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I'm a firm believer in Ruth Stout's mulch method. Use hay instead of straw, and if you can find it, use moldy hay, about 6 inches deep. It's better at moisture retention and contributes to better soil improvement. Once you have your perennials in place, following Stout's and Fukuoka's methods will greatly reduce your garden work.
If yuou don't have them in your library, you need to obtain their books. They are short, concise, and easy reads.
4 years ago
Has anyone thought of using Edison Batteries? They last almost forever. The railroads have them in their engines, with many lasting over 50 years, with minimal maintenance. They are a base, not an acid and used tap water not distilled, like you should with acid batteries. They would seem to be the perfect battery for electric vehicles and off grid power systems.
If I were setting up an off-grid power system they would be my battery of choice.
Just a thought~What do you think?
5 years ago
Here is a video which helps to understand the truth of High Fructose Corn Syrup being a Poison for all humans.
Permies take notice. If you want to live a more healthy life eliminate HFCS from your world~~And believe me, it's a lot harder than you think~~but easier for Permies, if you try.

Watch video

Sugar: The Bitter Truth
University of California Television (UCTV)

5 years ago

About four days ago my long dormant ulcer decided to stop by and say hello. And you mention adding a book?

Take one to two tbsp's of Apple Cider Vinegar with a water chaser after meals to help rid the indigestion. For me it's instant relief and I'm down to maybe needing this maybe once per year. Antacids do not help. Vinegar is a home remedy that actually works.
Unless you are listing something as a SALE, do not drop the price. Standard retail that I was taught is to charge 185% of wholesale, or more. If you are trying to get rid of inventory then raise the price and list it as "Few Remaining". Unless the cost is significant~list the price including shipping, not separately.
I have not seen an Amazon link for your products. Using these links will get you credit for anything bought as long as that link was used to get to Amazon. You'll have to have a sales account with them. Have the link go directly to the product relevant to that topic or page
There are three links at the end of all your initial topics. Add another for Amazon and use their logo to do it. It can be the same font size as your current links. Just make sure it is always one of these links. Use as many META Tags/Keywords as they allow and be creative with these.
Get people to write reviews of your products they buy, as the more reviews the higher the listing.
Your Permies.Com logo is on the top left of the page. Put links to your products on the right side in the same size font. ex: Amazon, Vimeo, any product you're drop shipping or selling directly from inventory. One to three links ~~Don't go overboard here, clutter is not good.
My only experience is with horses. The only cheap way I ever found to rid them of flies was to apply Avon Skin So Soft~~It lasts for hours. But for horses out in pasture, go to Tractor Supply or most Tack Shops and get a mesh mask for their eyes. They work on cows also. Just wash their faces and put on the mask. Depending on the season the flies can drive them crazy so I hope your animals are better soon.
6 years ago
I watched this on PBS several years ago and have seen it in pieces and parts on YouTube sense then. Glad it's back in complete form again. As soon as I saw the link I watched it again. It is truly amazing what a person can do if they really want to.
6 years ago
Mail lady just dropped mine off. Can't wait to share them.
7 years ago

paul wheaton wrote:The cards are supposed to arrive today.

Jocelyn and I played "Kings in the corner" with the proof deck

Never heard of Kings in the Corner before going to the Red Lion, Pa. Senior Center. With the rare exception of Pinochle, that's all they play there. Will see how I fare with these cards.
7 years ago