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Recent posts by sam na

Looking at that desert / 3d printer one I wonder if you could get a robot to build glass bricks, they could be filled with sand like to create a desert city from sand and sunshine
1 month ago
Floating raft is what most of the commercial people do.

3 months ago
If you let it seed you'll get a dense carpet in the same location next year. Ours comes up around early October
4 months ago
I'm pretty sure ours was dead by June last year, it's seeding and yellowing at the moment. Running a mower over it around now would almost certainly finish it off I think.

I guess I was imagining the air pocket between the leaf canopy and the ground would act as the insulation.

I'm just North of Bristol so reasonably mild. I guess I'll try it on a small area to start.
4 months ago
Are there any named varieties or efforts to improve Castanea pumila
4 months ago
I'm interested in creating a perennial system that can be scaled to large scale agriculture.

In the UK we have a dwarf runner  bean 'Hestia it grows to 50cm without support and can be perennial if protected from hard frost.

So I'm thinking of using as a winter 'blanket' to cover the soil.

It emerges in Oct/Nov and dies off in May.

I'd probably mow it just before the beans emerge.

Let the beans dry on the plant and harvest in September,  then mow down the plants.

Has anyone used Claytonia in a similar way?
4 months ago
'Dieta' is available in the UK

"But now we have found a new sweet lupin- the Dieta Lupin was bred in the UK specially for human use and is completely non-bitter, even without any special preparation."

However it's an Annual.
4 months ago

Kathleen Sanderson wrote:What irks me is the printers!  I've got two printers, one about a year and a half old, the other only a few months old, and neither one works anymore.  When you add the cost of ink, it's atrocious!  I think when we move, I may go computer-less for a while again.


Eco tank printers are now a thing
4 months ago