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Thanks, I was planning on getting a bird feeder anyway because I heard they work best for clearing out mosquitos. Anyway, have a good day and thanks again.
4 years ago
Were* sorry about that. Mobile phones aren't the best tool for forums...darn auto correct.
4 years ago
Is there a way to repel them from your yard/home? I had no idea what they we're before this year and they're everywhere. I'm hoping someone around here knows more about them and how to avoid them. THANKS ahead of time.
4 years ago

Ronnie Ugulano wrote:

I've thought about trying it for my kitterz, but I'm not sure how they'd feel about me changing it from regular kitty litter.

No, although we expected it to be. Our cat was afraid of dust specks (she was extremely timid), so we braced ourselves. But she never blinked at this. If your cat does resist, slowly introduce it into whatever you're using now - start at ~20% and slowly increase the percentage. In any case, it's an inexpensive trial.

Pellet stoves are kind of a specialty item, but if you know someone with one, you might be able to talk them out of a gallon bag of pellets. Or perhaps you can go to a stove store or hardware store and see if they have a broken bag of pellets you can get a small amount from

I'll try it. Thank you!
5 years ago
Nature's herbs are pretty amazing, huh? I have epilepsy and the one thing that has helped me so far is cannabis. I'm thinking about trying nitric oxide supplements. I've heard lots of good things about it. I'm glad she's healing and doing better.
5 years ago

Joseph Fields wrote:I think it's all about what your use to. Most of the issues people have with eating deer is .. it's not beef. I grew up eating deer, I like it anyway you can cook it. Pan fried, grilled, seared, kabobs, ect. The toughness is not really a issue for me either. It's meat not ice cream. One of my fav is Croc pot roasts with some garlic and onion bullion base, carrots, and celery.

So far the only way I haven't liked deer is when it's cooked like a hamburger....yuck. Other than that I enjoy it. I don't know what it is about it being 'patties', but I'm not a fan.
5 years ago

Jd Gonzalez wrote:Smoked paprika venison.

3 lbs. venison cut in cubes about 3"
2 teaspoons of salt
2 teaspoons of smoked paprika or chipotle powder
Two ribs of celery sliced
One medium onion sliced
One bunch of cilantro (coriander) torn coarsely with hands.

Rub the venison with the paprika and salt,
Place the celery and onion on the bottom of a slow cooker or crock pot
Place venison on top of the onions and celery and cover with cilantro.
Cook for 6 hrs on high or until the meat shreds easily.

Served shredded with tortillas, pico de gallo and sour cream.

OMG!!! That sounds so amazing! Thank you! I will definitely be trying this recipe out. I'll upload pics when I do....if I remember anyway. It sounds pretty damn good.
5 years ago

Patrick Moore wrote:Here's more pics

Nice! How long did that take you?

Ronnie Ugulano wrote:For years, we used stove pellets for cat litter, and it was not only a total odor killer but also fully biodegradable.

I've heard that that's the best and safest to use. I've thought about trying it for my kitterz, but I'm not sure how they'd feel about me changing it from regular kitty litter. My concern is they'd stop using the cat box. Was that ever an issue for you? I'd rather not have them making messes in the house. LOL My male cat is pretty stubborn....That's why I call him little bastard hahahaha.
5 years ago