm going to be the "gopher" at an event in Melbourne Australia next Thursday when the great man will speak, along with David Holmgren and Darren Doherty (whose Regrarians are the organizers). Other local luminaries who wont be known to the wider world will speak as well.
For Aussies, Google "Eat, Buy, Grow" and come along to this FREE event.
5 years ago