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since Sep 11, 2013
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I'm a 20 year old student looking to pursue my true passions in the world of sustainable agriculture. I love being part of a native system, and I'm looking to break the mold of what is expected  of me.

I have a young daughter,  and nothing makes her happier than animals and dirt. Her dad and I have been together 4 years now, and his passions are movies, television, Star wars...... so you can see where my dilemma lies.

So here's to me living my dream and truly exploring the world and all its greatness.
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Recent posts by Zoe Lynn

We are in Muse, and just restarting our venture on property we finally own.

Florida is tough. We are about a foot underwater (surprise!), and if you arn't covered in sweat, than you're probably covered in mosquitoes.

Looking forward to moving some dirt around, and finally getting fencing up and trees planted.

Water buffalo seem like a great idea! We've already debated moving more towards ducks and less chickens.
5 years ago
We don't really do apple trees down here (SWFL)but you see this a lot with mangoes and avocados.In reality, the top growers do just what you are suggesting: grow out seeds until something good comes along. With their name on a variety, it is instantly in demand. Aside from sometimes tracking parentage, there is no difference between their "breeding" and anyone else.

The biggest reason people buy named varieties in my experience are time and space. They have an extremely limited area, they want the best taste, and they don't want to wait for it.

We plan on starting our groves with what is available- air layers and grafts. Once they are in production the rest will be started from seeds. There is no denying the importance of biodiversity, especially when you see what has happened with citrus and bananas lately.
5 years ago
We love our quail! What breed are you raising? We've done cortunix, jumbo bobwhite and now have a growout pen of native bobwhites. None of mine have ever been scared to death... and with kids and dogs I would think that would be enough to do so. I've been able to sell the birds and the eggs, and although the eggs are small they are regular in production. We hard boil them for snacks. We raise ours in pens on the ground so they stay busy all day. We had some of the cortunix become pets (mealworm treats help!)but the bobwhites are flighty.
5 years ago
Can you explain what the $25,000 for a long term lease means?

How long term?

Is it payments? Or a lump sum?

9 years ago
I think the way you've laid out the work/money ratios is very appealing.

As someone who doesn't have the money (but does have the desire to work) hard that design sounds pretty ideal.
10 years ago
Hmm, do you think that's enough land?

Your ideas are great, but I would think you would want a little more acreage if sustainability is your goal for 12ish people.

10 years ago