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since Oct 04, 2013
Soon to be 61, mother of 1 now off to the Big City. Homesteading for 21 years on 32 acres, rural, 10 acres cleared, 22 bush/wood lot. Divers fauna, wildlife, landscape and terrain.
Goats, chickens, horses, zone 1, 2, and 3 gardens.
MA Visual Arts/Anthropology, Historian, Researcher, Logistics, PRI PDC Certified, and Deep Green Permie Practitioner. Hardworking, steadfast, creative thinker, no nonsense confirmed Hermitress and proud Crone.
Zone 4b Ontario, Canada
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Bumped into this thread by accident, but so glad to read more about the sequence of events, as I did see the "Video".

My main question is;  at anytime was there a written contract?  Or was everything a verbal agreement?  (It may have been mentioned in this thread and I missed it).

Having spent 6 decades walking this earth, I have learned people have selective memory, and interpretive expectations.  

A written contract, even in a barter situation, signed and dated, serves to correct this selective memory, hold participants accountable to the terms of the agreement.  
A "Breach of Contract" clause should be included.  The rules of the game, and expectations are clear from the get go.  If and when things go off the rails, a viewing of the "contract" usually settles the matter right quick.  There is no denying the guidelines of the original agreement (contract).

Contractual Agreements have served me well over the years.  It keeps things in order, disputes to a minimum, and conclusions fair.  It's not a matter of distrust, but people's perceptions vary greatly, their expectations even more so, and their memories are innately subjective .  

Just saying,...

Cheers!  K
Hi Nicole.

I did go and check out the Nest Badge info.

With regards to my previous post:  Maybe I should have been more explicit:

A homestead inasmuch I live it, has animal systems.  In the fall we not only harvest the crops, but also the meat.  So, I look at it as a seasonal thing, rendering the animal not just for meat, but paying respect for ALL that this sentient being has given up.

In the fall we harvest, give or take 6 goats, wethers and nasty nans;  of course there is the meat, then the hide, the organs, the bones, the fats, all of this is rendered in the fall/winter when the wood cook stove is operating.  For me, to not use ALL of the animal is disrespectful of the life taken to benefit my own.  So, I strive to use all of it.  It is more of an Pioneering Spirit of wast nothing, and quite seasonal at that.

So, my thought was the process of going from "birth to grave and beyond" a valid homesteading skill.  After all I'm out there, twice a day, every day, no matter the weather, helping the Nans birth, feed/watering/caring for moms/babies as well as the buck, knowing how and when to band the males, raising the young, managing the milk and byproducts.  Then, after butchering, rendering all the rest into food, food stuffs, home tanned hides, medicinal salves, soaps, light for the dark nights of winter, and wasting nothing.  Not Nesting as I see it, but not my decision in the end.  Hoping you may consider that managing animal systems and their byproducts as a valid homesteading skills.

Cheers!  K
1 day ago
To Steve N Kari

How much acreage are you looking for, and in what zone?

Cheers!  K
2 days ago
Homestead butchering byproducts:

Processing of fat for;  suet, lard, salves, soap, and candles
Processing of bones from;  soup, to broth, to bone meal

Cheese making byproduct:  The many uses for cheese whey; from cooking ingredient, to wine, to cosmetics, to chicken feed

Cheers!  K
2 days ago
MILKING BY HAND:  Cow or goat

Making butter from collected cream
Making cheese, and yogurt
Making milk soap

Calculating winter feed;  pounds per animal ration in relation to; climate zone, housing, gestation period and/or in lactation

Calculating winter wood as per hard/soft woods and wood stove type;  wood cook stove vs air tight

Cheers!  K
2 days ago
Lovely post Philip.

You're the sort I would like my daughter (24) to meet.  Our homestead here is a Matrilineal Trust, Women are the Guardians of the Land.  We are closer to NY, but not in the US (shame).  Comforting to know that a person such as yourself is out there, (so few it seems).  Very best wishes!

Cheers!  K

Is your travel restricted to Spain/Romania?  
Would you be willing to travel further afar, say North America?

Cheers!  K
For a decade now, I make my own homegrown goats milk soap with added oatmeal and cinnamon (36, 4 once bars per batch).  

Once the bars are cured, I take 4 bars and grate them into a mixing bowl, add boiling water and let it congeal for 24 hours, this makes a good quantity of soft soap.  
To this I add baking soda, that makes a wonderful shampoo/body wash, all natural, and very good for the hair and skin.  
I also make a de-tangler from vinegar, water, and a touch of Rosemary and Lavender essential oils.

My hair and skin have never been in better condition since giving up Commercial Products.

Cheers!  K
1 week ago
Hi Mikey

I'm in Renfrew County, close to the Quebec border, 126 km West of Ottawa, and roughly 400 km/4.5 hours drive from your location.  
Considering the distance, a long weekend might be the best bet.

Any and all available hands would be much appreciated.

Cheers!  K
1 week ago
Thanks so much for the info on how to use "quotes".  

Knew I made a mess of the initial post, should have mention it immediately.   Will have to go over your info on the matter,... again, and most probably,... again.  Just not my sort of thing I guess, and should stay clear,... and not get into trouble (Ha!).  

Thanks again.

Cheers!  K