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Sounds like a great idea, if you can convince LOE, and Geoff has the time (I don't imagine he would be as hard to convince).  I may have to check out LOE, I had not heard of them before today.

Sending you down a bit of a rabbit hole, maybe (don't say I didn't warn you) but did you know Geoff and Paul both have regular segments on The Survival Podcast? www.thesurvivalpodcast.com
So I should raise my pledge to 100.78... uh oh.
1 year ago
Would shipping be cheaper from Canada to the EU? Might be worth a drive over the border and signing over there?

How many signed European copies are likely to be needed?  Might be cheaper to go visit the Holzerhoff and do some signing while there?
1 year ago
To Mike Jay's point, with so much success under your belt (and probably only a little fear that you wouldn't hit the initial funding goals) why set them so low?

Getting 800% funded sounds really good I guess but I think it would have more traction at this stage if it was just 200% or perhaps even just 110% funded.  Adjusting the risk of not getting funded may create more urgency and therefore more support (for future KS attempts.

Also, while the spiffy link system is working as is, having a webform/email list opt in my help you Paul, or even perhaps creating redirects you can track directly i.e.  you create spiffy link, give them a permies affiliate link that redirects to the KS spiffy link and therefore all the dashboard/tracking/management you want is already in house and can be leveraged to your (and spiffy link sharer's) advantage.
1 year ago
I like the idea of a quick and dirty podcast style audio book presentation.

Hell, I'd even read it to get it out there for you Paul.  Maybe that should be stretch goal audio book #1 with "Paul will eventually read it with some additional editorial commentary" audio book coming much, much higher.

  • For additional goals, perhaps a poster with some building a better world to do's or bullets?
  • Maybe some "marketing stickers" with a link to where people can buy the book after the kickstarter for supporters to plaster on interesting places like their car, their local coffee shop, etc.
  • Perhaps the option to "add on" (as in, you you can add extra money to your pledge) a bit of money for a Permies T-shirt?
  • I'd love to see some of the PDC and ATC content released, this way.  Perhaps the segments most likely to differ from "conventional offerings" or those segments most likely to have the biggest impact if they were shared about?

  • If you want to talk to me about reading the thing, or I can help with any of the other merch I mentioned let me know.
    1 year ago

    Shawn Klassen-Koop wrote:Hey David, I just checked and you're at 10 backers!

    Amanda, you're sitting at 6!

    Anyone else want to know where they're at?

    Sure, why not.
    1 year ago

    Shawn Klassen-Koop wrote:

    S Smithsson wrote:Darn it, I sent the link out yesterday and then see this today.  


    I think the internet allows you to send more than one email in 30 days :)

    And a good thing too, eh?
    1 year ago
    Love the answer Paul, thank you.

    Twist: don't do it at the lab at all?

    Create the curriculum, and the list. Offer the online course for :: PRICE:: and then tell people to go get it done. Heck, since people might be more interested in the skill teaching than the whole package or the certification offering them a la carte would probably create great revenue too. Each skill course goes up when it is ready, hopefully funding the next filming and presentation of the next skill.

    When they have completed a sufficiency (perhaps 1000 of 1200 or 800 of 1000) they can apply, and schedule, and pay for, a PEP1 certification visit. This may at first represent relatively few on sight visits by yourself to get a few others out there accredited but it would not take long I suspect before you had a core number of PEP1 certified folks. I'm picturing something slightly less attainable than say an online PDC and something more attainable than Sepp's (where you must labor under his eye for hours and hours and hours).

    I suspect this model would also allow you to drop PEP1 certs immediately on a number of folks out there already doing the right stuff. I'm thinking of some of the established operations out there (Ben Falk, Mark Shepherd, Jack Spirko) or the like. And if those 3 weren't ready immediately I suspect that it would be a short list of additional skills they'd have to show to earn it. Get them on board and you've already established 3 additional potential certifiers too.

    Just spit balling here, based on my understanding of your idea. I'm also thinking these skills will be a lot more "create and run a cashflow neutral - cashflow positive orchard (or livestock, or etc.) operation" and a lot less "Make a Proenneke style mallet/cabin/barn" but you're the boss, boss
    4 years ago