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Recent posts by Mark Chadwick

This thread has given me a few jobs for tomorrow. I've got 2 clumps of green sorrel and 4 of the red variety. Ima Gunnar pot some up to rotate through the poultry yard as well as under a couple of fruit trees.  
Thanks for the suggestions.
1 month ago
I observe Tuesday  - no booze day.
5 months ago
I have seen somewhere that Muscovies are genetically geese, and would therefore be grazers.
11 months ago
David is one of the biggest "Bigs", and a truly magnificent speaker. I'm privileged to have met him, and happy to support his work.
2 years ago
Composting,  everything.  To the extent that my neighbour,  a mowing contractor,  supplies me with vast quantities of clippings and leaves that my chickens turn into the perfect soil amendment.
2 years ago
Three years pooless, never had any problem.
Highly recommended as a means of gick reduction,  $ savings and trash elimination.
2 years ago
I've had the pleasure of meeting David and having a brief chat, at the launch of Retrosuburbia. He and Sue are terrific exemplars of self reliance through permaculture.
David is an engaging speaker, in person and online. Heaps of presence on YouTube,  well worth a search.
2 years ago
I'd nominate David Holmgren's "Retrosuburbia, a downshifters guide to a resilient future".
Written for a warm temperate climate, tending to cool, as is found in SE Australia. Really 3 books in one, dealing with the built, biological and behavioural environments and the means of retrofitting or repurposing existing situations to cope with the coming of the end of cheap fossil fuel energy. Also available online in a "Pay as you feel" mode.
Google recipes for me. All saved and with an icon of their own on my phone.
2 years ago