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I got halfway through reading everyone's bits here and had to stop and ask something.
I really love the idea of buying oversized wool pants at the thrift store and felting them to make for myself something warm and wonderful. I also love the layering idea first because I understand that that helps with warmth but also because I must be allergic to wool fibers because I cant stand to have it on my skin for any length of time its so so itchy.
So here is what I am wondering.
Should I have underneath those felted wool pants a silk pant (or some other thin comfy fiber) and should it be tight or loose?
I ask because for some reason long johns always seems that the crotch ends up half way down my leg and its really disconcerting to be walking around that way.  I suppose its because of the stretch relaxing, or maybe I just don't have enough hip to hold them up! Loose pants seem to be the better answer to me, with a drawstring or elastic waist. I also wondered if the loose pants would make little folds all over inside the wool pant causing warm air pockets which a tight form fitting long john wouldn't do? Perhaps elastic or drawstring at the ankle also to keep drafts out?
Any thoughts?
Im new at it even after all these years but things are going on in my body that cant be ignored anymore and I would rather take care of them without medications. Its a long harder way to go but positively the better way to change eating habits so sourdough bread and Kombucha (if I like it) are first on my list. Eventually I will do as you do and expand on types of bread but so far I have only been able to supply pucks to my local hockey team! I love the idea of the corned beef and actually want to do something with my pigs here but no clue where to go yet for that besides just plain cuts of meat.
oh nice! I don't know the process of fermented bread but I recently learned about Einkorn and found that it was an ancient grain. Amazing that we still have it on this planet with all the GMO stuff going on. I just purchased a grinder attachment for my old kitchenaid and some Einkorn, I'm going to try sourdough. Lets hope it does well. Once I get the hang of it I sure would like to try your fermented bread recipe and any tips you have.
Thanks for your reply!
He he, well the last few days I had a bad allergy/sinus problem so was under the weather for a bit. Those plants sitting in pots needed transplanting but I just wasn't up to it. I took some old screens I had laying around and laid them on top of the raised bed with the plants under them. Three days later I saw my free range dinosaurs got into them and all but decimated them!!! I wanted to cry but then the thought came to me "A challenge!" I am going to see if I can make them grow anyway and who cares if I have to start some seedlings late to replace them. So my curiosity is going full fledged now and I get to experience whether or not I am good at reviving some green stuff. (I don't mean paper money, heavens I don't even know what that is!)
Its a glass half full or half empty sort of thing...
3 years ago
This seems small in comparison to all of the above, but I want to offer the following...
We have red clay here, gardens need more than just red clay so I called a man who had an ad in the local paper for a load of topsoil to put in a new area my son is fixing up for me. He gave me the price and it was reasonable but then he said he would be also charging for the delivery which would be an extra $25. I agreed like a big girl and never said a word or gave any indication that that $25. was going to be a stretch for me. I knew the Lord would figure it out for me ultimately. Well doggone it He sure did! The fella named Jimmy showed up with his dump truck delivery and was as gracious as he could be, he dumped the dirt right were it was needed and then I pulled out my checkbook. "OK, how much total?" I asked, to be sure I was correct when I wrote out the check. He said "no delivery fee Rose, just the cost of the dirt will be fine."
Often I feel down about things too, I find that focusing on helping someone else with something no matter how small, gives me the boost I need.

3 years ago
I love that this gives me some starting point and info on dealing with lawmakers/inspectors.
3 years ago
Works for me!
Thank you for doing this!
I keep an eye out for non electric gadgets that will make my life easier! (its my SHTF mentality) I think this one is worth space here in permies and then I figured out another system to use the end result on which is non electric too!

Check out Mueller Spiral Ultra on Amazon,you will be very happy you did! This item straight slices, spiral slices and shreds and it has a juicer attachment to boot! Why bother with it you say? I can use a knife you say? Well yeah but for less than $35 dollars your simple life stays simple and food looks great to boot! The spiral slicer will give you very fine pieces of veggie to use in place of pasta, I used it on an apple and got such thin pieces I thought it might work very nicely in a bread or cake! They give you a recipe book too (which i have not read yet) but they do say you don't really need to even cook your zucchini, just pour your sauce over it and the hot from whatever sauce you cooked will be all you need for the zucchini.

I don't get paid for telling you all about this, I am just thrilled that it works, is quality and best of all its people powered!

So a few weeks back I was looking at my electric food dryer and just didn't want to plug it in and let it go all day, I felt bad that I even bought the thing... Anyway, since forever I've always looked at solar food dryers and planned to, one day, build one but never got around to it. And then I was in Lowe's and looking for screening to construct a food dryer (when I had the time) and saw these already made up screens for about $6.00 in a package of two! They come clipped together and your supposed to throw the clips away and then install your two screens in the windows you got them for! Oh my gosh! Lowe's is selling my pre-made food dryer! I got one package and took it home and it sat till I took the time to slice food up. Well by now you see where I am going with this, that Spiral Ultra slices food so thin and with no effort! I stuck the apple I'd sliced in between the two screens and put the clips back on and then ran in here to tell all of you about it after I put it out in the sun!

That's it, if any of you have anything to add I would love to hear!
3 years ago