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Rigoberto De La Portilla

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since Sep 28, 2013
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Fort Lonesome, FL.
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My wife and I recently dove into a 3d printer to assist us in the whole homeschooling of our little one.
but i looked at it as a tool for the farm to make all them little things that usually break around the place like clips .. or hooks ..

wondering if there is anyone out there using their 3d printer to make money at the farmers market.

what are you guys printing for sale?

We are located down in Fort Lonesome Part of Lithia
5 acre food forest in its infancy stages

its hard to find people around here interested in permaculture
they come and go ..

havent really had any success starting a group around here.
7 months ago
hello guys ..

my drains are screwed got water coming up in the sink in the kitchen when i do my laundry
i am thinking a collapsed pipe before the septic so i want to cut a hole in the wall and just route the pipes outside.

banana circle for the laundry

but what about the greese .. we collect the greese in a can but when we scrub the dishes im sure that screws the pipes.

that said
anyone have any setups for this problem ?

i have seen many online but i want your opinions on what i should do

i was thinking of routing a 2" pipe out the kitchen and then attaching laundry and running out to the same spot .. but wont greese and stuff kill the banana circle ?
i also got mad nature and 4 big dogs
2 years ago

We are located in central florida south west of lakeland.
we let the pigs graze and root up the entire property.

we also give them kitchen scraps, corn, and a 16% swine feed.

what are you guys feeding your pigs from your property to save yourself on the feed costs?
2 years ago
if you guys need a beekeeper =)

I am thinking of moving up to PR.
I will be visiting the island and staying with family between aibonito and orocovis for less than a month
if anyone knows of job opportunities other than just beekeeping I am a microsoft systems engineer. know linux and mac ..
I am also very interested in alternative energy (wind, solar, & Micro-hydro)

looking forward to meeting all of you.

5 years ago