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Castelo Branco, Portugal
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Recent posts by Velho Barbudo

If you have stones and rocks, try them as mulch.
It would be cool if you could post a photograph with your work.
8 months ago
Well, i can but you have to pay for it but most importantly, If the land isnt yours and you dont know it then the design is point less.
11 months ago
I Wonder why your impressions are that valuable to a permaculture online comunity since its based on a few days road trip through a somewhat Hard topography and heavily rural country and your comparison of our unatural forest to Spains
Portugal and Spain are perfect for permaculture projects for the following reasons:
. Desertfying comunities and landscapes
. Cheap to average land cost
. Degraded soils
. Excessive eucaliptus and pine monoculture forests.
. Sun and water
. Great, helping people
. Well, we belong to the EU.

11 months ago
Greg, ive done a 200l and a 7000l ferro cement water tanks and even though it can Be cheaper than other techniques, it takes a lot of time for one person to do it. Its something to Be build in group activities, that way i strongly recomend it but if not its better to buy something from an existing company.
Good luck.
1 year ago
Checking if the land has the announced size is something you can do on Google earth. I did it because i had experience in farms before so i knew the farms i saw were not the size the sellers were saying. The agents Will not tell you where the farm is located before you go there, is a posterior work for you.

Confirming the owners is something that you can do at the local city quite easily.
1 year ago
Hi Martin, welcome.

We have seen plenty for sale online

The difference between photos and reality is huge, prepare to be emotionally tired..

Is it common that land is not in the correct name or size or registration? If so, what is the process?

It's very common, it happened to me 2 or 3 times. The process is simple, you either love the farm and buy it anyway or you dont, i didnt as there needs to be ethics... always check land size in google and the name of the owners of the farm in the public office.This is quick. Be carefull with the local real estates as they are less caring with this matter.

Should we go through an estate agent or buy from someone local with the help of a good lawyer/solicitor?  

You can start visiting lands through agents, have a feel of the area and then visit the villages and ask in cafes or the municipal center.

Could anyone recommend a good lawyer/solicitor for the Coimbra or Castelo Branco area that we could meet with in June?  

Sure i can, my father

I will be waiting for that drink!!
Take care
1 year ago
Isnt a Apple tree, or whatever, a tree?
Só why wouldnt a forest that give Food to humans and birds, etc, Be considered reforestation?

Being said this, for oficial institutions maybe not
1 year ago
Hi Tiago, you seem to know what there is to know.
The wind/salt protection is crucial but like you said, there are not a lot of trêes só close to the ocean. The Quick responde is Pinus, but they grow very slowly, and cana, Which in a small área like yours can divert the wind to the neighbours lol.
Where exatly is it?

It would Be nice if you could share your experiênces through time as yours is an uncommon situation for a site.

Boa sorte!
1 year ago
Laura, im too in Castelo Branco área and generalizing, as i dont know anything about your place, forget subtropical plantas.
The ones you said, again generalizing, grape vines, olives, figs, are the best chance you have. Even more so if you'll Be away for long períods of time.
2 years ago
All councils in Portugal change their development plan every 10years, só you can check what the plan Will bê during 10years.
2 years ago