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For some reason in Indiana "old fashioned" is what comes to people's mind when you mention sustainable practices. This village being set up in an old ways fashion does not surprise me. There is a deep nostalgia here for the past, but to me this seems to belie the useful place old ways has in our future.
8 years ago
Lot's of really big posts here that I don't have time to read at the moment, but to the OP I would say that your idea is not crazy, it's probably 10 years ahead of it's time in MO, which gives you time to get in now. See this article in the Smithsonian:

There are people that want the lifestyle of the countryside mixed with similar neighbors for their families to live next to. Skip the gym membership, enjoy the simple pleasures of good food and community. It's a high priced option because of all the lifestyle selling you can do. In fact, I would point out that this was the original dream of the suburbs - a small, simple patch of countryside to raise a family in that isn't too far from modern life. To create a suburb in a permaculture way is exactly the kind of long term thinking the world is hungry for.
8 years ago
Or maybe have that arm extend out over the letters in a "here it is" and welcoming way. A nice way to send a welcoming message to new and old users. Fits in the "be nice" ethic of the community here as well. You could then easily move the "ermies" over closer to the P.
I've done a lot of reading about brand recently.

Brand is your relationship with your audience.

What makes distinct in its relationship with its audience?

Summarize that in a distinctive and simple logo.

I like the new one a bit better, but really I can't answer what's relationship is with its audience so I can't say whether the logo is the best it could be.
This will be awesome, can't wait!
8 years ago