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I really like how their projects use minimal store bought materials, are built mostly by hand, and are so in tune with nature. A permaculture example for all.
3 weeks ago
Thanks, Paul.
I'm good with that.
3 months ago

paul wheaton wrote:

Please tell me more.  

If I click the PIE link at the top of the forums, it takes me to my PIE console with a list of all PIE
I've given and received.
After all my pie has expired, that same link brings me to this page:
But it just shows the price of pie and a link to buy more. The history portion is gone.
3 months ago
Thank you for the "Rocket Oven" Piece of Pie.
One thing to note is that the Pie dashboard, listing all my pie history, is not accessible when the pie expires.
Not a deal breaker, but a little odd. I guess I'll just get me another helping of Pie.
3 months ago
I find you can't go wrong with stir fry.
Anything like onion, tomato, herbs, and tons of greens including edible weeds get chopped.
With a microwaved potato, and seasoned oil as a base it is very, satisfyingly simple.
3 months ago
Yum, I'm stuffed. That microDoc was delicious.
And L.O.L. to Kickstarter supporter "Gredloc".
You'll need your Hexadecimal to ASCII decoder ring to see why.
4 months ago
If you haven't found a supplier yet, I get mine from local farm stands or farmers markets.
I like the concept that the best place to store water is in living soil. I run extra downspout to a pit dug into my hugelkutur bed.  It is filled with branches to prevent erosion from heavy rain. The bed is heavily mulched to reduce evaporation. I get about 200 gallons per inch of rain, and the hugelkutur bed takes it all.
5 months ago
I'd build some sections of below ground level hugelkutur beds. All 200 feet might be too much for one season.
They could solve the drought and Alkalinity problems.
5 months ago

paul wheaton wrote:
when the dvds are printed and headed my way, then I will activate the thing on kickstarter that says "you have 48 hours to put in any address changes".  This will give people the opportunity to change their address to "WDG" or away from WDG or whatever.   Once the 48 hour period is past and all addresses are locked down, that will be the moment I currently intend to fill out pie and wdg stuff.  

From Aug.30

Got it. Thanks for the reminder.